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  1. metronome

    Kits and shit

    Cycling caps don't look cool on anybody
  2. metronome

    what are you watching RIGHT NOW?

    Wife and I have been watching the Netflix ManHunter series on Ted Kaczynski
  3. metronome

    What book are you reading? Part 20

    Currently reading this: and this:
  4. metronome


    Di2 is amazing. I went from an alloy cannondale frame with 105 to a full carbon with ultegra Di2 and it just feels faster.
  5. metronome


    Is it mechanical or Di2 ?
  6. metronome

    Kits and shit

    I'm Canadian so I don't know how feasible this would be but these guys do small batch for teams https://www.jakroo.com/ca/ And these guys make and distribute from Vancouver https://pillarheights.com/
  7. metronome


    This is a very attractive bike you got going on. Ultegra?
  8. metronome

    Kits and shit

    12oz cycling caps please! Would also wear the fuck out of a 12oz jersey. Joker I lurked your IG and saw you designed a kit for Castelli. That's fucking dooope!
  9. metronome

    Ranch or Blue Cheese?

    Neither. I always order salt and pepper with a side of hot sauce. Wash it down with beer.
  10. metronome

    True Detective

    I think the bad reviews of S2 are widely exaggerated and probably have to do with how fantastic S1 was. I watched season 2 as it came out and enjoyed it, though it did take me a little while longer.
  11. metronome

    The Beer Thread

    I like scotch better but only because I've had more of that. I've tried Stagg Jr and Elijah Craig and liked both of those though.
  12. metronome

    What book are you reading? Part 20

    @diggityI read the entire WoT series on some serious sunken cost fallacy business. I don't know why I bothered, I think it sucked and even the Sanderson written books couldn't save it. The Malazan series has some of the best world building I've encountered and the biggest criticism of it is that the author plunks you down into the middle of some stuff in book 1 so it's a little overwhelming at first but its worth getting past that.
  13. metronome


    Lunch for this night shift. I'll probably end up buying a torque wrench for my bike tomorrow when I wake up.
  14. metronome

    12ozProphet Throwbacks

    I doubt it. Kids these days are all about the DMs.