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  1. I like the exhaust fan feature on my microwave, and the timer. But it really doesn't get used much for cooking.
  2. I've heard of people using the bathroom or closet as a makeshift booth for vocals. It could be worth a try
  3. How this guy managed to drive down the street without hitting any tree branches is beyond my comprehension
  4. Most likely gonna order some deep dish pizza, have a few glasses of wine and watch a romcom while snuggling on the couch. Pretty solid chill night and see what happens later
  5. rams. but honestly don't care who wins
  6. I have 3 more payments on the mustang and would like to have a newer truck for a daily. My issue is I could just dump a bunch of money in the jeep truck and have a pretty capable work/recreation vehicle with out dealing with monthly payments.
  7. I had a jalapeno steak with cheese pocket, not bad for a spur of the moment snack. I would definitely have another one, but I wouldn't make a habit of it
  8. covid is no joke, I've had multiple friends and family get hospitalized because of it. Get well soon Suki!!!
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