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  1. I got about halfway through the first episode so far but got pulled away
  2. https://youtu.be/zbcTG2KIckM 0:35
  3. https://eminetra.com/worlds-first-battery-powered-freight-train-announced-in-pittsburgh-pennsylvania/744198/ any intention going into railroads is dope in my book
  4. Tex Grebner Outdoors a story of online redemption. Was a fat guy who went viral for shooting himself during drills and posting the vid online. And is now kinda rocking and is getting after It tryna get a piece homie went viral for being a fat clown and used that to be a fit YouTube hunting channel. This dudes rocking.
  5. tri tip on electric: put a dimple in your patties. it’s time to flip them when the dimple fills with grease.
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