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  1. @Dirty_habiTraises interesting points around visual representation regards statistics (not superficial crap like colour a and zombies). Not something I know much about but interesting to consider.
  2. Christ almighty. it doesn’t matter if the points were infection or death, the graph shows that it’s widespread, not clustered and is in cities and rural regions. @misteraven I note you ignored my earlier post about faith in expertise and over-estimating your own capability. I also yearn for the discussion where you don’t claim MSM on everything that’s bad in the world.
  3. How does this happen to the most advanced country in the world?
  4. Sorry but that's just not true. If you tell your population that things aren't going to be too bad, but then they are, literally a couple of weeks later, you've just undermined every other message you try and send. You can't over-promise and under-deliver, that's a losing strategy. You have to be truthful (you don't have to be 100% open, though), you have to offer a plan, you have to be positive and you have to inspire with leadership and sense of purpose. The problem with this administration is the same as the CCP has in China - they completely botched the initial response to the outbreak and now it's out of control and they are continuing to botch it with bullshit.
  5. Ah fuck @misteravenjust saw the mess I created up the page. Not sure what happened there. I'd pressed reply but nothing happened so I just moved off the page. Not sure why it thread-bombed the place up. Sorry about that!
  6. And y'all that it was going to be Obama that did this....
  7. ME too - got 25kg each of Voyager Veloria and Pale, 1kg each of light and dark crystal as well as about 350gm in assorted hops to add to already existing stocks of malt/hops/yeast. Keen to do an American brown ale and traditional IPA for winter.
  8. Seems the people doing the modelling for the govt disagree with how their work is being portrayed in the press conference. Dude below is from the team at HArvard that did the work for the White House.
  9. This is really unfortunate to see, the US is better than this. The states need to tell the White House to go fuck itself and lead the charge locally.
  10. @misteravenI've read your post about Italy and I've seen @Europepost as well. Whilst I aint going to tick off abuse or whatever I can see where he is coming from. Pretty much every country in the world is responding to the outbreak in a similar way - with serious concern and extraordinary reactions never seen, in our lifetimes at least. These are not health professionals, emergency management teams, virologists and epidemiologists all getting their news from the mainstream media. These are professionals that are acting on centuries of study, experience and accumulated knowledge. You go from country to country, culture to culture, civilisation to civilisation and they are all pretty much responding the same way, informed by science. You don't think that there are times where you look at something like this and think - They are experts, they have specialised training, experience and knowledge that I don't have and they all are in basic agreement on this. They are likely to be right.
  11. Y'all in for some turbulence over there, strap in.
  12. Will anti-vaxxers refuse a covid-19 vaccine too?
  13. The world may be coming to an end but the view from my office remains spectacular
  14. The breakfast time view at my office
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