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  1. Another 12oz member gone.
  2. Yeah Florida is nice. I love south Florida.
  3. Walked down to the beach last night for a midnight swim. Woke up and drove the 50 miles to Destin today. Traffic was horrible. Swam for a couple hours and headed back to our spot. Gonna check out another beach tomorrow. Sun burnt like a motherfucker. FullSizeRender.mov
  4. It was good, but I’m an old fashioned hamburger kinda guy. spent last night in Cheaha state park In Alabama. The highest point in the state. Had to stop outside of Birmingham to get some shoes. Only pair I brought got fucked up. As we were leaving I found a $100 bill! Took mostly backroads all the way down Alabama, shit was tight. Stopped in Montgomery to eat and walk around. We made it to Florida. Gonna be here for three days. Didn’t even fully setup, just went straight to the water. Not as refreshing as Alabama mountain water, but still nice. Will most likely head to Destin one day since it’s not far. FullSizeRender.mov IMG_4810.MOV
  5. Just been posted up at the campground. Went into Jackson for lunch and stumbled upon this chessie caboose. Headed to Alabama tomorrow.
  6. Can’t remember the last time I saw a piggly wiggly. Made it to the park. Setup camp and went swimming. Now I’m just kicking back, sipping on a cold one.
  7. iStopped in Memphis to eat a burger I’ve been wanting to try. Patties are fried in 100 year old grease. Walked around a little. Do you even skate bro?
  8. Left Hot Springs headed to Tennessee. Bangin in Little Rock. If you haven’t watched it, you should ha.
  9. Last full day in Arkansas. Weather hasn’t been the greatest so far.
  10. Took a little hike today. Water was cold as fuck at the waterfall.
  11. First day on the road. Feels nice to get outta hot ass Texas. Three days here in Hot Springs Arkansas, then off to Tennessee. If you've never been to Bucees, I feel sorry for your mother
  12. It’s not that bad haha. Only staying there one night, then most likely headed to Savannah.
  13. Yes. I’ve been to almost every state
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