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Everything posted by metronome

  1. It's a big tent. Get down with the clowns.
  2. $8 part that should let me avoid having to buy a new refrigerator. Keeping my fingers crossed that the evaporator fan motor isn't scorched.
  3. Some pies from the last few days touring around with the fam.
  4. Spicy soppressata & mushroom
  5. Got swooped by one of these guys a few years ago on a golf course. Aggressive little guys when protecting the nest.
  6. Detroit style but the box was too big pie was good though!
  7. Orcas banging pots and pans is a 10/10 meme.
  8. I think they had about enough time from hearing the first moment the carbon fibre starting failing to get to "Oh Sh" before they became ocean jelly.
  9. Shes drinking a pint of something dark and malty
  10. My kids made me some colour block AM90s for Father’s Day
  11. I think I worded my question like a complete asshole. What I was trying to ask is if 8" stem is the standard length for an outdoor faucet in general, IE - I have to clear about 8" to get to the threaded fitting inside my wall from the exterior wall.
  12. It is self draining, no fucking around with freeze protection. My shit is leaking now because the rubber gasket got all fucked up. I figure if I'm going to have to do the annoying task of replacing it, may as well do the upgrade. Also finishes with a nice clean flush look.
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