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  1. Cheating ass side device postin. I try not to look at my phone shit for fear of self shame. It’s time to put that mother fucker back on grey scale and delete some apps again.
  2. I’m super chill with pit hair. But leg hair.....Nah breh.
  3. Absolutely not. tpbm has dug holes for fencing
  4. Apathy’s a buddy of mine. Never really listened to either one of them though.
  5. Been on this heavy. Good for long driving reflections. Breakfast time. Reading. Everything to make you feel all epic and shit.
  6. Some ok points in here coming out of the black ex-cop. White privilege still exists no matter how you cut it. Choice to act a little too woke is in whoever lets it influence every lane in their life. And that shit doesn’t make a damn bit of difference to his bros in blue when they get to pullin over non whites in the almighty line of duty (or off duty.) So i guess my point is gtfoutta here woke white people. Peace n Love. Carry on. 😂
  7. Yo i legit went to the grocery store and got all the required ingredients for my shit but i tried to take a different approach and honestly fucked it all up lol. I shoulda put myself in the shame this mans thread for being such a dumb ass. Looked far better than it tasted in the end. Worst chicken ever. Thought I’d listen to a relative and try something i never tried. Fail. I’ll post up again soon though.
  8. That’s cool and all. But you’re doing it wrong. TPBM laughs out loud at the gnarliest of torture scenes during a movie.
  9. LOL. Look at this dingus. Meme worthy. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/black-country/watch-disgusting-fly-tipper-shades-17720786?utm_source=linkCopy&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar
  10. @pissdrunkand @SMdoubleXL SHAME for texting and movie-ing. That’s one of my biggest pet peeves. But I’m the first motherfucker to hop on the phone to imdb the second someone needs to pause LOL. Definitely noticing a trend of shitty, farty, or generally poo related self shamery going on in here. Don’t shame thyself for what the body commands lol. @KILZ FILLZthats good self shame you got up there. Most of us have been guilty of something like this in high school. It sucks. @SMdoubleXLwhat other shame thread🧐
  11. 28 days later is probably the best modern zombie flick riding imo. Definitely watching that lynch joint.
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