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  1. About half of the tees in my closet are oontz, and I would like to increase that number. If possible, would like to special request something with a locomotive or caboose in a future batch 😎
  2. Was good! First time at this place. Way out of the part of town I’m usually around
  3. Friend pointed out it has an exhaust, so not a Tesla. Maybe a modded out 4Runner?
  4. Gatsby is a chickenshit.
  5. One candidate who is unfit to stand trial. And the other candidate who is on trial. Man we are so fucked. And both geriatrics !!!
  6. @T4Mwow thanks for the thorough run down. That’s too bad about the FX functions. I’m not really interested in joining my laptop up to the set up right now... But maybe down the road. I would eventually like to record some mixes of rare reggae tracks and send them to friends who are interested in that... so the laptop is on the horizon at some point. After reading your post I’m kinda leaning towards just copping a used budget mixer to get familiar with and then down the road decide if I want an upgrade. I wouldn’t really be using one of the better mixers to their full capabilities. I’m glad you chimed in, thanks man. if you don’t mind, I have a couple more questions - I've seen a lot of mixers have the output for the speakers that use those beefy studio monitor plugs. My speakers take red and white RCA and I’m not really interested in replacing them with serious monitors. Is having the speakers with the RCA gonna really limit my mixer options? Do the equalizer functions on mixers vary much? Really just interested in bass and treble. I don’t think I will really need much more than that. Mostly to increase the bass on some older reggae tracks lacking the deep bass. ***** more pics. Copped these yesterday. The final track on the jr Reid album is a disco track??!!! Lmfao 🤣 😂
  7. Aight prediction time: first points of game will be a field goal first touch down of game will be a mahommes run Taylor swift total screen time 0:45 secs deebo Samuel held under 100 rec yrds There will be two shitty calls that grant “the chiefs 5th down” 24-17 niners
  8. https://maps.app.goo.gl/TKrCiydoGVo1BoL16?g_st=ic
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