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  1. Its pretty much the starting lineup for me. Something for everything and everyone. I just realized that I'm out of Tabasco sauce to
  2. My vote goes to my cat, it's killed more spiders then any of these fools
  3. the girl with the horse has a doppelganger at the gas station by my house
  4. dude could do some hard time
  5. Smash the calendar girls
  6. This could easily just be some 13yr old kids. It's still funny as fuck though
  7. Here's my one cool picture of the day. It's a nail factory that's super loud and smokey. Still has the 1950s teal green paint on everything.
  8. That's what happens when lot lizards get pissed off at the local choke and puke
  9. I feel ya on trying to cut frozen pizza in half. Try a sawzall next time instead of a serrated knife 😆
  10. This is the first thought that came to mind 😆
  11. ~KRYLON2~

    Current View

    Look at all you guys with your cool realities lol. I wanted to go grocery shopping this morning but had a flat. Might as well check the brakes while the wheels are off
  12. I could probably do this with my Jeep J10. I already have a ladder rack on it, just gotta install a roof mounted tent setup
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