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  1. April fools IG post wound up in a cease and desist lol


    10 v 10 Shipment added. Grind, cranked, kill confirmed. Hope you saved your 2xp tokens! Just in time to to grind some rank/camo before s2 ends next wk@Kults
  3. This could be the CA in me showing, but a nose job would drastically change her life.
  4. Aquascaping is something I could see myself getting into tho. That’s pretty sick. I bet you can turn a sweet profit if you find the market πŸ€”
  5. I gave up dude. @Dirty_habiTI killed too many fish and sold all my gear. Used to have a 40 gal. At its best, had a couple cichlids, a bunch of ghost shrimp and a giant ass pleco (8in or so) with some nice drift wood and plants in there. Charcoal filter and all that. This was easily like two decades ago. I got sick of killing the fish and moved on to other hobbies lol. followed the YouTube channel though r/aquariums and r/shittyaquariums are worth a follow if you reddit
  6. https://www.france24.com/en/20200331-stacks-of-urns-in-wuhan-raise-doubts-about-china-s-official-virus-toll β€”β€”β€”β€”
  7. This is the template I am using 2 L shape 2 square 1 bridge 2 runner did I interpret this in the wrong way? Should it be 1 L shape and 1 square? I did the last match the same way. That what caused the confusion in our last go too? @Ko SprueOne
  8. Should be 19 plots? is this why I have barely been getting any hits? Lol a2 =hit - one of my L shaped still is down! b0?
  9. the paperboy (1994) - direct to video budget horroR about a murderous paperboy
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