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Everything posted by KILZ FILLZ

  1. I think it was one of your posts that pushed me to finally become a homeowner @Mercer
  2. Heard the vaccine called ‘the Fauci ouchie’ and got a chuckle.
  3. tough to find dimensions on it. These were the best I could do this might be the best perspective
  4. We closed on 11/27/20 and the first claim for the bathroom was started 12/2/20. so about 5 months in total. Suuuuuuucked
  5. Is this why that ship was stuck in suez?
  6. Damn I’ve been putting off getting a kindle too took me a sec to get what you mean about the eye patch 🏴‍☠️
  7. I have a sudden urge to purchase Microsoft products ...
  8. Never heard of Gullah Geechee before turns out I was driving all around in their area of NC a few years back too
  9. Part 2 recvd today no side effects to report so far
  10. Have any of you dipped into War Hammer 40k? I didn’t know anything about it at all until hearing a bit about it on a podcast earlier today. Had no idea it was so dark, piqued my interest. This book is supposed to be where you start but goddamn these used book prices are ridiculous!!
  11. Looks like I should’ve held that XRP...sheeeeit all well.
  12. This is a good one tower records the matrix safe sex PSA history channel actually about history and that shitbox Mercedes diesel that just won’t die
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