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  1. That left foot looks mad long though......like collects Social Security long. But yeah, smash sounds about right and definitely if mini-me comes in a package deal.
  2. @glorydays word. headed to class tonight, strained my shoulder this weekend but it seems to be all good now. Hopefully get some good rolls in....
  3. @glorydaysbeen in Cali the last 40 years dude.... There is a chance I will be in So Cal end of July....not 100% yet.
  4. @glorydays The proper base/pressure and relaxing thing is something I mention constantly to beginners.... Maybe not beginners, most of the time I won’t really be super proactive about helping someone until they have been there for a while. Man that sounds like it was a great time....to be the only white belt there, classic.
  5. Rewatched Sopranos during quarantine last year. Pumped to see Coco in the Saints....
  6. That opinion is based on the Sport - which I agree is a bitch made vehicle. The full size shits are looking ill and crazy options too.
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