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  1. Hua Guofang


    This is new but talking to some pretty interesting people (I also know some of the folks involved and they have access that most others don't given their connection to the national security community) http://www.greataustralianpods.com/2018/07/the-national-security-podcast.html The one on Terror is pretty good and I know that they're talking to the 3A Institute about doing something interesting on the future of disruptive tech and national security, which I'm keen to check out when/if it drops.
  2. Hua Guofang


    Hang in there Decy. I often think about how you're doing.
  3. Hua Guofang

    The 12oz Middle Life Thread - Let's do this.

    45, pretty close to 46. First started painting in 83, first came onto the OZ in 06 as a lurker, posted in o7 and had about eleventy hundred usernames since then. Married since 2011, wife is 12 years younger than me (win). Should have kids by now but we lost our little girl at the start of the year. Still working out how to deal with that but I know that was what finally made me grow up. Career is about standard, not setting the world on fire (yet) but doing lots of interesting stuff with lots of interesting people. Will probably do a PhD soon on geopolitical futures. Books, heaps of history and historical novels. Right now reading about the Congress of Vienna, enjoy reading Charles Dickens for the era he writes in and the way he writes. Don't do much TV, basically never watch movies unless they are about the Cold War or something similar. Music, rock, punk, metal, 80s hip hop, 90s hard techno and classical when I just want the whole world to fuck off away from me. Ride mountain bikes like its a heroine hit but find myself always battling to get fitness back after injuries, travel with work or some kind of life obstacle. Brew my own beer from grain, still trying to get good at it but have bought a place that has a full workshop and brewery space. Think I might do an oatmeal stout this weekend. My favourite satruday night is no longer bombing the hell out of some joint, tripping out to sick tunes at a warehouse party or clubbing until Sunday arvo. It's setting a fire in the backyard, pouring a bunch of beers and reading about history. I used to drive like a maniac but now people driving fast piss me off. I try and reason with myself that it was me only 10 years back doing the same thing but I can't stop myself, it's like a reflexive action as soon as you turn 40, hoons piss you off. It makes me feel very uncomfortable that this has happened to me. I still paint but only legally.
  4. Shit, I know I’m going to expend way too much time power-posting in this thread.,.,
  5. Hua Guofang


    Depends on the riding you do, mate (and how good/bad you are at it!). Get a lid, for sure. Maybe some light neoprene knee guards an gloves. That bike isn’t made tor downhill trails but will be good for XC, flow and some all-mountain duties - none of which need heavy protective gear. Once you start bombing the faster runs you might think of a full face and neckbrace. I just sold my DH bike...., mixed emotions.
  6. Hua Guofang

    go fuck yourself, syria

    Unfortunately not.
  7. Hua Guofang

    Racist or mild Fetish?

    I think the terminology is wrong these days. This is what I was taught as part of a sociology major 10-15 years back: Generalisation: assigning characteristics regardless of individual difference Racism: making generalisations based on race regardless of individual difference Racial discrimination: discrimination based on race. With those definitions you can still have positive racism and neutral racism like "Asians are good at math" just like you can have neutral sexism "Women are more geared to emotional understanding than they are at spatial recognition".
  8. Hua Guofang

    go fuck yourself, syria

    I miss MAR when it comes to these discussions. He came from a different perspective than most and was both knowledgeable and a good communicator.
  9. Hua Guofang

    go fuck yourself, syria

  10. Hua Guofang

    >>> - SYDNEY - NSW - AUSTRALIA - <<<

  11. Hua Guofang

    >>> - SYDNEY - NSW - AUSTRALIA - <<<

  12. Hua Guofang

    >>> - SYDNEY - NSW - AUSTRALIA - <<<

  13. Hua Guofang

    >>> - SYDNEY - NSW - AUSTRALIA - <<<

  14. Hua Guofang

    >>> - SYDNEY - NSW - AUSTRALIA - <<<

    CBR, sorry for the potato pics...
  15. Hua Guofang

    Damn, Anthony Bourdain....

    That's sad, feel bad for him.