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  1. It’s a gang of whites on the zero but Ima need some more black and brown folk in there for this to be 100🤣
  2. Good question. Gas stations and rest stops are still accessible. I also imagine most of these “van dwellers” are just old guys or new age travelin Kerouac type dudes with plenty of resources to tap into.
  3. that mans is asleep in one of those cryogenic sleep chambers. demolition mons shit.
  4. We had a thread like this once upon a time. One too many cocktails for that aha achievement though. Thread starter??
  5. hovering over this keyboard at loss count of how many vodka/sodastreams sodas debating on stumbling off to bed or impulse buying things out of my ebay or amazion wish list because fuck it............
  6. Stolen from the ig homie over at @johnjhappel Rhode island border control.
  7. na fuck all that. dont even over think it. @KILZ FILLZalready fucked up and set the bar too high with individualized burns that weren't even really burns lol. Just burn aimlessly dawg. This is the best practise. Outside of these vodka sodas i done been drinkins.
  8. My thoughts exactly. But allegedly they are waving you down to pull over if they see out of state plates, primarily ny. (i dont have facts on that). They are strategically standing around a hundred feet before a rest area northbound where i saw all the tents and outbreak looking motherfuckers at. No one was stopped but they were most definitely in proximity of a "pull the fuck over." I don't know how it would work though if there isn't a legitimate checkpoint. Very confusing as i was driving south looking over the medium. But as i drove back they were so close to the road i thought they were going to wave me down. Naturally, drivers slow down when theres the slightest bit of situation on the highway so i could see how slow people were moving.
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