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  1. Athlean-X’s channel is pretty good. I like his videos for core work. I don’t lift and he’s got a ton of calisthenics.
  2. These are all still from this past summer.
  3. This trope (your top paragraph) was a running joke on Judge's Silicon Valley show.
  4. * 10 books @fat ralphy - I am a huge fan of the Malazan series. Recommend it to all fantasy readers. Stick with it. Just started this. This woman has interesting views on MMT and modern economies.
  5. It was a little while ago that a former pro hockey player who now may or may not be a hobby DJ posted about all those symbols showing up in literature belonging to/published by Trudeau's charitable foundation, using those very screen shots. Specifically the swirling triangles. Grain of salt and all that.
  6. F'real. It's going to take longer for the Feds to mop that up just because of the amount of socials self snitching they'll have to wade through than actual investigative work.
  7. Can't remember if I saw this one in here or not but I watched this with the wife the other night
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