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  1. My neighbor is wants to know how you got that video of him
  2. I got a bottle of Texas Pete at the dollar store a few weeks back, its good on everything
  3. I suspect the Geese brought that casket there, it probably has the their leader "Count Gooosula" inside.
  4. The main component of interest to me is "pizza". On a serious note I don't use any third party delivery service and never have. The majority of places I order food from, I've been going to for years and I like to drop in and chit chat with them if they're not to busy. Also I don't trust any uber, grubhub, etc as a business. It always seems like a last resort for employment or side hustle. I feel like they fuck over the employees, I don't have any evidence to back up that statement but correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. went for an early morning bike ride and did some exploring around the area cleaned up the garage weeded the garden laundry went for a joy ride in the 5.0 having a few brews and winding down
  6. I made this battery hold down for 2 deep cycle batteries I plan on storing in my truck bed tool box, I had the scrap metal lying aropund and figured it would make a nice afternoon project. the plan is to eventually install a power inverter to run tools or whatever else. Also I snagged an old York compressor of an out of commission truck at work. Having onboard air to run air tools is going to be a nice addition Heres a Little speaker encloser with some LEDs I made to fit between the bottom of the dashboard and transmission tunnel. I didn't lose any space I needed in the cab, and I'll have better audio, not to mention the lights will help me find stuff when its dark Jamming out to some old Hip Hop Records Random photos from my week Trippy If you really want to piss your neighbors off, cut off their hot water supply Possible ninja turtle trap Remains of the old EL hidden somewhere on the northside Cool light tower Since all you are into taking photo's of flowers I took some pictures of pictures of flowers, gives me that nostalgic feeling I did find some real ones
  7. Old Style if I'm gonna drink cheap beer
  8. drinking beer and bumping some old school Andy C
  9. TBK steak king burrito with lots of hot sauce
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