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  1. mr.yuck


    Police detain and handcuff woman, placing her in cop car that's parked on train tracks. Cop car and woman are subsequently hit by a train while the police search her vehicle. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/video-shows-train-hitting-colorado-police-car-woman-handcuffed-rcna49406
  2. Chances are good that any variation of 3 and 4 letters has been attempted by some one else at this point. I think that's why we are starting to see people write shit like 'hockey mask'. No ones accidentally like 'I wonder if hockey mask is taken.' lol
  3. @One Man Bannedwhoa whoa whoa. I share that sentiment, but at the same time, fuck everybody that ain't us. Lol.
  4. Upgrades: More hoses and wires n shit New layout: perpetual Veg tent A little more spread out for maximum flower power: Need a few more lights and we're gonna get this shit crackin.
  5. mr.yuck


    Which is weird cuz he had one of those mad bigger upper bodies like Don Vito
  6. mr.yuck


    Caught this gem in the wild today at Lowes Couldn't quite catch the whole thing.
  7. 15d1c3cf4164c22502c1664a4bf0e3c2.mp4
  8. Jesus fuckin Christ. I hope everything works out for your brother @fat ralphy
  9. I was looking at the 360 view on them so I could see how the hook ups on the dimmer work and it looks as easy as pushing the wire into its appropriate slot and tightening a screw down on it like on a breaker. None of this make a hook with the wire and try to fish it around a screw shit. Lol. I can never get that hook right. It's always a hair too long.
  10. Shit I forgot to edit in a theme song for this update
  11. Update: All the master bath tile is set. 2/3 of it is grouted and my man will be back Monday to finish grouting the rest. I went to go buy the last little bit of base board I needed and the mill was out of stock. So I asked them to run me another 30 feet and they said it would be 4 weeks. FUCK BRO! Stairs are completely scraped and primed and are getting ready for paint. I think I finally fixed all of the air vents from collecting condensation and leaking all over the floor. Cabinet company fixed my vanity. Waiting on baseboard to install it. So cruising through the internet looking for finishing touches, I found this wholely unnecessary flex of light switches and plates https://www.busterandpunch.com/us/product-category/electricity/
  12. Try and steer them away from alcohol if that is a problem in their life. I have witnessed a couple alcohol related suicides. There are always underlying issues but it can act as an accelerant in an already hopeless feeling situation.
  13. Hell yeah. And at least it never goes bad either. Honey for life, for life.
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