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  1. Amazon crypto announce got shit poppin again. Bouta jump back on!
  2. Another long ass line of nothingness.
  3. Ughhh son, you got the rona?! Be well, sir!
  4. Bruhhhh!!! I can’t even!!!!! Lololol. I mean I’m still gonna watch cause wtf kind of horror nerd would I be if I didn’t but…..for the love of Christ.
  5. Speaking of parks @One Man Bannedi heard they’re shutting down some of the big state parks in the country like permanently (done zero research on this) ??
  6. They have the ability to be JERKYyyyy! And I hear it’s dope. Personally, I give not a one ass fuck about destroying a bird like the Canada goose. Geese. Whatever. They’re everywhere and a nuisance. Fuck em.
  7. Justice system is the most comical fuck all bunch of ass backwards bullshit……
  8. This shit was fire. Fuck what you heard. Also pretty neat time being back in the movies theaters. They really need to clean them shits though cause it smells like some shit that hasn’t been cleaned in years after sitting through stupid covid.
  9. Also a moment of appreciation to the powers that be for finally bringing back the scroll to top feature lol!!!
  10. Maaaaaannn stop listening to all these crazies about staying out of the buyers market right now. Just like crypto or stocks or anything you’re investing money into, it’s best to just GET IN THE FUCKING GAME. That doesn’t mean go all in or go overboard. Find a middle ground and go from there. All this housing bubble theory nonsense is like the covid scare to me. Bunch of people acting scary over some shit that’s just reality. You may or may not get fucked depending on how much you watch your back and keep your hands clean. Essentially do enough common sense research and you should be ahite. The price points on houses depending on where you live are most likely never coming way down. So “waiting” it out is just stupid. Everything has dips but generallly speaking everything goes up every year. Period. :::do not listen to me 0ner, I have no idea what I’m actually talking about Lolol:::::
  11. it’s kind of trippy but I am essentially in the same kind of boat. Only difference is I sought out to just cut the middle man all together and one up myself to no long have a boss. Working for myself now and the sole reason was to have a couple of days per week to work on art shit at the new studio I planned to acquire. Well giving yourself that type of promotion turns out comes with a lot more responsibility and time consumption than I originally thought. You’re not going to be stuck though unless you choose to do so. Or be so…Point is, step in the direction that makes the most sense and don’t lose sight of the end goal while you’re trying to get there.
  12. Breh. I went and saw this when it came out with a crew of homies. Middle school, can’t remember what grade exactly. All I can say is we came out of that theater FUUCCCCCKED UP lololol. Next day at school the whole place was talkin about how gnarly it was. Literally everyone thought it was real. Mad little kids corny0ners.
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