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  1. Thanks tails, now I got something I can sing at my neighbors impromptu mexican karaoke parties in their garage.
  2. Fill that hole in with some epoxy. Obviously the right way to fix if is to just replace the door jam, but sometimes you gotta just say fuck it.
  3. I saw this on youtube a few days ago. It looks like stainless sheet metal fastened together.
  4. These 2 songs are currently battling it out in my head like some fucked up mashup.
  5. This came on the radio when I was paying my bills
  6. Been in the same spot Tails, I got SR-22 from on the spot insurance which actually wasn't terrible. Anytime Your Dealing with Cook County anything......... your gonna pay out the Ass and deal with a bunch of bullshit regardless.
  7. Back at the tire shop Also got some work done on the Jeep earlier thus morning.
  8. Checked all the sensors which were ok. Pulled the fuel rails and injectors off and what do ya know. Injectors are properly clapped out. Tomorrow I'll clean em up and see if I can get this motor to fire up. While I was under the hood I pulled off the manifold and valve covers so I could oil the valvetrain and camshaft. At least I know I'm not cranking the motor dry. Also removed the break booster which will be replaced with the hydro boost unit. It'll clean up the engine bay and give me more room for the hydraulic clutch master cylinder. The break booster wa
  9. Lounging on the couch flipping through channels.
  10. Unfortunately the tires on my car are wider then what came stock. So the tires that the shop ordered were the wrong size. That's on me for not actually checking the tire size on the car and referring to the website. No biggie, but I'll keep that on mind the next time I order tires
  11. I'll just throw this into the mix. track the money flow and you'll see what kind of policy govt's around the globe enact due to Covid-19 https://www.imf.org/en/News/Seminars/Conferences/2020/11/18/8th-stats-forum https://www.worldbank.org/en/about/annual-report#anchor-annual
  12. ordered parts for the Jeep Project, also having issues with the motor swap that need to be tended to. I think alot of it has to do with the motor sitting for 2yrs unused, it ran great when I dyno'd it.
  13. 1 more day and I'm back on vacation. I didn't make any plans other then to play it by ear and see what happens
  14. I never participated on any social media platform other then the 12oz. So whenever the subject comes up on the news or in a group conversation, I just tend to tune myself out. News: facebook and twiterblablalah Me: turns off t.v. goes to fridge and grabs beer
  15. Both my legs feel like jello. To much running, literally running around at work today.
  16. My friend has a basement full of action figures and video games from the 80s - 90s. My drunk ass found the ninja turtle vehicle that shoots pizza's and started poping them off at everyone. 20200905_091307.mp4
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