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  1. My fam is doing Barcelona in the summer months so I'll try and live up to the standard here but the bar is high.
  2. Tried a one pan no bake mac & cheese. Pretty good and my picky eater daughter ate it too so that’s a W for me.
  3. Gave it a crack. Only ended up using 1 and I don’t think I’ll try and break the next one down and make a patty. Presentation is terrible but the sammy slapped.
  4. Made a pie with whole wheat flour. Pretty okay.
  5. how do we make an exchange happen
  6. Ive been reading a Chinese sci fi anthology collection curated and translated by Ken Liu you may dig. It has a few stories and an essay by Cixin Liu in there, I posted it a while back in the book thread.
  7. 24 hours ago my lawn was pretty well melted down to bare. And now this:
  8. Are you watching that version of 3BP subbed? I read that trilogy a few years ago and have been looking forward to this netflix adaptation.
  9. This reminded me that I have 2 spicy Chilean sausages in the freezer that I need to thaw so I can make some breakfast patties with em.
  10. I can't call it a crust until its cooked
  11. We have done pies on the smoker at work but the pizza shells were pre-mades so it wasn't too tricky.
  12. There's a sub on reddit called StupidFood and that tub gives me StupidFood vibes.
  13. To-may-to / to-mah-to but if cats asses aren’t great why they always licking them???
  14. Not the same one, but, I had to
  15. Coworker recommended this. Hot and cold therapy for muscle issues, can also alternate hot/cold. I have to say as a man in his 40s this is the cats ass.
  16. I use to have a neighbour who was an engineer for CN, he told me it's pretty regular thing out here for trains passing through the middle-of-nowhere-prairies to get shot at.
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