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  1. My power rankings are based purely on who's verses I enjoy listening to. But while I'm back in here:
  2. Looking promising for me that I have lined up a one shot with Henning Jorgensen:
  3. @Dark_Knight I thought it was good not great, I think I had my expectations up. I enjoyed it but thought I'd enjoy it more. Maybe having Dune as the last movie I watched before this one threw me off a bit. It had a bunch of stuff I like though. Anya Taylor Joy, Skarsgard, Defoe, heads gettin chopped.
  4. I wonder who did it first? https://www.thebay.com/c/home/bedding/sheets-bedding-sets/blankets-throws/hbc-stripes?srule=featured_Bestseller
  5. Is that a Hudson Bay Company blanket in the background?
  6. 36 Chambers was my first real rap/hip hop album experience. I think I was in the 8th grade as well. My older brother brought it into the house. I got to see GZA tour the anniversary of Liquid Swords in 2019 (for some reason he was touring the 24th anniversary? I dunno) right before Covid times. He kinda mailed it in lol, but it was worth it.
  7. I have love for Deck (pause) and the czarface stuff.
  8. We have to respect different opinions.
  9. Is this the perveract thread now or do we bring that one back?
  10. Wu Tang power rankings: 1) GhostFace 2) Raekwan 3) Rebel INS 4) GZA 5) Cappadonna 6) Meth 7) RZA 8 ) Masta Killa 9) ODB 10) UGod
  11. My next project is dead simple. Running a length of natural gas hose from the piping connect under my deck to where the BBQ will be living on the other side after my wife changed the furniture situation up.
  12. Looks like a modern convenience to me.
  13. Finale is being done over 2 episodes I think. Will probably both be movie length.
  14. I should know this. I think 4 stage just means there is 4 membranes the water passes across as a filter medium. Nice work on the plumbing.
  15. See if you can pinpoint the spot when I burned out from working 3 months of straight nights?
  16. Love me some Stephenson.
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