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  1. False - but possibly true when compared to other white dudes. The person below me also requires sun screen.
  2. So far the tile looking fresh - a real cousin would be working regardless of injury bruh…..tell your cousin to recover on his own time. As the son of a general contractor we know the general rule: Cheap, Fast, Good - pick two. On a sidenote I have a small project at the house starting when my pops recovers from teh covids. Eliminating a wall between kitchen and loving room which will allow me a better dining table situation because /nodiningroomoner I will update the thread when actual work is done. (I picked good and cheap btw) lolz
  3. storm teh capital breh! LetZ Go BranDink On a serious note - Smithsonian Museum
  4. Looking like some dog doo - ready to bite. Man some of you guys live in the cuts, most dangerous thing I see on the street is a tweaker.
  5. @Schnitzel ouch - my youngest went to a daycare that was ridiculously expensive too. I think of daycare for your kid the same way I do tattoos….you get what you pay for.
  6. @Schnitzeli remember those days - fuck around get a box of diapers and a some formula….spend like $100 easy. Good luck with the potty training my guy, that cant come quick enough.
  7. Covid round two guys…..let’s go!!! All I can say so far is needz moar arrowz!!!
  8. @metronome Samsung TV I am all about - but I will take your word on the appliances.
  9. @Tails0nE that shot does look hella good. honestly the Sev donut game hella weak.
  10. @T4M* yo i just looked up earlier and saw it, had no idea there was a lunar eclipse tonight. It was wild.
  11. @mr.yuckthats not a tan bro….
  12. Been lounging all day basically - banged chores out and haven’t left my room since.
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