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  1. Not too surprising. Im sure Bloomberg has his big money dick so far up the MSMs butthole, they may never report on it. I suppose a thing to remember is Virginia is newly blue and even the preexisting democrats in the state havent had the chance to become fully radicalized.
  2. https://www.liberator.com/mercer-collar-collection.html @Mercerits got your name all over it!
  3. No ones ever going to win this game. Not until you add in bong ripz.
  4. I have sodoku and paper i.o.2 in heavy rotation.
  5. This game was created by a psychopath. Maybe if you add some more house rules to the mix it would be more fun. Like the first person to roll doubles has to take that number of bong rips. The first person to take 50 bong rips has to wear the duck suit and can only communicate by quacking for the rest of the game.
  6. Oh my god. I just realized I mostly do more fucking off than working in a given day.
  7. mr.yuck

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    Im glad i didnt. These old men like to play to the river no matter the cost. I lost that hand.
  8. I like how it turns more and more campy with every season and has basically become a joke of itself intentinally or otherwise.
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