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  1. You know, same old shit, but way better new shit. Life is pretty good.
  2. What is the world are you up to these days, casek
  3. Why put the girl here if you're going to blur her face? It really takes away from the "photography" aspect of it. It completely changes the image. I'd rather not see it at all. /opinion
  4. This is some goddamned nonsense
  5. No matter the spot, I've never put my balls on any wall
  6. Season 5 episode 6 of Game of Thrones.
  7. Shoot a wedding, then go camping. Probably apply paint of the spray variety onto something.
  8. Only part of your statement that is true. Do your legs get chapped riding on your high horse all day? The police are people who are given every single leeway, benefit of the doubt, every single opportunity to vet their story. They have every weapon in their arsenal, backup, radio, vest, guns, tazers, the law, the unions, everything, yet still, somehow, when they make mistakes, horrible, life ending mistakes, people still support them? Is pointing a gun of any sort at an officer dumb? Yeah, it surely is, but for some reason, one race gets burger king, one race gets merked and villianized. One race gets murdered for skittles and tea and one race gets to rape babies on camera. I will gladly stand with the oppressed everyday over the oppressor, and in this case, the police are the oppressor. You cannot sit there with a brain in your head and say that showing up to a vigil for a murdered person in full riot gear with military grade weapons is an appropriate response.
  9. Seriously, holy shit. I was wondering what happened to you.
  10. I like your alone set. I like the series.
  11. Hey late to the game, I've already Pm'ed him
  12. Somewhere in Morocco by Hogarth Ferguson, on Flickr
  13. http://www.hogarthferguson.com/blog/chernobyl This place was abandoned and awesome. Where I live there is an abandoned fort in the middle of the harbor, I kayaked out there the other day, pretty cool. http://www.hogarthferguson.com/blog/fort-carroll-kayak
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