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  1. Chill Christmas 2022. Pretty sweet day, no family visiting, just us and the kids. I covered a shift yesterday and it was a pretty miserable 12 hours so this nice. Currently drinking a mimosa … but I have to shovel my driveway.
  2. No it’s a Canadian chain called Panago @LUGR
  3. Xmas eve chain pizza (bottom one is vegan)
  4. Hit that Hawaiian with a smoke hot sauce and you're gonna enjoy it.
  5. It was a lot. Too much even. Super sweet and rich,. One can max but it was better shared.
  6. Hoping 2023 sees this mf off
  7. Just remember to keep 2/3rds of your body weight inside the frame of the ladder or you could have a really bad time.
  8. I always grab from the back (yo, ayeeee) Same goes for produce. Get down a layer or two.
  9. https://www.nytimes.com/2022/12/17/world/americas/argentina-world-cup-witches.html?smid=url-share Argentina had that supernatural help.
  10. Now there's an idea. My community just joined a govt program we have that lets you finance "green" projects for low rates. Payments tack onto your property taxes (we mostly pay them monthly here). Thinking its time to get onto solar panels.
  11. My wife, bless her, won't let me put lights up because she's paranoid I'm going to fall off of our roof or something. I'm not a bonehead or anything, but you never know. We do lights around our tree and up and down our porch column etc, wreaths on our lights.
  12. Sk8 or became a paraplegic dude
  13. metronome


    the way he runs dead arms is killing me
  14. Did the ole drunk pass out while watching this last night, so going to have to go back and figure out where that was exactly
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