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  1. Played some beach football on a camping trip that quickly escalated into a full on tackle game, so I'm hurting right now. And to top it off I stepped on a chunk of broken glass that was in the sand. So I'm not moving from my couch.
  2. social media is a joke, the fact that everything you say has a receipt attached to it makes it appalling to me.
  3. Finally found some 30-30 ammo and 22lr
  4. tell your customers you'll take $20 off the bill if they leave a review, worked wonders for me back in the day
  5. They need to bring back real Kung Fu and stunt drivers to movies. CGI sucks ass
  6. Note to self, don't buy a house with beige paint
  7. it's really not beige, just tainted white paint that has been contaminated with shag carpet, dirt, and rusted door hinge residue
  8. first blues albummy most recent purchase and some 5/16x18 taps which I didn't need
  9. Back when I was in HS I worked at a lumber yard that specialized in exotic woods, I had this one manager that used to hand build guitars and restore old ones. After we'd close up the store we'd go to the shop and he would show me how to build some amazing guitars, I'm talking figured bubinga, clouded maple wood , and all kinds of other crazy stuff. He would talk about how every wood has a different density and you had to match it up properly with the right pickups to get the "sound right". when he was all finished up he would play Buddy Guy or AC/DC as a reference to his personal guitar to see if he had the sound and feel right. Cool guy, I heard he passed about 10yrs ago and his house was just stacked with guitars and records. Dude also gave me my first blues album and I've loved the music since
  10. 1 more day until vacation
  11. Looks like you had a good time. I'm way overdue for some real road trippin. I've just been doing short weekend trips to cities all over the midwest just to keep my sanity. I got a short trip planned for this weekend. If all goes well, I'll post up some photo's
  12. Who remembers getting jacked up on sugary cereal as a kid and raising hell in the classroom
  13. That Newport donk from back in the day was legit
  14. Landlord special right there
  15. the C.I.A. just found a replacement for waterboarding
  16. I didn't mean to come off that way with what I said. I did the same thing you did as a kid, BMX biking constructions sites, and breaking stuff in abandoned buildings because I was a kid and didn't know any better.
  17. Back when playgrounds were made up of rusty metal and rotten wood.
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