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  1. Today I found out one of my coworkers has a wild side hustle. He installs car stereos, amps and speakers in…. RC cars???? And gets business through his IG???? How is that a thing
  2. And honestly I’d feel out of line not including Coke Magic. Doubt I’m putting you on to anything with this one… @glorydays https://cokemagic.com/collections/products
  3. Love by Jules a bespoke leather shoe company I’ve been following for ages. I’m on the email list and everything. Just have never purchased haha. Whenever something hits my inbox I really like it’s immediately sold out. @glorydays https://www.lovejulesleather.com/pages/about-us
  4. Roue is a microbrand watch mfg that does some cool stuff. They obviously don’t make the internals and everything themselves, but small brand watch mfg are really cool when you consider they are entering a price point ($150-300) absolutely dominated by goliaths seiko and Casio. @glorydays https://rouewatch.com/about-us/
  5. I really like these one-off hats but their price points are out of my reach. @glorydays https://www.boathat.com/shop
  6. No it just needs to cross that line where the end zone starts. Even if it’s just millimeters over the line it counts as a score. Even if the ball carrier goes out of bounds. As long as they have possession of the ball while it “breaks the plane”, or they have both their feet in the end zone, it’s a touchdown. (millimeters for your convenience )
  7. I think SERIAL was one of the first true crime podcasts to really blow up. The first season was released in 2014 and outlined the court case against Adnan Sayed, who was convicted of killing his girlfriend Hae Min Lee in 1999. after 20+ years in prison, the conviction has been overturned. He was released yesterday. I listened to it back in 2014 as it was being released, did anyone else? Does anyone else remember this?
  8. @LUGRat least they got a bad ass stadium that’s theirs alone. I drove by it a couple wknds ago and it’s pretty dope
  9. @ndv @LUGR just shows a team sucking across a fans entire life. “We gonna take it this year!” - every year, but sucking every year. Spanning decades.
  10. Someone said that the giant queue to mourn the queen is proof the English people are still serfs in their mind. Thoughts?
  11. Fill it with something that will spill out/fly out everywhere making a giant mess for whoever opens it. Marbles come to mind but they would be too heavy


    Cats knocked my Xbox controller off the tv stand and the rh joystick got fucked up and wouldn’t push-in like a button. Went to game stop and missed out on a nice scam…. traded in the broken controller for an exact match. Got $6 store credit for the broken one I used towards the purchase of an exact replacement. the new controller came with a $7 one year warranty for replacement. I should’ve just bought a new one + warranty and turned in the broken one my cats kicked off and broke as if it were the new one I bought today. next time …
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