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  1. I’m coming back in this bitch to read all that. Never doubted for a second any hostel movie or similar films were not based on fact. Makes total sense.
  2. Fancy new sneaker nerd sauconys off eBay and some north face water shoes on the internet sale rack. Niggas need good water shoes for this kayak life I’m bout to get on. Also. Chewy sweet tarts.
  3. Out here with the wild dad shoe. Why do those 998’s look not at all like the good 998’s?? I own a couple of those and they are not the same.
  4. Thanks brehs. Lots of salt was definitely clogging my arteries or however you say it. @One Man Bannedon spot with the wife and kid thing. We only have that overpriced shitbox pos and my new used work truck which only has the extended cab. Kinda need a fully operational mom car. I paid up. But I’m hella tight about it. @KILZ FILLZthat warranty shit is where it’s at and I wish I had gotten it. I think I had what you’re talking about a car or 2 ago on the Jeep I actually drove to your house omw back east. I remember getting some very reasonably priced work done because I had that shit.
  5. Good people of the oontz! Advice required. Aside from the fact Subaru’s are already crunchy granola mom cars they are also just straight up trash especially if you have one made 2012-2015. I have a 2013 Impreza and the fucking thing has been nothing but a bag of dicks since I got it. They even had a transmission recall and popped a brand new $8000 dollar jammy right in there. 2+ years later my engines burning oil and there was a recall for something in there not long ago but I never acted on it. Today, wifey finally brings her in and they rip out the engine only to report back that all of the problems were irrelevant to said recall and blah blah blah we have wiped x amount of labor costs because of the recall check. But the work required would be $1200. My wifes saying let’s just pay, meanwhile I’m over here about to drive down to the office with the wild attitude because I simply do not believe all of these problems did not stem from said recall. Here is the question. Do I take the L and pay because it’s a lost cause at this point? Or do I fight with corporate over something that I would have paid around $3200 for had they not checked the engine as part of the recall in the first place....? Technically I got a deal. Technically they can s my d from the back because they know and I know the whole entire engine is trash regardless and they should fix everything for free.
  6. Depends on the flex. I’m ocd as hell with shit like that and certain everything goes with certain everything else. Knee highs are for the lazy house lurk with Jersey shorts and the full white tee pool slides status, only. tpbm is filled with anxiety
  7. price list is still taking formation but I am definitely getting it together.
  8. What kind of asshole country doesn't let you stunt on these hoes with outlandish mods like the shit we see here....??
  9. I bet Gwen has the most fire of Hollywood box.
  10. He man was the most homo erotic tv show ever. And naw. I don't really watch the YouTubes but I feel for you breh. Tpbm celebrated the 4th with loads of expensive fireworks.
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