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  1. Finally some good news... Prior to my sixth treatment session I had another CT scan performed. My oncologist said that all of the cancerous growths had reduced in size by about 50%. While that is certainly good progress, I am not cured by any means. Treatments will continue as normal until another CT scan in mid-June. For now I am only venturing out in the public for my appointments. The last thing I need is the coronavirus right now. On an even lighter note: There a massive black bear that has been raiding our trash can. Finally caught him on the trail cam.
  2. Seriously considering this myself, but I know nothing about guns. I live in a rural ("red or dead") area and I am sure that most of the people around me are stocked and loaded.
  3. I honestly wish I could. I have to go to doctors appointments and chemotherapy. The medical offices I visit are full of people aged 50-80+ who are prime candidates for this virus (among others easily communicable diseases). Some of these people seem to not care nor understand the gravity of the situation, while others are taking protective measures (masks / gloves). In some lame attempt in warding off the virus most offices are only allowing patients beyond the waiting rooms, and no guests.
  4. I do just because I am too lazy to log in sometimes or I have nothing exemplary to add to a conversation.
  5. Yup. That was me. I found some of them in storage. Was thinking about selling them off. People keep asking if I will ever make more, but I doubt I ever will.
  6. -Rage- and sans sheriff were the only two names I go/went by on here. I go by @angryalan on Instagram. Not that I use it that much.
  7. Oh man. This thread brings back memories. Guess who at 26:18 in 😎
  8. Sup y'all. Rounds 3 and 4 of chemo have come and gone. Side effects are all still the same with the exception of random nosebleeds and increased neuropathy. If my hands hit cold water, are in the fridge/freezer, or if I am outside long enough in the cold temps the tips of my fingers are like pins and needles. It has made cooking or handling cold foods really difficult. I was told that after six treatment sessions there will be a new CT scan to determine if this barrage of chemicals is working. Side note: The Buddhist temple near me is pretty dope. I went the other weekend to explore all of the buildings. Didn't see many people. I'm hoping to chat with someone there at some point.
  9. -Rage-

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    Valspar "Tidal Basin" blue for anyone interested.
  10. It fucking sucks. Being tethered to a work phone 24/7 is not what I signed up for.
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