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  1. just getting home from another long ass day of work bullshit, not the normal work bullshit, but the "I couldn't win even if I was trying to lose" kinda day. poor me another
  2. I know a girl that makes and delivers jello shots. I don't know how much she makes from it but it's better then nothing. Me personally, I'll do handyman type stuff for friends and family to make some extra cash. Not that I need to, but if you got the tools, skills, and time it's worth it.
  3. I'll float around on a tube with a cooler full of beer
  4. egg salad sammich with saracha sauce
  5. I've pissed out my window a few times when I was drunk
  6. My neighbor is wants to know how you got that video of him
  7. I got a bottle of Texas Pete at the dollar store a few weeks back, its good on everything
  8. I suspect the Geese brought that casket there, it probably has the their leader "Count Gooosula" inside.
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