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  1. Fuck. The white puffer pope is an AI image.
  2. I try to eat a lot of whole foods like fruits and veggies as my snack food. Every little bit helps.
  3. I love the Filipinos! I grew up with so many Filipinos, they have a bomb independence day party every year. My homie married a Filipina and had to do the balut on his wedding day
  4. These 2 recently
  5. My tbr list never seems to get shorter
  6. OHIO what is you doin "Rapper Afroman Sued by Ohio Police for Invasion of Privacy After He Used His Own Surveillance Footage of Their Failed Raid On His Home for a Music Video" https://www.fox19.com/2023/03/22/afroman-sued-by-law-enforcment-officers-who-raided-his-home/
  7. Yeah, more or less. They have some pretty bizarre and xenophobic legislation these days. Constantly playing the victim over shit thats 200 years old. That all said, Montreal is one of my favourite places I've been to in Canada.
  8. They are very aggrieved and won't let the events of the late 18th century go.
  9. Casek and Dhabz showed their whole ass as Q believers and that's embarrassing
  10. Taking the fam to the hotsprings next week for spring break getaway. I know this isn't an Ohio thread anymore but I had to share this:
  11. Hard to tell for sure from the photo, but is Dennis wearing the same shades he rocked during The Last Dance? Those glasses killed me.
  12. I’m not mad at all, the song is that Chin Rockin’ good, I totally get it.
  13. Is that Serval cat embracing the true spirit of Ohio? I’ve never been.
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