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  1. Do you take ANY other photos besides T&A? Imma start posting dicks up in here.
  2. Keeping with the 90s hood theme. This one is probably too easy...
  3. @SukiSukiNowStay strong girl! Fuck COVID
  4. Dope thread idea @KILZ FILLZ I'm always looking around Upstate NY at the market prices, weird, and most expensive shit that pops up. Like this renovated church for $3.15 million. Imaging the heating bill for this bitch in the winter! https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/73-N-2nd-St-Hudson-NY-12534/2111421185_zpid/
  5. More hints: If y'all don't get this by Friday morning I will let you know what it is.
  6. Ahhh fuck, that's right! Let me find something to post.
  7. Prometheus. Also, I would have guessed The Chase for @LUGR's post, but I am two days too late. Great movie.
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