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  1. 1. Learn as many skills as possible 2. Spend time with friends and family 3. Travel, hike, fish, bike rides. I just want to be outside 4. Finish my jeep project and go on some road trips 5. Purchase additional properties and land 6. Hang out on 12oz
  2. Killing time at work watching the Masters tournament
  3. Magnetic screen for the garage to fend off the cicadas and mosquitoes
  4. Boss bought lunch from the local Chinese restaurant. I got the Hunan Chicken with pork fried rice and egg roll.
  5. Honestly I was just as surprised when I got home. You could have fed a whole family with that burrito. Ordered up a basic steak burrito dinner with no lettuce. Took me about 45mins to finish it. Didn't shit my brains out the next day which is always a bonus when you dump hot sauce all over every bite.
  6. I don't really know shit about fighting wars and securing territories but if I did I would... 1. secure shipping ports, airports, major highways for transporting supplies and people 2. Overtake the energy infrastructure. That would be oil fields, and power plants. 3. Major industries with large scale factories that can build planes, vehicles, computer chips, munitions, etc. 4. Control telecommunications and propaganda. 5. Make alliances with foreign countries that could provide money, supplies, and intelligence. 6. You have to have people that are trained to operate all this.....and boots on the ground to defend them. 7. Food. No one's doing anything unless they're fed. An Army marches on its stomach. 8. Leadership. Who's gonna mastermind a way to put this all together? Does whatever side your on have leadership that understands military strategy? Whose strategy is superior? A motley crew making decisions is going to get alot of people killed. 9. Civil wars are complex. There's alot of factors that lead up to them forming, take your pick. 10. How are you going to occupy territory and people? This is usually what causes a more powerful state to fail when it's carried out over a long timeline. Very expensive and taxes your resources, the same applies to civil wars 11. What's the exit plan. Are you establishing a new government system or simply killing and destroying an adversary. Honestly I feel like a civil war in America is not going to happen anytime soon. We depend on each other to much whether we like it or not. I'm not gonna dive into it, but I can't off the top of my head think of any region in the USA that has such a massive advantage over another that it would succeed and start a civil war for any reason.
  7. https://youtu.be/ZBrDTgfbEes?si=6YHcESFjUxCsOJuf
  8. You can use your farts to ward off any potential intruders.
  9. Been looking to upgrade my old drill for awhile. I've heard nothing but good reviews about Hilti so I pulled the trigger and ordered one up.
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