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  1. mr.yuck

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    dont even worry about what he be doin!
  2. Ain’t nothing wrong wit a fat pussy!
  3. How the fuck do you dodge 11 murder cases spanning multiple states, catch 2 murders while in prison on appeal for a murder case you were found guilty of, and now you’re just free?
  4. Yo. What is boom bap? Sounds like something I might like!
  5. @LUGR hands down one of the hypest songs of all time!
  6. I’ve never been good at pressure washing decks. I’ll chew that wood up in a second.
  7. Also sorry for any lack of updates. My camera on my phone is shattered and doesn’t focus anymore. I’m just pushing ahead. It’s almost done. Tile and paint is all that’s left.
  8. Yeah. My girl still isn’t back in her house yet. The insurance company is still fucking her around. Only trying to break her off 40k to rebuild her gutted ass house.
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