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  1. all black 97's is what all the hip gangsters wear in berlin 🙂
  2. This. I use the "modern" type of woks for basically everything that does not need a really large, flat surface area (like Bratkartoffles). That being said I do have a gas oven, not sure how well a wok would work for various cooking scenarios with a regular one.
  3. Should have headed to the memes thread if you wanted them memes boy.
  4. You can also directly fry a stick of butter ..and then wash it down with a glass of buttermilk?
  5. @CLICKCLACKONER..don't have a specific recipe on hand but i do recall that a lot of cornbread recipes I saw call for buttermilk, so - if you're into cornbread you should find some with a quick google..
  6. Speaking of chili here's some Habanero Flex 🔥
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