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  1. Lol, makes sense, I think I’ve only had dominoes once in my lifetime
  2. this looks identical to a chain pizza we have in western Canada
  3. metronome


    It’s alarming how quickly you get used to a lighter set-up lol
  4. i don’t fry chicken ever pretty much but I’ve heard it really helps to dredge->flour three or four times
  5. metronome


    Its funny because I heard of this bike launch from a podcast they did with I think cycling news. They presented themselves as an affordable "super bike" option compared to the bigger bike manufacturers
  6. Bumping this thread to post this. It's pretty long and rambly at times but Eric Weinstein says a lot of pretty crazy shit about UFOs and the state of affairs https://open.spotify.com/episode/7MDxyrrhD7gC7XMRwB0ulv?si=e87647192b214a6c
  7. metronome


    Speaking of obscenely expensive, heard of the Bridge Bike Works Surveyor? Many buzzwords.
  8. Don't freak out when it looks like you're shitting blood, its all good.
  9. The sound of the scooter parts breaking into pieces I am fucking dying here
  10. TikTok is going to spawn so many new dysmorphia disorders. Good luck to my kids.
  11. Something else that's bothered me a bit about this whole thing is Buttigieg being scapegoated. He's only been in his role for a year, and these types of accidents are the result of years of withered regulation adding up. Typical swiss cheese model incident.
  12. If you're ever bored and want to see what some terrible industrial incidents look like the CSB (Chemical Safety Board) posts investigation videos. So many of them are just down to completely neglected safety interlocks and eroded regulations.
  13. Quality socks and quality underwear. Things you should always pay for imo.
  14. I came across a pretty funny tweet thread about this the other day. I'm gonna go look for it again to share here. Here we go:
  15. Grabbed a pre-made pie from the deli section quickly last night for my post workout splurge and didn't realize it was a cauliflower crust until it was going into the oven. Big fail on my part.
  16. I like McCarthy too, but when I read something from him its usually spaced out well from the last time I read something of his. Hope that makes sense. No Country and The Road are both probably his 'easiest' reads though.
  17. I vote for the Iain Banks offering.
  18. Incredible Chinergy coming off of that WWE/Limp Bizkit montage
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