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  1. oh and Hua when you said Chinese soft boned chicken, were you reffering to nsmbfan shivering with scare and shaking with lonely as he cried himself to sleep on the couch? thought so, 24'd or id prop.
  2. i live in a 2story penthouse on the 31st and 32nd floors over looking every city that makes up the greater vancouver metropolitan area. that is all.
  3. i read no words but i did read the title and scroll thru the pics and imagine if we were to dip each beard carriers head into a basin of gasoline, lit them on fire one by one as they stood in a row holding hands would they scream in pain as they melted like candles or stand proud with there bearded bretheren as they melted like candles. food for thought.
  4. ya man. shits wacky up here, again about to change but been like this awhile now. my ex is mad suicidal and can grip 7lbs and at any given time, bringing aboard including domestic flights. think about that. also think about the epidemic of british columbian weed and how this ties into the economy in all aspects. money funnels into communities via any and everything and the corruption that has folowed the mega medical era in the passed few years. shady doctors like whoa. the grey area of prescribablitity is rediculous and the non 'flat rate' type of prescribing is an absolut
  5. i know a few guys with hep, and in fact im pretty sure i never finished the sequence of vaceines. i dropped out before the second of the two in high school, then attempted to redo the series years later and never finished. maybe ill do that now. dont gotta be a pookey to get it. its definatly mainly a needle thing but and open cut is an open cut. knuckles bleed. carriers thieve. who knows what could happen. there is a cure but the shit is GNARRRLY, its like a solid year of apparently the worst imaginable pain possible. upside it works, and i know a guy whos gone thru it. al
  6. and i just found out, with one flick of the wrist i can line up three red bricks under your pain. i mean name.
  7. k im done, thats all my flicks... paaayce.
  8. haha totally, when i had a facebook years ago i captioned that pic 'no clue why this dude has his finger up my ass but i am uncomfortable. that was the pic i got from the breeder before i picked em up :)
  9. :) you are missed little buddy!
  10. that being said being a 12oz criminal the law needs to be in place otherwise i wouldnt be a criminal, id be a sheep. therfor im retracted my previous statement and verbally endorsing the 3month exile of vfor. tattoos bro, tattoos and lisnense plates. these are your future posts.
  11. haha noooooooo, let me dream of freindly pursed puppy like leaping big eared fuzzy animals, bikini babes, big cities, toilets that flush backwards, meat pie potatoe chips and trying to imagine what it would be like having to walk, talk, eat, sleep, and crap in a world upside down in peace. slaughtered kangaroo robes will kill all fosters lager iv got sittin in my fridge. lie to me baby, lie to me.
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