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  1. Might fuck around and make a cheddar + broccoli stromboli 🤔
  2. Depending on how many working years you have left that pension boost could be in your favour as well.
  3. What if you rolled the pizza up into a sort of stromboli and then deep fried it like that
  4. Was it the smoky whisky on that cask that ruined the Innis & Gunn? I haven't had one in a while but their rum barrel stuff is usually pretty nice.
  5. I posted my French toasted pizza to my IG story and one of my homies hit me with a text saying he likes to chop it up and mix it in as a pizza egg scramble. Also sounds fire, going to give that a shot for sure.
  6. It’s great. Give it a try!
  7. I French toasted my cold left over chain slice
  8. That's just what it costs these days unfortunately. I want to try these out for my next pair. HAIX Airpower XR2. $515 CAD ... we get a boot stipend though.
  9. Lots of my coworkers rock CAT boots. I've never tried them, have been wearing Redwings for like 15 years. I may be ready to move on however. My only beef with Redwings are they are very heavy, but the waterproof goretex boot is a great industrial work boot.
  10. Are you going to put your beef on the Zuckerberg beer diet?
  11. Bump this up, maybe it can get merged with the new thread. Reading these two now:
  12. Wife and I are into this right now. Spy drama.
  13. Local spot’s take on the 12oz special
  14. Meal prepped shepherd’s pie for my work week
  15. Jewish Space Lasers, I think.
  16. Our extreme weather advisories say frostbite "in minutes" I think F and C cross paths again at -40 so I can relate to what Raven posted up there, its bullshit. Our cold snap broke but I've shoveled my drive 4 times in the last 2 days.
  17. I can’t remember what I paid but booze is expensive in Canada so it was prob around $5
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