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  1. Fishing while the weather is still decent
  2. Spicey Italian from Nottoli's on Harlem.
  3. This guy goes to a couple Philly spots and takes the best of what they have to offer before making his own.
  4. I'm not really into these cop audit videos but this one had me loling
  5. I watched the Lox vs Dipset verzuz. It didn't disappoint
  6. Smashed my hand taking this beast of a bumper off my truck.
  7. Rip bunny. I hardly see wild rabbits or skunks anymore. I think the coyotes killed them all off
  8. hickok 45 is legit, old guy knows his way around pretty much any firearm, demolition ranch is good if you wanna watch ammo dumps and good commentary. Iraqvet has a lot of good knowledge about guns in general and runs them through their paces.
  9. Just got paid and now I'm paying bills. Not the ideal way to start the weekend
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