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  1. I gotchu @mr.yuck Article: For some residents, the gated community in the Arizona desert is their first go at suburban living. The 222 houses have tile roofs, garages and white-fenced backyards where residents host barbecues and their dogs play. But these aren’t forever homes, or even starters: They are one- and two-bedroom rentals, with rents starting at $1,420 a month. Subdivisions such as Christopher Todd Communities on Happy Valley, located about 30 miles outside of downtown Phoenix, were built for renters from the start. Owner and developer Todd Wood, a former
  2. ^^ "You will own less, and be happier" The WSJ article I posted above addresses that. Rental suburb communities are going up to that purpose.
  3. Too much to ask the universe for a spontaneous Vesuvius-esque event in Davos during one of those get togethers?
  4. He's the best. BBC asked him why he thinks this G7 circle jerk is any different than any other G7 circle jerk previous. Refusing to repeat in French is icing on the cake.
  5. He started a company called Good Food Institute and they basically spend a bunch of time lobbying places like Singapore and Israel for R&D money (USA and Canada don't really fund any significant amount of that). It very much is from an economics and climate focused priority with the added benefit of reduced animal cruelty and ethics of a significant drop in industrial farming.
  6. I listened to Bruce Friedrich (ex PETA whacko) talk to Steve Leavitt on his podcast about what the future of eating meat could look like. Pretty wild shit going on with cultivated meat costs dropping. And companies like Quorn who have found ways to mimic the way mouthfeel from genuine meat works with their plant based protein using fungi cultures. And Quorn is really fucking good.
  7. https://www.wsj.com/articles/built-to-rent-suburbs-are-poised-to-spread-across-the-u-s-11623075610?mod=e2tw Story about how suburb neighbourhoods are now being developed as rental communities. We have something in Canada called CMHC as well, which really fucks first time (and even second/third/etc) homebuyers. We also have something called a stress test which is a way to insure for lenders that an increase in interest rates is able to be absorbed by the lendee.
  8. @One Man Banned That one was very nice. It was a while ago that wife and I shared it but I remember really enjoying it. @KILZ FILLZ Are you alive? How did it hold up?
  9. metronome


    I have no idea tbh my bike mech skills are pretty sub par. Have you posted any pics of the chain slack to r/bikewrench?
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