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  1. I need a desperately need a hot tub.
  2. How’s everybody doing? Stupid extra busy and stressed out down here in my neck of the woods. Choo choo train noise keep it going try try try or whatever. Eyeroll.
  3. Idfk but I’m pretty sure I’m not opening this thing fuck that. The computer nerd homie recommended I plug a hdmi cable up and link to the tv just to test if it is indeed what’s dudes are saying. Seems smart. Then go from there. Fucking toddlers man. More importantly fucking me, for being a retard and leaving it in reach for the little mf to hulk smash the keyboard on more than one occasion.
  4. Nothing fun about an enormous dong. Can’t be enjoyable for either party during sexy time lolol.
  5. Coollll so what do you make of the situation?? Same thing Mercer is saying or what??
  6. It’s a frosted keyboard cover ya ball buster! Lol.
  7. DUDES! I’m straight up yelling at the tv rn. All y’all need to join me in fury of how stupid the writing is. Easily the most idiotic first 10 minutes I’ve ever seen. And just keeps getting worse. LOTS OF “WTF ARE YOU DOING BRO?!” “YOU DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO DRIVE THAT THING”! “WHY ARE YOU TAKING YOUR FAMILY OVER THERE!”? “DO YOU EVEN COMPASS or NAVIGATE BR0!?” LOLOLOL
  8. Guys retarded. Kind of a boring watch imo. Was expecting more of a brutal ending.
  9. How very random of you. But yes. Maybe? Idk I’m not sure I follow. Probably need a couple beers to decode the connection here. I can put Mac and cheese Arnold’s work out regiment though yes I’m pretty sure lolol? Same goes for anybody on here. My old man’s Mac and cheese is legendary. No pictures do it justice. All about the taste.
  10. Lost me at opening her up. How much does something like that run at geek squad lol?!
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