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  1. The mods were big mad bro. It felt like some one just got done roasting them and dropped the mic on 'you probably didn't smell good as a baby' right before I posted my question.
  2. It's the subtle addition of the thin blue line for me
  3. Holy shit. I knew I was on to something. Fuck you Reddit.
  4. What if chimpanzee babies smell like bananas? You don't know. That would be dangerous for the babies though. That would be like making elephants smell like freshly roasted peanuts. Those babies are as good as dead.
  5. That's so counter intuitive. You can't make babies smell like delicious foods. The whole point is not to eat them, I'm pretty sure. I think it's a natural response to make the offspring both cute and not smell like a perfectly seasoned meal but to smell pleasant enough to not cast aside.
  6. Don't go to Reddit with your questions. Those fucking haters and non thinkers will just call you retarded and shit. Hella not woke.
  7. @LUGRlol. That old man knows exactly how good that baby smells. It's getting to the point where I'm wondering if baby powder isn't made out of ground up white newborns.
  8. So my fully realized question was something like this; Babies are born and elicit cute responses from adults. Large eyes, big smiles, laughs, clumsy. I think it has been discovered that across all species, this was built in so that the adults of the species and parents of the offspring don't murder and eat the new born. I've been around for quite a few white baby child births and fresh out the pussy these little creatures smell good like baby powder. It's the weirdest thing. For days they smell like this. I don't ever remember any of the black babies in my family smelling like that. So I started to wonder if black babies smelled different to black people perhaps even on a spectrum that white people can't smell... Sound far fetched? Maybe. But there is also light spectrums that exist that humans can't see, so maybe not so far fetched. And this was the basis of my question. Do white babies smell better to white people in order to keep our lizard brains from taking over and murdering our offspring. It wouldnt be necessary for black babies to smell good to white people in this far fetched scenario. Hence the question, do white babies smell better than Black babies.
  9. Okay. So my actual question was incredibly nuanced but me being the inflammatory asshole that I am boiled the question down to it's most simplistic base and used that as my headline for the post. The headline was 'Do white babies smell better than Black babies?'
  10. Be careful. I got banned from the sub reddit 'no stupid questions' on my first question. The mods sent me a message literally asking if I was retarded or not.
  11. Always been envious of living in a community where not everyone has to own a car.
  12. I want to get a stand alone freezer for long term storage.
  13. @One Man Bannedare they reasonably priced to maybe get 2 freezers?
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