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  1. Since this thing got its own thread, and rightfully so, I wanna change gears. I dont know what is going on but strangers are getting mad comfortable striking weird wildly inappropriate conversations with me and my wife. I cant remember exactly what the last one was but we were ordering food somewhere and the cashier was making pleasant conversation and then made a left turn and started making some kind of cum joke. My wife and I just kinda stared at this kid not saying anything. He obviously thought we didnt hear him as he doubled down by getting louder and saying the same wild ass shit.
  2. Are you for real? Joe Rogan is constantly reminding people that he's just some average dumbass. At least the last I was listening to him.
  3. Vegan bagel lox and cream cheese... Bagels= fire Sophies fake fish= all of the smell with non of the flavor Tofutti cream cheese= perfect consistency. Flavor=wet newspaper A little bit of red onion and caper to offset that wet newspaper flavor. Overall experience = Trash 30 minutes later the after taste of red onion and the smell of lox stuck in the back of my nose
  4. I love a good buy back. There is always a loop hole to be exploited. If you can bend sheet metal, you can make a bunch of janky 20 round "magazines" for them to buy back.
  5. Where does the publishers clearing house get all of this fucking money to give away. I did some internet searching and ot says they sell merchandise. Try finding some publishers clearing house merchandise, I'll wait.
  6. You know, now that I think about it, it was always him talking shit about his own little dick. What if he, infact, has the massive hog, was super confident about himself and Im the generation with the little dick? What if I got my granddads little dick?
  7. Nah. Me and my old man dont have that kind of relationship. Are you worried that your sons dick is bigger than yours or that he has seen bigger dad dicks?
  8. Yeah that jank looked like a massive hog. Turns out I was just just a tiny person and my dads dick is actually below average. According to my research, hog dicks skip a generation and I inherited my grand dads lap hog. This is why I have chosen not to have children.
  9. Guess what guys. Passed my electric inspection today.
  10. I think his opposition is being petty at this point. Im not sure if he did anything good over the last 4 years, but a busted piece of shit border wall, a double impeachment, and him turning coat on his most ardent supporters will be his legacy.
  11. That sounds good man. Im trying to figure out what to do for dinner. I'll deal with this microsoft garbage another day.
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