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  1. I’m kicking myself all over the fucking place trying not to keep sweating the fact I watched that shit go from like 8k not long ago but doing nothing, still. Least I bought a couple few eth. Been listening to that crypto 101 podcast again too. Do any of y’all know about celio? This podcast was a damn good listen. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/crypto-101/id1262351840?i=1000459745900 https://cieloex.io/index
  2. Guy, don’t listen to fools like @where just do your thing. He’s harmlessly ball busting. Just like everyone else on the internet. Welcome to the forum while not lurking anymore. We need more of y’all. Some folks made still weird about talking numbers or credit scores and shit like that. Don’t trip. It’s cool you dug into the threads and came out with results. Take a look around mane.
  3. ::hint:: i've been on a native casted film kick the last few weeks. this is one of them. saw it a few years back and its really fuckin good.
  4. Gook. Great film. You really don't see too many of these being made anymore. At least not that i'm seeing. ::hint:: 2013
  5. Jeeezus dude. Blessins to your family bro, that's terrible. When during your sick did you go to the testing and how easy was it?
  6. FAHHHHHK man. Assuming you definitely moved and are settled by now. I held off and blew it completely. gotta dig out that address breh!
  7. Forgot to follow up so here’s a update. I never went for said test. I had my normal yearlyish sick for around a day and a half. Sniffles, soarish throat, light cough, gone. Mostly due to impatience the test didn’t pan out but I went to several different places, tried making appts online, and even pulled up to the government testing facility here in my city. Nothing. The earliest test I could get was 8/10 days away. Fuckin pointless. Sincerely sorry to whoever got sick and died.
  8. Did we soar right over the fact you had covid or naw? I was in that thread the other day but I’m good now.
  9. This year was super weird for me and everybody else I reckon. Turned out pretty chill though. I was actually super impressed at how wifey took on our own private little colonizer day and smashed the kitchen for just us and a baby. Didn’t have my daughter for the first year in 6. Usually my old man the chef soul brotha blesses the Irish wifey with one recipe per year. This time he gave her a bunch and she turned them into dairy free ::eyeroll:: but it had to be done for titty milk reasons. Anyways. Shit was dope. I cooked one single box of terrible stuffing. Came around for breakfast leftovers
  10. Broke out some OG moccasin Clark’s for colonizer day. Fitting.
  11. Weird. Coinbase is down. "but don't worry your funds are safe." Doesn't sound terrifying at all. I gotta get a wallet.
  12. Also, where should i be buying and storing the monero if i can't get it on coinbase? Do the wallets hold everything(stupid question)..?
  13. Had to google wtf is going on here. Came upon this and i am still blank. So you don't need to do anything because its some form of upgrade...But then you do at stage 1.5 whatever that means. God dammit this shit is so confusing. https://consensys.net/blog/blockchain-explained/what-is-ethereum-2/
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