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  1. I forgot all about this! Far left, second down. I still pretty much look the same, but with some gray hair.
  2. Totally get it. Like I said, I’m not in this to make money. I am doing this to restore items that will furnish my own home. Most of the stuff I find are American made mid-century with veneer for under $300. Any solid wood stuff is like imported and will not only be rare, but expensive. I’m going to start with the coffee table since it’s a smaller piece. I may pick your brain at some point and send photos to get a better grasp on how to approach a decent restoration.
  3. Hell yea, second row. ? wonk saggin. @misteravenSent you a PM about a code. No rush though.
  4. Prefer not to share too much on here (locations, dates, etc), but here's a basic rundown: Spent most of my adult life working in movie theaters (projectionist), but knew I wanted to be an educator. After grad school (MFA Photography) I worked in a couple colleges as an adjunct professor. Did all the bullshit networking with other collegiate/academic folk, submitted endlessly to galleries and exhibitions (real and online) for "exposure," gave a few lectures around the country on my work, and applied to nearly 100 professor positions. All of this in an attempt to secure a tenure-track position. I was even looking in places like Iowa and Montana. Not ideal in the least, but work is work. Around 2015 I got really fucking burnt out from spending what little time and money I had on what fell like very little in return and being under appreciated. I stopped all together. I no longer teach. I no longer photograph (well...very rarely). I fell back on my design skills honed since the late 90s and used it as a career. Am I happier now? Yes and no. I loved teaching. I do miss it, but I do not fucking miss trying to kiss collegiate ass nor do I miss spending $30 a pop to maybe get into a gallery exhibition with some pretentious guest judge.
  5. Haven't restored anything just yet. I've got some decent pieces like a coffee table, two lowboys, and a couple accent chairs. Need to read up on the best methods of stripping or lightly sanding first, then which polish or stain to go with, depending on the veneer. Don't want to fuck anything up. I've seen people grab some trashed pieces on Craigslist for $50, restoring it and getting 25x that on a resale in vintage furniture stores. Not that I want to turn around and sell anything.
  6. She was one of the very few that got to participate in the Polaroid Pass Around back in 2005. A bummer all those scans are gone now. I'll have to go back to my old hard drives and find them. I've still got the OG black book in my collection. There was a second book I created later that year, but it got lost/stolen in transit after the second person. Still really fucking bitter about that. EDIT: Fuck, now I want to make another Polaroid Pass Around book with some of the people that missed out so long ago. ?
  7. Bumping this from the dead. Turning 38 soon. Joined 12oz in April 2001 soon after getting a copy of The Vapors. Moved five times. Had @El Mamerrocrash at my place on his cross country drive. Met up with @jbrshmonsterat a couple Tool shows. Got some more tattoos. Graduated with three art degrees. (Ask me about student debt!) Photos published in NY Times and Huffington Post. Was an adjunct professor for a few years (photography and graphic design). Senior designer now for work. Collect lots of vinyl (records). Starting to buy and (eventually) restore mid-century furniture. Still gay AF. Asked my dude to marry me in Paris (fucking cliche, I know).
  8. Whatever happened to Symbols. She still around? @!@#$% Also, hey to @SukiSukiNow!
  9. This is fucking amazing. Small world. I want to know which show this was. Also, howdy 12oz. Been a long time.
  10. I've got two Also Known As x 5Boro NYC skateboards I am looking to part with. I bought both decks here on 12oz back in 2005. They are both still shrink wrapped and are in excellent condition. Asking $150 each or take them both for $260. I'll cover shipping.
  11. Yo dude. Been fucking busy at RISD. Wrapping up my MFA soon. Been teaching photography here too. My students love the darkroom. What's new?!
  12. I usually don't ask people do this stuff, but if you have a second please vote for my Brotherhood of Bears work. Some of the work is NWS, so you know. Voting ends in a couple days. http://angryalan.see.me/onelife2011 Thanks everyone.
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