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  1. got that Crinkle kush bubble gum in the mail the other day ago.
  2. I shoulda never let y’all know what my kryptonite is.
  3. @LUGRlol no need to ruin a perfectly good pizza tonight too. This shit was so bad my girl was like “I think I’m gonna go lie down for a little bit.” That was like 3 hours ago. I hope she didn’t die from all this salt.
  4. I just made some butter noodles with broccoli and garlic salt. How did I fuck this up? Let me tell you. It all started when I went to salt the pasta water. I opened the wrong end of the salt container and got a firehose stream of salt into the water. It was like the amount of salt you add to water when you have a soar throat and need to gargle. The water turned cloudy. This shit is disgusting. I made so much of it.
  5. If that wasn’t hot sauce, I’d be very upset right now!
  6. Take the sunglasses off and smashola with unbroken unwavering eye contact. You’re gonna want to remember this one.
  7. @ndv I think the putting it together is pretty much the same for whatever type of lighting you are making. It seems that the nuance is in the color spectrum the diodes emit.
  8. my mom and dad just PCRd into Canada the other day. My dads results came back right away but my moms got held up. She had to call and tell them to expedite the results. I guess she stirred up enough shit that they had her results ready in 5 mins. edidded- CVS
  9. And also I’m sure some other contractor showed right up to fix that lol.
  10. That shit is hella illegal here. Once you bring materials to the customers home, they become the property of the home owner whether they pay you or not. That’s why the game here is figure out what the job is going to cost material and labor, double that number and collect 50% upfront. Gotta protect ya neck!
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