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  1. For the record I wouldn’t hit that with a bat. That’s the kinda broad that steals patio furniture and flips it when she outta pills. Scust.
  2. To cover more of her face blood.
  3. i love sour cream and would be capable of simile styles…
  4. Went downtown with my OG - this was the only flick I took….
  5. Man - I need to clean my diet up. Good on you @ndvfor eating clean - thinking @Dark_Knight is same. Most of the weight I have gained in last 6 months is muscle but I need to lose more fat. Sucks because my coping mechanism post drinking has been eating - life has been stressful as fuck last couple years and so fasting has been my way of helping my body. Banged out 45 mins on stair climber this AM and will again tomorrow. There is a young skinny chick at gym that always engages with me when I am there but she works there and I can’t tell if she is just being nice. Has to be like 25 yro - so damn near 15 years younger. Hurt my shoulder in BJJ and so I have not been able to bench or lift really heavy last 3 weeks. Lingering injuries make me fee my age. Still lifting 4-5 time a week at work.
  6. been struggling to make it 2 times a week these days……. @glorydays you still on the mats
  7. fat ralphy


    @hatetown this be the thread. Still sober folks - couple months shy of 14 years without a drink. Sometimes I start thinking I can be in control now but probably not worth trying it…..
  8. We got a thread like that - I will tag you. I read over a bunch of this thread recently. A bunch of the Alco homies are dead now. Fuck bro, overall we were all on some wild fuck life vibe.
  9. Right on @Dark_Knight - About to break 250k off to my soon to be ex-wife in order to buy her out of the house. Sucks. But in actuality if I get off just buying her out of the property that is best case and will save me 150k minimum on top of that 250k. Fuck bruhs. She came with zero financial contribution to buying the pad other than split mortgage payments. Buy the crib before you get married guys…..or don’t get married or prenup that shit.
  10. This shit is brand new and I am digging pretty much every track. No autotune weak ass bullshit. Couple weak verses throughout but overall I dig it… Give this a play through one time….
  11. I look back through this thread once in awhile and it makes me glad I got sober. I was a shit show.
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