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  1. Blue sports bra gets it. Pouch isn't scaring me off.
  2. To see less of her face! Actually scratch that, put her in a covid mask. It's the bottom half that isn't doing it for me.
  3. Get her some bigger sunglasses preferably but would smash.
  4. Have to imagine what it would feel like to be on a warship and seeing a rubber ducky dingy fire an RPG at you. Like Fortnite leaking into reality or something.
  5. Absolute unit. Wrecking ball. Love to see it.
  6. Absolute trash summer diet + beers plateau'd me very hard. Still keeping a fairly steady 4-6hrs of movement/activity a week but I need to do a dry month or two to push any progress forward.
  7. I won't leave a trash review. I regularly leave google reviews for small businesses to help them out. I am also going to weigh a referral from somebody I know more heavily than the google reviews though when I need to use a contractor etc.
  8. Mental health issues aside, FB has real problems with real world things like helping perpetuate genocide. I was reading yesterday or the day before about how cartels had IG pages and FB groups that would go for months at a time without even being looked at by FB despite having tons of pics of beheadings etc being used for intimidation and strong arming. All because some nerd and his friends wanted a way to creep on campus girls. Zuck should probably be tried in the Hague one day.
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