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  1. My phone. Haven’t been doing anything off my laptop in a while. It started happening here and there and then just all the time. I’m retarded in technology.
  2. I actually can’t post photos atm. Some fucking reason my shit stopped letting me upload and it’s real fucking infuriating.
  3. Not the majority though, aye....less I missed something....
  4. Wooooo chyyld that got me pretty scary for a moment. 100% plausible for the very near future though aye.
  5. Just getting hella anxious after 12oz scaring me into thinking my travel plans are fucked for not being vaccinated.
  6. Is this a confirmed determent on flight travel or just future gayness...?
  7. Dinosaurs were fucking here, just walking around, and there are fossils to prove it. Hard to believe some people think it's fake news. Harder to believe it's even factual to begin with. Dinosaurs are fucking trippy to think about. I need to hit the museum of natural history.
  8. Feeling the wrath of working too god damned much and too hard and complaining about it and being irritated about how gay my phone photo situation is limiting my ability to share SuPeR rad boring life on 12oz.
  9. People have takin far more outlandish avenues. Just look at Caitlin Jenner.
  10. What in the damn anime hell is this shit mane??
  11. Never said it was any good🤷🏽‍♂️🤣 but y’all need to put some mf’n resPECK on my mans name though! And watch da 5 bloods. It was very good, smd from the back @Kults!!!!
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