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  1. Spent about 9 months kicking it with him while I was working up in that area in 2009-2010. I’ll have to search through an old laptop and dig up some photos. Like others have said, good dude.
  2. Problem is these retards come here and vote for the same type of people that made them leave California. Keep Texas red.
  3. I worked with guys that live and grew up right on the border. They were Mexican and they haven’t and will not cross over the border into Mexico.
  4. Houses are pretty cheap compared to other places, not like they were 10 years ago but definitely reasonable. Property taxes are high where I live, but we also don’t pay any state taxes. Don’t know a lot about Houston other than the traffic is horrible, but most big cities have that problem.
  5. Just woke up from a nap at 8pm. 14 days of working nights always fucks my sleep Up.
  6. Why am I such a procrastinator? I’m moving into my girls house and have to pretty much pack up and get rid of my house. But here I am..
  7. Not really. Think we got a couple more rigs coming out.
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