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  1. @onemanbandmy guy are you doing pizza like 1-2 per week? I love how this thread is basically like 3-4 motherfuckers just staying all pizza’d up.
  2. @SMdoubleXLit should be fine - any gas leak would have manifested itself by now and that would have been a bigger issue. The odds of you lighting candles and then a leak happens to occur would be crazy slim. So I guess just renters insurance and live on the edge.
  3. I got something small published in a college paper but as far as what I am shooting for project wise I haven’t put anything out yet. I have a few shorts completed - the general consensus is that I am a good writer but when you are trying to connect with an unknown audience it is intimidating to a degree. I enjoyed @Bojangles work and think it was a successful representation of his life and his surroundings- in case you have read his book.
  4. For me I can be that way with interests - I think that behavior also closely relates to ADD. Get into something- go all out and then the next year Im like not really into it and its just sitting in a corner. But I probably am like you are describing to a degree- The only hobby I really have or what I would consider a hobby is jiu jitsu and I have been at that consistently for over 10 years.
  5. @xen I dig the whole album - waiting on the dope version they put out where the jacket plays a song, lights up and shit. Im a big Aesop Rock nerd.
  6. growing up with abandonment basically leads me to always think Im not good enough- I am going to do more to live up to my (personally perceived) potential and also stop being so hard on myself for me thats an important one.
  7. Drop weight and be more active - last year I had periods of doing well and then shit hit the fan when my brother got fucked up. So that is my biggest priority. With that goes Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - shooting for 3x a week next year because I really need to get this black belt. Hopefully before I turn 45 which gives me 2 years. I want to write more this year- either shorts or something longer. Or shorts that all relate.
  8. a female mechanic with a huge ass bending over and looking at the engine of a mustang, she is holding a big yellow funnel and looking back over her shoulder and winking There is no way this shit is taking over the world - at least not at this point.
  9. That is fucking crazy. Meanwhile I am over here struggling to justify Sonos speakers haha
  10. @ndv my brother in laws best friend’s family owns the business and he dealt with me directly, no commission and gave me what appears to be a great deal. Their business is super successful and they do quality work, I am sure even with a great deal they have a good profit margin. In my recent research one of the things I found fascinating was how prolific the push for lab grown is - I went with a natural stone of course but still interesting.
  11. The videos kinda work for me - choppy playback but its the first time videos have played on ooontz in a while. In high school I had a friend who was from Guatamala - we called him Guat. He also had a hide a key on a Prelude, so we drove his car while on mushrooms once. One time he smoked out his brother - who was in 4th grade. I told him that was trash and I refused to participate. He was a lightweight douche but his family was hella good people. Another Guatalamalan dude I worked with bartending in SF, that dude was rad. Taught me about Popul Voh which is rad. Ran into him one time and he was working the beer tap at a Reggae show and he hooked the whole crew up all night. Sorry for gaying up the thread with stories of a the Guatemalans I have known.
  12. @SMdoubleXLyeah - I definitely remember some rainy day pan shots of your neighborhood from the porch or something.
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