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  1. Zoloft didn’t work for me. currently take Cymbalta, buzpar and Xanax. I don’t think the cymbalta is working like it used to.
  2. Some friends of mine had a gorilla costume and would go out in the woods at night and run across the road when a car was coming. They did this a few times until word got out about Sasquatch sightings and people started hunting it. It even made a hunting magazine if i recall.
  3. On a road trip with a couple friends heading back home, we decided to get rid of a box of donut holes we had. Driving along a two lane road we see a cavalier with a smashed in front end. My boy throws a donut and nails the car. The driver slams on the breaks and makes a u-turn and starts chasing after us. I figure fuck it and floor it. He chased after us for a good 10 miles doing about 100. We came around a corner to our surprise there was a road block. I slam on the breaks and turn into an empty gravel lot. I was pulled outta the drivers window at gun point and cuffed. He started yelling at me about not pulling over for the cavalier. Turns out it was an undercover cop. Now I should mention that a couple miles before the road block we did hear some faint sirens, but thought it was the music (rap) we were listening to. I told the cop we thought it was our friend Cody that had the same type of car. He went and questioned the other two about it. Turns out they had also given the same story about our friend Cody having a similar car. They ended up giving my friend a ticket for littering and let us on our way.
  4. I’m sitting here watching tv and it got me thinking about things in my daily life that I slept on and hated for so long. The Big Bang theory friends (tv) slides (what’re those) sweatpants Winco cool list bruh
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