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  1. Anybody got some recommendations for (preferably hi-top) sneakers for bad weather / cold-ish conditions? Looking at the more rugged Vans for example, yet colorways are doing my head in, seriously what drugs are they smoking in that design department.. also there were some GoreTex AF1's last year but I don't see them now. There's some winter-574's from New Balance, which are basically the nicest ones of all I looked at so far but as I said everybody wears NB's now, also could do with something other than all-black.. Any suggestions?
  2. https://youtube.com/watch?feature=emb_ti­tle&v=LOQsvOkkLq4
  3. have you tried using [ctrl] + [+] or [cmd] + [+] on mac? this works on basically all websites.
  4. I actually like it @Kults - it's sort-of a 'rounded' brick now 🙂 And the the big ones actually do have a steel frame, which I think is pretty cool. What does it matter though, 95% of people have it tucked in a protective case..
  5. Maybe I'm not "into it enough" but frankly I think the regular USD 40,- is enough for a fucking t-shirt.
  6. Really like those new "later" bubbles by the way -
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