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  1. fauci has not 'flopped and said that it might be man made.' NO. scientists don't have the capaibility to engineer viruses for release. plus we've seen plenty of natural, zoonotic coronaviruses before. fauci is concerned that there is a small chance someone at the Wuhan Institute of Virology may have been exposed to SARS-CoV-2 and then gotten sick and gotten other people sick. Because we just found out for the first time that a few scientists that work at that Institute got sick in Nov 2019. It still **does not mean** that they released the virus. even accidentally.
  2. i thought i'd never ever everrrr post on this site again but yeah. this is important. and i'll admit that for awhile i was just one of those jerks that was looking for updates about your condition, rage, after my hubs told me. i'm glad to hear you're hanging in there. i wish you the best and we're pulling for you. my mom was pretty sick my entire life with a form of cancer that's also not exactly a cancer - it's not treated with chemo, basically. but it did make her really sick and in a lot of pain and also inspired me to go into biomedical research, bringing me
  3. well, like i said, i'll spend 1 dollar on that chance, but not two. call me an idiot but that kind of penny pinching has put me in a good spot in life, and taken me on many, many trips. as for disrupting culture by imposing money onto it, i'm with that. i'll be sure to keep that in mind when i'm starting orphanages :laughing:
  4. i always think people just aren't thinking big enough when it comes to these jackpots. i mean really. i'd design a car company. haha i'm glad to see buying an island on here, but i think i'd try to change the world/future/humanity with that kind of money. at the very least put money into Tesla. start a foundation that cures a disease or brings clean water to millions. educate thousands of kids and give them a future. i know i'm a dork. as for powerball i won't play that shit. i think $2 is too big a waste on some shit that pretty much is guaranteed not to happen (you
  5. spam has gotten very strange. i mean, is a human really going to call it "The Search Engine Google" maybe it's from a parallel universe
  6. you can learn coding on your own, for free at https://www.codecademy.com/ https://www.khanacademy.org/computing/computer-programming
  7. here's Cerro Fitz Roy. the photo above is the start of the hike that leads here Patagonia, Argentina
  8. thanks hua. and. oh ok. thanks raven i clicked on the image icon in the composition box and it asked for the image url. i didn't even try drag and drop. good to know. i can add more photos when i'm home. so we didn't go to patagonia for snowboarding or anything like that just hiking, which was still incredible also did a long road trip. i'd love to go back one day. mainly we went because i knew how awesome it would be. i've dreamed of going for ages tried to plan a trip about 4 years ago with an old oontz member, ubejinxed, actually. didn't work out though. so i'
  9. meh. here's one flick. not the most spectacular. but there ya go. image hosting is a pain.
  10. hey there! just back from patagonia, where i had no trouble watching netflix in both chile and argentina didn't you hear? netflix is now available in tons of countries. January 6, 2016 -- Netflix launched its service globally, simultaneously bringing its Internet TV network to more than 130 new countries around the world. also, yeah, we have the VPN too. i use privateinternetaccess. didn't work in Chnia but otherwise, it's been fine. and demonoid and piratebay are still up. https://media.netflix.com/en/press-releases/netflix-is-now-available-around-the-world pata
  11. word. i know exactly what you mean. having travelled so extensively, i'm hoping we are prepared well for the shift in culture. mainly though, i just wanna experience life in another place. it's still gonna be awhile bc it may coincide with my 'retirement' from molecular biology, and i wanna stack a lotta cash before then i would think i'd miss tv big time. overseas, tv can be so so much different. but with globalization and netflix, it isn't too hard to get a fix nowadays.
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