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  1. @Schnitzellooks pretty legit to me. But I’m wicked gullible and a easy target for shenanigans. So who knows.
  2. If you walk the line, you ain’t walkin the line.
  3. Phoning while barely watching some stupid nuclear reactor mini series on Netflix that isn’t about Chernobyl so it’s mad boring.
  4. Even my 7 year old daughter knows that place sucks and we only went once like 3 years ago. She says “that place is trash” every time we pass one lololol.
  5. Well I can’t remember the last time I couldn’t remember how tf I got home last night.
  6. Every time I see the squad car I wanna sell my house. Tbh I don’t even hate cops like that either. Never been one of those acab dudes but I sure as shit don’t like the lot of’em and when I see them outside my crib I get mad un-chill feelings.
  7. What the fuckin shit kind of luck is it for a cop to move in damn near directly across the street from you after buying a house….? God dammit man. This mf just be parking right in front of my shit sometimes. I feel mad ungrateful lol. Just whining about neighbors. Maybe dude is cool. Idfk.
  8. Finally got around to watching this and found it to be hilarious.
  9. Seems like the nft shit only pops if someone with status backs it which gains a random value. That’s all I really see it as. Maybe way off base though.
  10. That’s a big bitch right there. Fetish people would fiend over this type of fatness. Hey though. She looks like she is livin her best life lolol.
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