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  1. Days are getting shorter and colder so riding time is tapering off. Some pics from recent jaunts and a recovery beverage.
  2. the CBS was fantastic. the orange creamsicle was meh.
  3. metronome


    I have a friend who swears by CBD oil and I have to admit I'm curious. A couple of ex pro cyclists run https://floydsofleadville.com/ and they have a range of CBD recovery products. Pretty tempted to give it a shot just to see what it's like.
  4. This is true of course but the meme is purposefully obtuse about that. You would never run a gov't the way you run a household even with a reasonable debt ratio considered. It just bothers me seeing purposefully obtuse memes shared on socials and then they get blindly accepted as fact and shared wide.
  5. You're playing a game in which you haven't strength trained the proper muscles.
  6. Amazon too. I see people shilling for smart speakers all the time. Not sure why I should spend +$100 for amazon to be able to market to me constantly. They need human interpretation to fine tune the machine learning to help it grasp context, and some of the things that people overhear are so upsetting that the employees have created places online where they can decompress and share horror stories because they aren't allowed to report anything to authorities. So you can buy ass wipe easier. https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2019/04/amazon-workers-eavesdrop-amazon-echo-clips/587110/
  7. Gronk explaining brain science to an MD makes me think that he probably is still suffering from CTE.
  8. I think he did a bunch of the movie score and then they decided to go in a different direction anyway?
  9. So I survived this. Moving time was 5 and a half hours. Pretty pleased with myself.
  10. The white stout was ... different. The mash had a full wedding cake thrown in.
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