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  1. Graduated with a poli sci bachelors degree, worked for various campaigns for both parties. In between campaigns I worked for various 401 3c's to pay the bills. I met a lot of cool people that were passionate about their work, also met a lot of assholes who basically were involved because mom and dad were financial contributors and needed someone to babysit them. I basically started as an analyst and strategist, breaking down information so we could allocate funds in areas that would have the greatest positive impact on the campaign or fundraiser. On the side I worked with a friend in the moving and logistics business. Started as a laborer and gained respect from my ability to run large commercial jobs. later on I would get promoted to an operations manager and oversee multiple projects and make sure we were profitable. it was a really stressful job that was 24/7 but it always felt good to complete a job successfully. Now I'm at a new company were I basically make sure my drivers are doing whats required of them, fill out a form while I ride passenger with them and file it at the end of the day. Easiest job ever and i make Bank, and my only complaint is it gets boring a lot of times
  2. just finished mowing the lawn and its officially sit on my ass and do nothing time
  3. I'm seriously just staring at food in the fridge and I'm not in the mood to eat any of it. I hate when this happens
  4. Just got done cleaning out the garage again. I gotta make room for the Jeep project.
  5. cheese pizza from Domino's, sometimes I get a taste for shitty pizza I cant explain it
  6. I actually meant that I broke my 12oz T-Shirt in at Riotfest lol, that was a long weekend but totally worth it. my friend got free tickets because he has a blog were he reviews albums and shows and got free tickets, I might get on board just because of that. it would have been cool to meet up with you at such a kickass event, the next show I'm planning on catching is Twin Peaks at the Riv
  7. Finished mowing the lawn and got eaten alive by mosquitoes
  8. Its raining like crazy so i'm just going to chill and watch movies
  9. I broke my 12oz tshirt at riotfest, and everyone loved it
  10. Watching football and lounging. Not much else to do because of the crappy weather
  11. I was driving one of the back up trucks which is old as fuck. I mean it still has manual steering and the AC sucks ass. Of course this POS breaks down toward the end of the route. Which BTW I'm covering the route for another branch. Still waiting on these mechanics to show up.
  12. Took today off after 3 days of riotfest. In chill mode
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