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ethan dominguez

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  1. ethan dominguez

    Yard Safety

    did you guys know that you can just write like you are not writing anything and it will not show up until a later date?
  2. ethan dominguez

    Stickers For Trade

    Need some stickers hopefully you all wont mind that i only have postage stickers but i can write really good though.And I just write Ethan kind of like the dude from pokemon.
  3. ethan dominguez


    Does anyone know how to webdesign and interfaces and stuff like making neopets profiles because i love not just graffiti and mostly i dont like alot of graffiti except for anime type graffiti i just like to design things and that does mean anything if i had my own screen printing i would be doing t shirts and backpacks and things but i do not and really dont like my location and the fact that there is always someone better than me at graffiti.
  4. ethan dominguez

    Your Art Thread

    bruh omygod this is the hardest graffiti the mickey mouse on the bottom is the best
  5. ethan dominguez

    If a graffiti writer writes next to you.

    it depends on his race because i dont want my chinese art next to the eiffel tower
  6. ethan dominguez

    Mags for Sale

    how much are you selling this shit for?
  7. ethan dominguez

    Straightup Worthless

    hey <nosey/> we should paint together someday get shop and paint the walls and stuff mane
  8. ethan dominguez

    Straightup Worthless

    <nosey>dude we gotta quit painting in these ditches all these kids keep running down under the ditch