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  1. Keen’s goretex hikers that I hike/hunt in
  2. @Schnitzel yes! I live in the prairies and we get some fucked deep freezes. Fat (tyre) bikes have taken off big in the last few years but that’s just another bike to buy and a solid chance I’m staring down a divorce if I keep buying bikes
  3. 2500km, all indoor virtual clicks. should finally be able to get the outdoor bike on the road again now that the snow is gone and some of the gravel has been swept up.
  4. metronome


    Here’s what my downloads page looks like right now
  5. As a nerdy reader it's always been on my radar but I've never read anything. Also when the prices are like that, get yourself a kindle and an eyepatch my man @KILZ FILLZ
  6. @Dark_Knight I use it a little, great for shakes. Easy to way to get a bunch of plant based protein especially if whey etc is hard on the stomach.
  7. "Do you think there is life on other planets?" "No... erm, I'm German" Brilliant.
  8. Cowboys from Hull lol
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