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  1. Also, @misteravenwhile I have your attention, two extra forum related questions... 1) Is there any way to block a user, i.e. not see their posts or replies? 2) Is it possible to add NSFW blurs to images? I browse 12oz at work most often and there's lots of ass and titties. T&A is all good, but I don't need that shit showing up on some random thread out of nowhere.
  2. Just finished all three seasons of this show. Y'all need to watch it if you like shows and movies such as Breaking Bad, John Wick, and Nobody.
  3. Ahhh ok. I've got some old 12oz stuff I was going to part with and I figured I would give folks on here first dibs before dealing with eBay.
  4. I'm glad someone got it. Fantastic movie.
  5. The ones I posted? Nope. Here are a few more screenshots...
  6. Legit question: What happened to the 12oz Buy/Sell/Trade thread?
  7. Random question: What happened to the 12oz Buy, Sell, & Trade sub-forum? I've got some oontz stuff to sell.
  8. Ayyyyyy symbols! It's truly great to see you on here again. Don't be a stranger. A close friend of mine was also diagnosed not too long ago. He had surgery to remove the spot on his lung. Since early winter I think 4 or 5 of my friends have been diagnosed with some form of cancer. I need to get the ball rolling on the new Polaroid book.
  9. God damn dude that sounds like a brutal roller coaster ride of health issues. Glad you're doing better! I will say that I was in really good spirits last summer even when on the oral chemo meds. I think being outside and getting shit done around the house/yard helps keep the mind and body occupied and active. I usually love winter and snow, but this year the cold and (in)voluntary lockdown has tested my mental health. PM me if you want to chat on the side. No pressure.
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