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  1. No fuckin idea what this mans is wearing but he also had on what I believe to be some dude form of ugg slippers. The nonsense was unreal.
  2. What brand? I fuck with quorn and the Morningstar joints. Makes no sense cause I’ll turn right around and smash a mcchicken any day. Eating habits of a true gutter rat.
  3. She would, indeed...Also. My girl Peaches went out like that this time 2 years ago. Cancer, but her legs and hips just kinda stopped working. Idfk. Im pretty set on the black german Shepard thing.
  4. No, shit? I am unaware of these issues. They have massive appeal to me because they mark all my checkpoints. Active. Protecting. Intelligent. Longevity. @wherecorgis are cute @ndvthere are so many big dogs I would like to have. So many little dogs too. But I need that og road dog that can handle long hikes and willing to fuck some shit up if need be. A lot to big dogs cash out early if you run em hard in the world.
  5. Breeders or rescues? Designer dogs? I have picky taste and I know what I want for my new dog but I cannot decide if I’m chill with buying from a breeder. I need a black German Sheapard and they are not the easiest to find on rescue sites. Do any of y’all have thoughts on the matter. Plz discuss.
  6. Perhaps dumb, but do any of y’all know if things like that privacy pro app works against unsolicited spam calls? Is there even such a thing?? It’s so out of hand on my line lately I can’t take it anymore. I use a burner app for my business line and it’s awesome to not get some asshole spammer calling me.
  7. Still suffering from one of the most treacherous hangovers I’ve had in 2020. The kid of shit you get stuck on bed rest for the entire day. Still here.
  8. Wings I have not ever tried to bust on the grill. It's on the horizon though.
  9. Probably those demonic algorithms that are apparently running the entire internets on some weird ass cruise control, just waiting to really fuck some shit up....
  10. KO’d on this one. Nothing we didn’t already kind of know. Just a lot more in depth explaining. Holy hell balls. The talk of civil war as a direct result of social media & internet is such a fantastical idea it’s hard to even think about. In comparison to the last one. I guess it’s just a modern divide, digitally. Scary. As. Fuck. I’m going to get around to that other social media thread about clearing cell phones.
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