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  1. @LUGR it can be, depends on the crowd
  2. @ndv Its a game called “What do you Meme” Homegirl got it for my birthday a couple years ago.
  3. @grim540 definitely- but they are fucking pricey. Sound quality is pretty good though. My homie died a couple years ago, dude had it together and I ended up inheriting 4 sonos speakers and a sound bar from him. I bought my Pro-Ject table as a package with a Sonos. I got a sonos sound bar for my bedroom and so now I have a pretty good set up throughout the house.
  4. @grim540 thats rad - probably 10 times cheaper than running Sonos speakers. That said it is nice having my sonos set up and getting that whole house sound….. Some of you guys are crafty as fuck.
  5. Any of you guys have Discogs accounts? such a good tool for collecting. I used to correspond a but with @-Rage- on there….he had a bunch of rad RATM records amongst other things.
  6. @KILZ FILLZ each month there are 4 tracks that have a new album. Hip Hop Essentials Country Classics I am currently subscribed to the Hip Hop track - so monthly they will send me whichever album is from that track. You have a time frame in which you can swap the album of that month for any of the other tracks or something from their store section (past releases) VMP does press up some dope shit, there are some quality control issues from time to time but customer service is great. The new record every month helps me keep my fix because at points in the past I have been spending hundreds a week on vinyl.
  7. Pay to get your court records from the county clerk - or equivalent wherever you are. Last one I got had me and a couple homies.
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