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  1. Google how fifa influenced Brazilian legislature around their World Cup. Shit is wild. also @Dark_Knightyou seem like a good dude and I’d love to have a drink with you some time I’m so sorry you ended up as a Chelsea fan
  2. That was a harsh way to lose that CL final. If you’re a stats guy Courtois stopped something like 4 goals above expected. The finger tip save onto his post at 0-0 was incredible and I knew we were going to get goalied. Oh well. Its funny how now just a few months before the WC is slated to start that all of the sudden the Qatar human rights abuses are allowed to come under scrutiny.
  3. I do the same thing @fat ralphy but the work duties always come first. @Dark_Knight I am a Liverpool supporter but I come by it honestly. My dad was born there and I’ve been watching since the early 90s right as their dynasty was coming to the end.
  4. He’s going back on loan to Inter Milan.
  5. Spotted this beast in a neighbourhood that is much much much too wealthy for it
  6. My power rankings are based purely on who's verses I enjoy listening to. But while I'm back in here:
  7. Looking promising for me that I have lined up a one shot with Henning Jorgensen:
  8. @Dark_Knight I thought it was good not great, I think I had my expectations up. I enjoyed it but thought I'd enjoy it more. Maybe having Dune as the last movie I watched before this one threw me off a bit. It had a bunch of stuff I like though. Anya Taylor Joy, Skarsgard, Defoe, heads gettin chopped.
  9. I wonder who did it first? https://www.thebay.com/c/home/bedding/sheets-bedding-sets/blankets-throws/hbc-stripes?srule=featured_Bestseller
  10. Is that a Hudson Bay Company blanket in the background?
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