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  1. mr.yuck


    Id wear some boat shoes lol. Its not beneficial to look like a scumbag all the time.
  2. mr.yuck


    @ndvI might cop those blue quilted vans. You all are saying vans are good for flat feet?
  3. @CLICKCLACKONERdope. I was painting some built in book shelf cabinets and while I was sitting on the cabinet part my jeans left a dark blue streak on the corner. Luckily I just painted over it lol.
  4. @CLICKCLACKONER @glorydays Do these things ever stop leaching dye?
  5. This reminds me. Its time to get my soak on.
  6. That does suck. I didnt realize how soon after you moved in all this went down. But that timeline sounds about right. At least they moved you out. I cant tell you how many houses they just throw me in and have me move furniture back and forth a million times to replace floors.
  7. @KILZ FILLZnice bro. It looks like they took care of a lot of that stuff. how long was your process from the day you filed your claim until now?
  8. This is crazy man. We completely skipped having a medical market so there is no infrastructure for production and dispensaries. The government has made it legal to grow your own while they figure out how they are going to tax everything when dispensaries go online in 2023. Lol. The black market is only gonna grow stronger until then.
  9. Virginia legalizes recreational use. https://apnews.com/article/virginia-1st-southern-state-legalize-marijuana-2346aa3ee52ce43f79b712c14346764d
  10. @SchnitzelI was gonna nonchalantly just post shit and see how many you scrolled past lol.
  11. I just realized that looking for something to watch on netflix is like wandering through a blockbuster several times a day.
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