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  1. posting on 12oz for the first time in 5 years.
  2. i quit fuckin around and stepped my game up to about 10 thangs a week. new guns new bitches new money.
  3. get that brain academy game. Shit is fun. Its just a bunch of different puzzles and is multiplayer.
  4. mr.yuck


    i bought Too Hard to Swallow when it first came out. Been a fan since then 15 years strong. This shit was terrible when i heard about it. Go buy their shit. rip pimp c.
  5. i woke up at 7 am the day before last with a severe case of stomach cramps and nausea. I took a shower and then fell asleep for the entire day. I feel much better now but my back is sore from the way i fell asleep.
  6. green tea gives men prostate problems.
  7. i only got my wii to connect once or twice and it was slow as a bitch. Worthless.
  8. haha. i like how the dude that challenges alex boy in ddr is one of the nerds from those alltel comercials.
  9. are you talking about the foot egg thing?
  10. man i woulda got the same treatment as a kid. Except other peoples parents and all relatives had free range to smack me up too.
  11. yo i just got the best gift ever. The entire set of the california raisin figures from my homeboys girl friend.
  12. holy shit i better run and get some smokes real fast.
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