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  1. damn you just taught be how Bookoo bucks is really spelled
  2. mine had some orange and brown carpet with a bunch of octagonal shapes on it. man. People used to take chances. Look at all of us with stainless fridges like a bunch of bores lol I’d like to see some color come back…. the first apartment my wife and I lived in was a small 1 bdrm and still had its og pink porcelain tub, sink, and toilet from back in the day. Always got a kick out of it and we got some compliments when people were over and needed to pee. We had a young plumber over to do some work in the bathroom one time and he was super stoked to see that pink toilet hahah
  3. Mine only had the fridge! But it was paired with groovy canary yellow tile on the kitchen counters lol
  4. Sometimes I can’t help but think all these folks on depression and anxiety meds got it figured out and I’m the sucker. I’m not depressed or anxious but fuck sometimes it would be nice to be numb to all the bullshit of life
  5. I still see counterculture but I guess like what are we specifically talking about? Clothing and slang? Get a group of surfers together. Get a group of construction dudes together. Get a group of gym rats together… i think? @mr.yuck
  6. @mortonthanks for the breakdown. I’ll keep an eye out for piri-piri and avoid the peri-peri as a start
  7. for turntable I got two pioneer plx-1000 for amp i have a late 90s/early 00s Yamaha RX-570 receiver for speakers I have cheap zenith bookshelf speakers 16 gage speaker wire headshells are Stanton cartridge and stylus are numark groove tool right now I just have one table hooked up to the amp. If I get a mixer I’ll bring the other table into the mix and prob upgrade to studio monitors and ditch the cheap zeniths I got at AmVets
  8. Finishing // starting MAO 2 is a grind and I did not enjoy DeLillos writing style. Why is this book on so many reading lists ?
  9. Do you have one I should keep an eye out for? Peri-peri is new for me
  10. We got to meet him before he died. I think one of his pups is now mayor.
  11. GOD-FUCKING-DAMNITCOMDNSISNVSYHSVS the issue is back but it switched to the left channel!!! WTF
  13. Just took a bunch of expired shit off mine
  14. $8 each. Tried to talk the old lady down to $15 for 3 but she didn’t budge!!!!
  15. Was finally able to find a watch maker who could repair this thing and bring it back to life. Over the years I’ve easily spent triple or quadruple the value of this watch on failed attempts to repair it. I looked into mailing it to bulova but they request a purchase receipt to accompany the service request form. This was a high school graduation gift. I was on a bad path and almost didn’t graduate. Had some friends who didn’t make it and my mom knew. was a sizable purchase for a single mom lunch lady with two kids this thing is almost 20 years old now and beat to shit and I love it. Bulova quarts isn’t haute, but it is my favorite and could honestly be a ‘one watch collection’ for me. Bracelet, nato strap, rubber strap, leather strap. Does it all.
  16. I got one of these and it might be the best hoodie I own now. If they decided to sell this is solid colors instead of camo it could be the best hoodie on the market. The pocket on the front is huge. No problem using it with gloves. There is a smaller zip pocket on the front too which is large enough to fit sunglasses. Zips 1/2 down for when you need to cool off. Lined with thermal material throughout. Zipper pulls and stitching seem bombproof. Snug hood. Neck gaiter built-in but you can use the hood normally without the gaiter if you want. Has those thumbloops inside the bottom of the sleeves for so you can wear gloves with the sleeves secure, kind of like a snowboarding jacket. Lightweight enough to be worn as a shirt Shits fuckin solid. I’ll be going back to this brand
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