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  1. false - the honeys knew how to work it regardless. tpbm has some sort of retirement plan.......old ass mufukkas.
  2. I am sitting here in the vacant inlaw apartment behind my house. Guy I share an office with was positive COVID - I just went this morning for a test. Feeling fine for the most part other than some anxiety, fingers crossed. Cleaning up and listening to Big Brother and the Holding Company vinyl. On the plus side, having to go on paid leave will give me more time to ooontz.
  3. She was a consistent part of Channel Zero for years - sad news. RIP.
  4. I own that American tree Christmas jawn.
  5. Been buying a bunch of vinyl lately too - I wish I wasn't such a fucking addict.
  6. False - I would classify myself as a "good" cook but definitely not great. TPBM needs a haircut.
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