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  1. STONES! stones in balboa park and fish tacos sound so nice right now. SOON my bredren. SOON.
  2. I believe you’re referring to the ferro rod.
  3. Never was a ipa guy, myself. Shit beers forever! BUSCH, baby!!! Yo @Schnitzeli lie the living room camp out thats rad. I need to start that shit up with my daughter. And fuck that spider! yall probably have way more crazy shit around there.
  4. I ran into some issues trying to send my litecoin from coinbase over to my exodus. Would get the send code and then not be able to receive it for some reason. Worked perfectly fine for my btc and eth though.
  5. I have been in situations where i've practiced that approach around dudes who are far off base in comparison to my shit and had perfectly fine conversation. At a picnic or 2 over the last couple years people would get audibly grossed out by their own family members for coming clean about riding for trump and straight up walk away from them, meanwhile i've just stood and rapped. I believe in being nice first. Talking to people and treating them like a fucking human regardless of what they're into or not into.
  6. I been back on my camping/hiking gear acquisition.
  7. Looks orange. Supposed to be red lol. Tuff to say
  8. Learn your history. Especially locally and as much as you can. Don’t bother what you cannot burn or at least fight and win. Stay away from shit that looks old. Stfu and don’t babble about graffiti with civilians. This only applies if you’re still active though. And not like me who only goes out maybe once or twice a month. But if you’re old and completely washed... Settle on down sirs. There is nothing more annoying to me than the guy hiding his face and being overly paranoid about graffiti when they haven’t touched anything but krink labels in the last 10 or 20 years.
  9. @SMdoubleXLi can respect your sammich placement.
  10. Just stay away from them youngins son. lolol.
  11. I got that trezor a while back. It's still in the box. I'm being scary about it big time.
  12. Ughhhh for the love of christ. I'm so exhausted with rules.
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