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  1. earmuffs

    The Taco Thread

    Tacos el Gordo in Las Vegas.
  2. Yup, for at least another 8 years haha.
  3. Hung out with both of them in Houston at the children’s museum or some shit years ago ha
  4. earmuffs

    Remembering those that are gone now

    Rip to my fellow Night Owl Krie! may you hoot in peace
  5. I think I had more. I vaguely remember the name Corn Pops possibly being one
  6. earmuffs

    12ozProphet History

    Hated the white forum.
  7. I was/am Dog Chapman. I wish I still had earmuffs or my original YG Blood
  8. Possibly. Why don’t you go look and see haha
  9. earmuffs


    It’s pretty good. You can get 32oz cans of beer there.
  10. earmuffs

    Forums that are still kicking ?

    Yeah, up in Oklahoma at the moment. Probably the dodge I had. Traded that in for a Lexus. Then went back to a dodge, should’ve kept the first dodge. The second one I hit a cow with, got rid of that at just drove my company truck and lowrider pretty much still do that but I have a Jeep that sits in the driveway when needed.
  11. earmuffs

    Forums that are still kicking ?

    Lurk on the slap forum daily. Never bothered to register over the years.
  12. earmuffs

    what are you watching RIGHT NOW?

    Just finished Sneaky pete Red oaks Glow all series were good. Wish red oaks was gonna do another season. Been watching this dude Kev Mac on you tube. He does interviews with OGs and founding members from different sets of bloods and crips in LA. Tonight I’m gonna watch the new post radical and king of the road on vice.
  13. earmuffs

    Favorite songs the old you listened to.

    Still listen to the same shit from high school. I finally got got to see the queers play and half way through I got a text of a picture of positive pregnancy test. I didn’t let that ruin my night.
  14. Weekend vibes homie brought me some Rainer back from Washington. Got whiteboy wasted. Ate a a lot of food and checked out the flea market.