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  1. Lmk (us) how that is....Been waiting for the stream rental price to drop or just get free... Wish I still had a working kodi firestick... I’m on my classic tonight.
  2. I have a enormous 2010 pro fully loaded with all th good stuff and I also don’t want to replace it.
  3. Just re-purchased what I consider to be the choice cheap steaming service (sling) to watch the Astros beat the Yankees.
  4. It sometimes never ends. You just gotta eventually walk away. And when they still talking the “that’s crazy” line just becomes more and more faint. They still be talking too. 😔
  5. I don’t know what I was expecting when I visited this site but god dang those houses are expensive af! 🤣
  6. Favorite og grinder spot in my hometown. Signs been here since I was a kid. Fuckin love this thing. Apparently it’s from the 40’s. 💜
  7. Even the second one was scurry. Come own people. I know niggas get scurry still. Dig deeper into your souls.
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