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fat ralphy

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  1. fat ralphy


    I joined the crew guize, it's actually pretty sik.
  2. @Mercercop that shit bruh so I can live vicariously...... You have the technical mind to craft that thing. @Fist 666major props - dope hobby. Will definitely check out the thread/builds.
  3. fat ralphy

    Remembering Jordan (Tead) Vaughn

    RIP - that's a nice tribute.
  4. fat ralphy

    graff clout ...

  5. fat ralphy

    The Nonsense thread

  6. fat ralphy

    graff clout ...

    My personal favorite is Now and Dan with Dan Horan.
  7. fat ralphy

    graff clout ...

    I also enjoy this video -
  8. fat ralphy

    The Nonsense thread

  9. fat ralphy

    graff clout ...

    Hardtop reminds me of Snake.