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  1. 2] search CAT 3] tap the paw icon 4] touch anywhere on your screen
  2. The other videos on his acct are… odd perfectly normal retirement ceremony for a perfectly normal guy…
  3. Poster of the video turns out to be very glowy https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevinwestley
  4. Clearest shot ever seen of the 2nd plane. He somehow knows it’s a United plane? Does his reaction seem genuine to anyone? This got posted the day Russia invaded ukraine. Initially it had a description saying he uploaded it in 2001 but it was set to private… but his acct was made in 2006. He then changed the description
  5. Yeah I guess that makes more sense than the TurboTax users like I was thinking. I especially agree with the part about the wealthy having loopholes. I have an anecdote I think I’ve shared here before, but here it is again- i have a buddy who was a service rep at a Range/Land Rover dealership. And he told me the reason you see so many wealthy people driving rovers isn’t because they’re especially sexy or sporty, but it’s because there is a tax loophole available that classifies then as ‘farm equipment’. I don’t know any specifics or how exactly that works.
  6. I’m curious if the IRS hirings are a response to the amount of people using TurboTax etc and they are anticipating finding way more people fudging their numbers to get a larger return. Are the hiring auditors? I haven’t really seen much about it except a headline or two, and I didn’t dig in at all.
  7. @morton @NightmareOnElmStreet is it this thread from the old UNTITLED section (that section ruled)
  8. @nicklesndimesim about due for a new pair. I got these at the factory in San Clemente
  9. topo Chico glow up is real
  10. Super happy to see this thread bumped @nicklesndimes
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