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  1. i lost all interest on video games becuase im on 12 oz
  2. i fucking hate you. we dont have anything like that where i live. fuck you
  3. it aint a party until you got kidblount there. hey is that party stil going on
  4. my dad dont give a shit... hes a drunk.. wait that means he needs beer. oh well.. i need an ass kicken
  5. yeah beard.. what about the poke the rabbit or you are stupid one..... i know you enjoyed those.wait you hate me.,..
  6. damm. makes me realize how fucking stupid i am. and how i have no friends. thanks mamerro for this hole thing. it makes me feel good. i guess. allthough i do have beer like you guys so hey what the hell. life is good
  7. im worse. in the summer i was online all day until 4 in the morning
  8. hey you got some good songs on there... poison the well.. hopesfall and mates of the state.
  9. april left with silence - hopesfall
  10. im about to steal some of my dads beer frmo his cooler.. hmm molson ice or budwieser
  11. those teeth make me feel weird
  12. my chick magnet is my trek bmx tin foil rims ride..
  13. yah.. i cant spell or type. sorry regulator i just came acros this on the 29 th page.
  14. its not a waste of space.. my threads are wastes. so anyway. nice part.
  15. werd to the izzle my nizzle bizzle . for shizzliue
  16. did you wipe your ass on those too first
  17. everytime your reading this over 100 people on earth are having sex. cool huh!
  18. holy lord god help me my pants just rose up .....
  19. i wasnt talking to you trance fag
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