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  1. I meant to click boogie hands but I had poll anxiety and panic clicked
  2. Lol. This got weird real quick.
  3. Haha. Do you double batter? My homeboys mom put me on to her fried chicken recipe when I was younger. Her second batter is crushed up corn flakes. Makes for chicken thats ultra crispy 9000.
  4. This is what I look like jumpin into that pussy from the top rope
  5. Imahara died suddenly following a brain aneurysm. He was 49.
  6. Beautiful smoke show @One Man Banned
  7. False. I never got into skating. I always thought it would be cool but I didn't have the patience for it. Tpbm is a congradulatory butt slapper
  8. I just had a friend get released from a 9 day covid hospital stay. He said one of the first questions they ask when he showed up was how have you been self medicating. Apparently people that have been taking advil for their fever and other symptoms related have been in noticeably worse shape than those that have taken tylenol.
  9. Cubanos are literally the only thing I break my vegan eating code for. They are so simple and so fucking tasty.
  10. Lemon blueberry bundt cake with made from scratch blueberry icing
  11. As in 'they got just what I need' wayfair?
  12. Holy shit @KILZ FILLZ thats really fucking creepy. Like I would assume these are listings to sell these kids.
  13. Lol. That's great. There was this carpenter I knew from one of these companies I contract through. He got fired because he was driving his lettered company truck to jimmy johns everyday to hook up to their wifi and watch porn. You know how aggressively you have to be watching porn for some one to be able to look up and into your truck to see what you are watching below window level? Maybe he had the sound coming through the aux port into his speakers. Maybe the truck was a rockin. I asked a mutual friend what his problem was and he said his internet got cut off at his house so he's just been watching porn on what ever wifi he could scavenge.😂
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