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  1. 2 decade anniversary to the best thing I've ever done in my life: Created this thread. I can't wait for May.
  2. Flew into Zagreb. Drove to Slovenia, then drove to Bosnia through Croatia. Then back to Croatia for the night. Went to Dubrovnik for a while, back to the hotel. Then back to Bosnia for a few hours the next day, onto Montenegro to play disc golf. On to Kosovo, then to Albania and into Macedonia. Then back through Serbia to Croatia. The goal is to visit every country in the world, this was part of Europe we'd never been to. Bosnia was pretty, much better than expected, same with Serbia. Croatia is fucking wow. Likely wouldn't hesitate to spend a little more time in any of the places we stopped into. Edit: I think this is 77 or 78 countries so far.
  3. I drove to 8 countries this weekend. I only shot 3 rolls of film or so, like an idiot. That was pretty cool overall, though.
  4. I log on from time to time, see whats going on, ya know. This thread is still kicking, its pretty cool. Complete nonsense!
  5. Almost two decades, its my claim to fame. I put it on my resume.
  6. Holy fuck, this thread is almost 2 decades old.
  7. This is complete fucking nonsense.
  8. I couldn't even begin to tell you. I don't ever come on this site anymore unless I'm mentioned or quoted.
  9. What the fuck was I talking about 18 years ago?
  10. Hey Rage, remember when I texted you the other day? Me too, pretty cool stuff
  11. This thread is my greatest contribution to society
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