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  1. Okay. Weighing in. Made a from scratch hot honey marinade. Chicken thigh, skin on bone out, havarti, lettuce (home grown) and tomato.
  2. Respect the queen. Inquiring minds want to know where you found her.
  3. Almost always. I like to throw red pepper flakes under the cheese pre bake and then also add them to a slice post bake.
  4. From what I remember it was definitely more on the brown ale side for flavour. Had that smooth/soft feel that a hazy/neipa has going on. I think they only made this batch once next time I'm in their brewery I'll ask them if they plan on doing it again.
  5. Played soccer, made some glizzy’s
  6. Double posting. Homie made sourdough cinnamon buns.
  7. Folded egg, cheese, bok choy, tomate
  8. Noticed the clouds were clouding on my way into work
  9. I get tomato/pizza sauce with chicken, but ketchup?
  10. Damn, that pic is complete ass for quality so that's my bad. It was a dark alley. It is a guy fucking a puking dog, yes. I guess his pants are up, maybe its doing the Heimlich? On his other leg was a topless mermaid that looks like a 7 year old drew it.
  11. Caught this in the wild last night
  12. Did burgs again. This time bbq’d instead of pan smashed.
  13. I’m fine with it, but this is a nice reminder that I need to check in with my Toronto buddy and make sure he’s doing okay.
  14. Do you have dual citizenship now? Will the IRS come after you for life now for income taxes?
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