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  1. Enjoyed this. Thought Eddie Murphy was great, as good as if not better than Jonah Hill's hairdo.
  2. We have similar issues here in Canada. Our fed govt introduced a mortgage stress test condition of loan which pissed a ton of people off because it prevented them from getting into a way bloated mortgage, also the feds fault, because they weren't curbing baloney foreign investment/money laundering which inflated the real estate market here WILDLY. I big brained it about a 2 yrs ago and broke my mortgage early to get into a smaller interest rate. Paid a penalty of about $6k to save ~$15k over the life of the loan (5 yrs.... bank tried to talk me out of it lol "think of the penalty!" and wanted me to do a "port" option where I only paid a ~280 penalty to save 2k, no thx) So now my interest rate is set below 2% for another 3 years and I am hoping that by then things have settled down a bit and the central banks are done with rate hikes. In the mean time I'm making as many payments to principal above my regular payments to chunk out what the interest will be on the next loan when its time to renew. Weee....
  3. 100% My wife used to have a framed slogan on her desk "I ain't working for free I am barely giving a fuck away" edit: I blame this mentality on psyops being waged against the workers for years on years now that you need to slave yourself to break through and get ahead. Like unpaid internships? Them shits should be illegal.
  4. My 2023 goal is to do some heavy mortgage principal shaving down.
  5. Gimme that Swedish pizza. We have something similar where I'm from but we just call it donair pizza. I'll get one in the next few days and post pics for posterity sake.
  6. Cloudussy. Tight formation. Nimbussin.
  7. Gave making a pan pizza from scratch a shot today. Room for improvement on that dough.
  8. A pint in Canada under $8 right now unheard of. Enjoy.
  9. Pretty much. Manage attitudes and make sure the people are getting their time off approved. On my team the less we see of our direct report the better.
  10. Co-signed. I usually put on a chipotle based hot sauce too.
  11. I didn't catch that it was mounted to basically nothing either. Just seemed crazy to me. Pretty neat optical.
  12. I get that its a gun show, but is that not a flagrant gun safety no-no to be pointing the barrel into a crowd of people?!
  13. that re-thatch job belongs in r/oddlysatisfying
  14. Picked up a sweet sports injury playing rec league (broken rib probably) so that's less than ideal. Light cardio it is for the foreseeable future!
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