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  1. metronome

    So we have legal marijuana in Canada now

    I think over a short period these pricing differences will work themselves out. I'll probably check out my local store for the novelty of it, it looks like $7 for a gram here. I saw a guy on the news as well who said he spent $344 and maxed his 30 grams.
  2. metronome

    So we have legal marijuana in Canada now

    Look at us go: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/oct/17/cannabis-becomes-legal-in-canada-marijuana?CMP=twt_gu&__twitter_impression=true Also looks like there is legislation coming from pardons etc too.
  3. metronome


    I just bought my wife a vinyl copy of Lemonade for xmas.
  4. metronome

    Saudi journalist anducted/chopped up

    Back on topic... Saudi Consul fled the country (Turkey). Looks like Saudi's are admitting they murdered him, but calling it an interrogation gone wrong. Turks are saying they have proof that the Saudi's beat the dude and killed him by lethal injection almost immediately upon his entrance into the consulate. And the dude who cut up his body requested music while he worked.
  5. metronome

    Saudi journalist anducted/chopped up

    I'm Canadian too. I live in Berta. I am not enjoying this current version.
  6. metronome

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    Reading a WW1 memoir and listening to Monstrosity's newest album.
  7. metronome

    Saudi journalist anducted/chopped up

    Yeah, that ^^ and the whole Yemeni genocide thing should leave just about everybody with a sour taste in their mouth over this. The Canadian gov't has spoken out about the Saudis treatment of women's rights activists. The Saudi's responded by cutting all economic and social ties and yanking all of their students out of Canada and then sending a not so subtle 9/11 styled threat via twitter. Then again we have had no problem selling them weapons to achieve all of this in the past, our current gov't included.
  8. metronome

    Saudi journalist anducted/chopped up

    Considering the Turks are the whistle blowers into his disappearance and probable murder, in the Saudi consulate, inside their country ... I'm not sure what they'd stand to gain. But as mentioned above by @Hua Guofangthe Turks and Saudi's have muslim drama.
  9. About damn time TL;DR became an app.
  10. metronome

    Saudi journalist anducted/chopped up

    Somebody in the office today mentioned that JK was wearing an apple watch that may have recorded audio of this whole episode.
  11. metronome

    Saudi journalist anducted/chopped up

    I know that twitter is an echo chamber if you let it get that way but the last few weeks have felt bizarre and surreal.
  12. metronome

    Kanye is a genius

    Personally I enjoyed him sharing his 00000 iPhone unlock code with all of us.
  13. metronome

    Saudi journalist anducted/chopped up

    Don't want to hi jack the thread but if that's the case for you, Russia and China must be pretty appealing at the moment too.
  14. Good point. I don't know how much noise it's making but it looks like it's getting harder and harder to vote as well.