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  1. Don’t give that waste of oxygen your $$$ @NightmareOnElmStreet
  2. Did a gig for Safariland and they sent me some sweet stuff. 👍 @ndv
  3. She’s got razor blades and dice in her eyes
  4. @Dirty_habiTstarting tmrw I’m back on a Nokia 3310 dumb phone to break the smart phone addiction i have a friend who moved to a town along a river between Houston and Austin (I think) and I’ll be trying to visit him once travel restrictions are lifted. would love to meet you and hang, first rounds on me, if your open to that. my laptop is a POS and I don’t really have interest in dropping the money for a new one. Maybe I will to the Ubuntu thing and login to oontz to BS. Who knows. so. I probably won’t be around much for a while. but, if I make it my way to TX i will login to DM you or reach out on Skype. If you’d rather stay anonymous no hard feeling man I totally get it. Deuces. ✌️ ✌️
  5. Starting my tmrw I go back to Nokia 3310 dumb phone in an attempt to break my cell phone screen addiction have deleted IG and twitter for a while but then dump the Same screen time into YT, Reddit and oontz need to make and adjustment players no idea how long this experiment will last, but I don’t have a capable laptop and may not be around for a while best case scenario for me is I never go back to smart phone. My personality is too addictive. dueces putos ✌️ ✌️
  6. Pew pew hopefully a nice pic of me and my Wingmaster with about 10 dove coming soon just clays today to get everyone tuned up Yuma is a weird town...
  7. Internets are internets grain of salt and mosey on
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