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  1. metronome


    I have a pair of these and they are dope. Lined Ugg moccasin.
  2. I wonder how different the vax rhetoric would have been if it hadn't of happened smack dab in the middle of a Presidential election campaign.
  3. a few bad apples spoil the flock, or something
  4. EV hauled freight is coming. https://cleantechnica.com/2021/11/29/battery-electric-freight-trains-could-happen-sooner-than-you-think/
  5. Written hard copy master of everything important in my gun locker.
  6. Goddamn. This is so devastating, impossible to come back from this.
  7. Look at this giant group of assholes.
  8. Bloodfart is working at a prominent Austin tatt parlour
  9. Erika Elaniuk’s titties are in Under Siege? Rewatch it is.
  10. Belle's Taco >>> Taco Bell
  11. People pay more than $10 for lower intestine 'cleanse' kits
  12. @morton I bought an ikea memory foam mattress on a whim for my night shift cave and its surprisingly very very comfortable
  13. I saw that as well. Hope you're doing okay and on the mend soon @SukiSukiNow
  14. So much snow this winter so far
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