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  1. Straight up! Probably wouldn’t hesitate if provided s opportunity but I for damned sure ain’t buying.
  2. Most fire corned beef sammich I ever had. Slaw with American cheese on griddled homemade bread. FIRE.
  3. Whooooo chyld that shiba putting my portfolio back on the map! Basically wiped down my whole btc over to that and I’m just checkin every half hour Lolol.
  4. Get’em when you can however it be.
  5. Just when I thought we were off this politic-an. God dammit man. Lololol.
  6. Just when I thought we got off this politic-an. God dammit man. Lololol
  7. Yo 3 pages on this is hilarious.
  8. 2 things. Boogie be wildin. Mans is either really really good at trolling or he’s just actually that retahded. And Now I need to pull up on a Jersey mikes cheesesteak or another equally acceptable version.
  9. Definitely have the same type of dreams your homie does. Regular everyday shit with a slight twist mostly. Your dream sounds fucked up lol. Might wanna get that shit checked out b.
  10. Don’t remember a lot of my shit but lately they consist of relived trauma if some sort. Not even anything crazy but just shitty ass things I’ve dealt with in recent years that pop into my dreams and I wake up all pissed off and salty for the whole day. It’s a bummer for real.
  11. Same. I haven’t seen my own laundry in like 10 years. @mr.yuck your homie is hilarious! “Shit is gay as hell” for real had me rollin! It’s definitely a little sus when you gotta lean over all quaint to wipe but there really is no other way. I had to break my own bad habit of using far too much tp. Use way less now but then I smash baby wipes in place. Definitely don’t throw those things in the toilet.
  12. **Jersey mikes creates poverty in your pockets. Shits fire though. I will give money to that place whenever I’m in need and nothing else around. 16 dollars for a grinder is outrageous though.
  13. I was just about to say the same shit. Nigga said Jersey Mike’s! Come own DAO you can do better than that lololol.
  14. Shit is wild b. 2021 crow shit should not be happening on set. This was some intentional scandal.
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