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  1. Grabbed a pre-made pie from the deli section quickly last night for my post workout splurge and didn't realize it was a cauliflower crust until it was going into the oven. Big fail on my part.
  2. I like McCarthy too, but when I read something from him its usually spaced out well from the last time I read something of his. Hope that makes sense. No Country and The Road are both probably his 'easiest' reads though.
  3. I vote for the Iain Banks offering.
  4. Incredible Chinergy coming off of that WWE/Limp Bizkit montage
  5. Elon claims that twitter was being hosed for $60M/yr by telco's abusing SMS verification
  6. Just started this:
  7. Never understood why Americans, Brits, Irish etc insist on wearing their shoes in the house.
  8. fucking youtube. well, this was Jamie Foy footage.
  9. @Dark_Knight it's been a while but there was plenty of nihilism in the characters that it sounds like Showa Era might have. Hadn't thought of him in years but seeing your post jarred my memory. I'm gonna have to put some of his other stuff into my reading list.
  10. I read From the Fatherland, With Love back in 2019. Recents:
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