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  1. i think im gonna go to my neighbors house for some ramen noodles
  2. i had a turkey sandwich with cheezits.
  3. tue skinny


    bikes are nice. i like the women in the magazines .
  4. http://alt.superstation.com/TBS/Images/Dynamic/i1/james_avery.jpg'> rip
  5. tue skinny

    Cycle TC5

    http://alt.superstation.com/TBS/Images/Dynamic/i1/james_avery.jpg'> i really like cycle.
  6. the size can be smaller but its good stuff
  7. hit me up with site that all this shit is on i want to see it. hit me up on aim. look at the profile thingy
  8. tue skinny


    i have a scooter . no bike . no car . no nothing . just a scooter
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