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  1. Re: narcisism? Maybe, just maaaaybe this has something to do with the fact that you...you know...smoke meth? Nah, couldn't possibly be.
  2. I envision all of the strippers looking like boohead. edit: son of a bitch, old grey background.
  3. I figured a fat girl in ch0 would have thicker skin. Sorry guys.
  4. You posted your own pictures in the smash or trash thread (aka: thirsty nurgas who would fuck anything that doesn't have a dick) to try to raise your self esteem. You have no ground to stand on.
  5. I think a better way to get payback would be to kill him and his family with a shotgun for trespassing on your property. Ever so slightly more illegal than tripling his rent mid lease, but why even bother if you're not going to go for the gold?
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