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  1. @glorydayswhat weight and cut did you end up getting?
  2. I just got confirmation that my brave stars shipped yesterday. Hoping to see them on my door step by wednesday @glorydays
  3. Been eyeing acreage in west virginia for a few days now.
  4. mr.yuck


    Im waiting for the day these protestors figure out how to break off into two groups and have one circle behind these pigs and box them in.
  5. Lol. I heard some anti freedom reporter talking about him finding the ground littered with 40 mm casings and Im over here like "holy shit man"
  6. @Elena Delle DonneI literally have a friend trying to convince me that the wild fires were started by government space lasers. I dont even know what's going on with people anymore.
  7. mr.yuck


    @ndvI like this business because once I send in an invoice it freezes the entire job to where they cant close it out until all their bills are paid. They could just not close out the job, but people in accounting will absolutely dig in their ass. I dont worry about not getting paid because a majority of these companies are 50-250 million dollars in sales. I have had some of these companies give me ultimatums before. Some have said we will pay you, but you'll never do work for us again. I'll take my money thanks. Lol.
  8. mr.yuck


    This is the exact same thing I have been dealing with. Ive been letting it go on for about 5 months now. This fool is trying to treat me like an employee of his company. Hey I need you to take care of this and I need you to take care of that. Just bill me for it. Im sitting on about 4 months of "just bill me for it"s. I was gonna let a lot of it slide but this dude really pissed me off today. Hammer time!
  9. mr.yuck


    Let it out bro. Im about to drop a series of invoices that will guarantee this particular project managers numbers are so fucked up he will never see a dollar of commission again in his life.
  10. These are all we have out my way. I see tankers sometimes and even though there is a large coal terminal around here, I rarely see hoppers and never see box cars.
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