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  1. A buddy will be there for work for about four months and I will be visiting him whats to do there? what ya got?
  2. https://www.nasdaq.com/articles/swiss-luxury-watchmaker-tag-heuer-now-accepts-bitcoin-as-payment-online tag has been dead since the 90s, but still pretty cool
  3. Nah I haven’t done anything since I converted all my shit to ETH about a month ago. Gonna make a nice large HBAR buy at the end of this month and then go back to DCA BTC on the way back up. This has me pretty excited and kicks in June https://rfid.averydennison.com/content/rfid/na/en/home/news-insights/press-releases/avery-dennisons-atma-io-connected-product-cloud-to-utilize-the-Hedera-network-to-account-for-carbon-emissions-of-billions-of-unique-items.html
  4. No past but an infinite present.
  5. https://www.ft.com/content/89dea1c0-0b01-42c5-82ce-e27ac3eb410d Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, an unpopular veteran leader who was appointed last week by his longtime rival Rajapaksa, said on Monday that the island was struggling to find dollars to replenish its dwindling fuel supplies. “It is a challenge for the Treasury to find $1mn,” he said in a televised address. “The next couple of months will be the most difficult of our lives. We must prepare ourselves to make sacrifices.”
  6. Man, zero recollection of making this thread But I guess this guy is what being terminally online does to a mf
  7. Is the political compass a radicalization tool I’m unaware of? I took that stupid test a few years back but remember immediately mentioning there wasn’t a single firearms question, so how did this test work? seems like it puts everyone in the bottom left quadrant. Dude a glowie?
  8. @NightmareOnElmStreetsquad car on the block maybe keep your house/car from getting robbed Dude may be nosey tho. My buddy has a sheriff neighbor who already stuck his nose in some shit twice FTP
  9. The Vatican plans a metaverse NFT gallery The Vatican plans a metaverse NFT gallery A press release from metaverse developers Sensorium announced a "VR and NFT gallery" that would host art and content for the Vatican. The project will allow VR, PC, and mobile interactions, and enable people to "build unique NPCs and communicate with them". That part is a promising prospect for anyone interested in watching the Roman Catholic Church try to deal with the challenges of moderating metaverse shenanigans, and made altogether more amusing by the fact that Sensorium's current collection of example metaverse avatars are all hypersexualized, apparently covered in oil, and wear skimpy or sheer outfits apparently made from mesh, latex, and various harnesses. For now it sounds like the project doesn't involve selling NFTs, which raises the question of why NFTs are required at all when the goal seems to just be to display artwork online—something the Vatican already does. Personally, until I can own the Popemobile in the metaverse, I'm not interested. https://web3isgoinggreat.com/?id=vatican-plans-a-metaverse-nft-gallery https://www.artnews.com/art-news/news/vatican-nft-gallery-1234627189
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