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  1. Hua Guofang

    The "Your Day in Pies" Photothread (non artistic)

    There is nothing else. That's it.
  2. Hua Guofang

    Saudi journalist anducted/chopped up

    Yeah, don’t think it happened. I expect to see Saudis play softly up front “this was and unfortunate accident - hey look over here, we let women drive now! Don’t push us to change too fast otherwise we will lose all that we’ve achieved so far. “ Whilst simultaneously playing hardball behind the scenes by talking to Russia and China about arms deals, sweet heart energy deals for China, diplomatic support for Venezuela, etc.
  3. Hua Guofang

    Kanye is a genius

    I think the ‘us v govt’ is a bad idea as well. It it is impossible to live in this world today without some form of governance if for nothing else we interact on a global level, every day (like we are right now). It’s far to simple and reactionary to see the govt as those that take our liberty because they also protect many liberties at the same time. The optimal outcome is having govt that is properly focused on the national interest and minimizing intervention, unlike the utter shit we have now in most two party parliamentary and presidential systems. Don’t worry, Australia and the UK aren’t in good places these days either. To view govt as only ever in opposition to the governed is pretty limited in vision and ambition and seems to be bounded by experience rather than incentivized by opportunity. Finally, those with a conservative bent always think the left is on the rise and the progressive always think the right is only a few steps away from reviving Mussolini. You hear precisely the same lines either side of the fence. We are all humans, we are all biased.
  4. Hua Guofang

    Saudi journalist anducted/chopped up

    Did I also see that US expelled the ksa ambassador? Don’t have Twitter on the phone and saw something about it as I turned the computer off.
  5. Hua Guofang

    Kanye is a genius

    I'd say that the argument isn't actually about the validity of the election, it's about a foreign power trying to interfere in US political processes. And other than the potential that they hacked a bunch of servers, they certainly try and cause havoc and chaos in US society by causing social division, sowing doubt, supporting BS conspiracy theories (like child porn rings in pizza shops, the US military running exercises but really going to take over the southern states, etc.) and the people that attack either side of the social argument are ripe for the picking. Pay attention that I'm pointing to the way the media acts, the way people talk to each other and the way discussion occurs on most social media. I'm not referring to the 0.000001% that smash windows, drive cars into peaceful protesters and are physically destructive. You've missing the play if you focus on the loudest 0,000001%.
  6. Hua Guofang

    Kanye is a genius

    That's the kind of discussion that is THE problem. Either side of the debate can't see that they're acting the same way because they're too busy trying to destroy the other side. They're both different sides of the same coin, more about their dislike for the other side than the problems they want to solve.
  7. Hua Guofang

    Kanye is a genius

    @Dirty_habiT- the shit we see in the street is the extreme end of it. And I don't think it's just your Antifa idiots that are the violent ones, it's on both sides and I think Charlottesville was a good example. But that's the extreme of the extreme. If you look at a lot of the social media and mainstream media its just attack attack attack from your ideological position. Pragmatism is being rolled back for hard positions based on spiritualism (as in left, right, etc.). 12OZ is a bit of an oasis, people in here are much more often open to discussion and I'd say that a massive chunk of US population is the same. But the polarisation is increasing and ideology is becoming the anchor of social discussion, which itself is increasingly becoming about beating down and belittling the opposition rather than convincing them. @KultsI don't think I agree at all that parts of that report were classified to protect the IC from embarrassment. I think that's a position that is based on political attacks from people that don't want to admit that there was interference because admitting might mean having to admit that the that the election result MIGHT not be valid. The IC are overprotective when it comes to info, they are risk averse. But that's their nature as their whole reason for existing is to reduce risk. Sure some people are corrupted, weak and failing, that's life and we are all human. But to say that the IC just made a bunch of shit up and that the leaders of FBI, CIA, ODNI, etc. are all in on it is the stuff of crazy town. Not to say that the IC doesn't get things wrong as well - 2002 is a huuuge example how how badly fucked up things can get. The difference with Iraq and today is that there is no political pressure from the White House to find evidence of Russian interference, this finding by the IC is based on what was picked up before any of the politicians got involved. The Mueller investigation is a completely separate thing. That's about collusion with a foreign power. The ODNI report is what Russia was doing regardless of what the Trump team were doing. Russia has a VERY clear track record of these kind of operations, read about what they did in Ukraine before moving into Crimea, Donetsk, etc. Anyway, back on Tila Tequila being a genius.
  8. Hua Guofang

    Kanye is a genius

    Sure, that's fine. What part of the report did you disbelieve? Obviously talking about the public report rather than the class reports given to the congress and the press and pres elect.
  9. Hua Guofang

    Saudi journalist anducted/chopped up

    lol, I have no idea about the science of CC.
  10. Hua Guofang

    Saudi journalist anducted/chopped up

    Dude, that's a political opinion piece, not actual financial reporting. The economy hasn't taken a 28% dip. The article is referring to the stock market, not the economy. Plus, the article refers to a 3 MONTH period and then annualised. He's not even talking about the Canadian stock market in general, he's talking about it in comparison to the US stock market!! Sure, it's not good news, not going to argue against that. However, the article makes all these anti-Trudeau claims but doesn't give any actual evidence is. How do we know it's not the Canadian market dipping because the US market is accelerating and taking business from Canadian companies, etc. etc.? Dude, what you cited is what most people call a puff piece. The author doesn't like his PM for ideological reasons and he's using some pretty loose economic arguments to attack him. I don't have an opinion on Trudeau, I don't really know much about him. However this is not economic reporting and it's not something that you should accept as an objective report on your country's economy.
  11. Hua Guofang

    Kanye is a genius

    Yeah, I actually don't get CNN. I'm not in the US. If you've got good evidence that argues against Russia attempting to undermine politics in the US - just as the US does in Russia and other countries, I'm keen to see it.
  12. Hua Guofang

    Saudi journalist anducted/chopped up

    Yeah, growth is usually measured as GDP. But it can also mean that growth in GDP has slowed buy 28% - which might mean that you've still got growth but it's slowing down. Check up the link when you are on a break. I'm lying in bed when I should be at work!!
  13. Hua Guofang

    Kanye is a genius

    Hahha, holy crap, way to swallow the Trump line whole heartedly, dude! Just because he is not a fan of the current admin does not make him 'left'! His security clearance has been threatened because he is alarmed about the way the Russians involved themselves in the 2016 election and the way Trump tries to deny what the intel community knows as a fact because he fears it challenges his win in the election. The Intel community has never said once that it impacted the outcome and they argue that there is really no way they could ever measure such a thing anyway. Clapper (and the intel community in general) is far from loved by the left. and seeing things as so 'left and right' is a major part of the problem in the first place. That shit is just stupid.
  14. Hua Guofang

    Saudi journalist anducted/chopped up

    Your annual GDP dropped by 28.8%? Are you sure? Also, it may not be just about the tiff with KSA as it was already slowing quickly 10 months ago - https://business.financialpost.com/news/economy/canada-economy-unexpectedly-shrinks-in-january-on-oil-shutdowns