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  1. Hi. I quit graffiti and I quit 12OZ too. No one really liked me here so a nostalgia post is useless. Yet here it is. Oh yeahhhh.
  2. There is NOTHING more satisfying than having do to no work at all. As long as she knows what she is doing on top it's great.
  3. I take computer security and spent a whole semester learning about the importance of data backups and backup servers. I just lost an entire years worth of content on a website generating 1k per month US with no maintenance as well as a few client sites. HEEEHAW.
  4. non-hetero


    Life is an adventure. Nice to see the photodump branding. I developed and run that website.
  5. admin@[nospamplease//]photodump.com remove brackets and text between.
  6. I'm not sure if this works internationally but it should since it's confidential and you don't need to give your health card number... Here in Canada we have free health related information and questions answered from registered and trained nurses: 1-866-797-0000. Telehealth Ontario. Great service. Please update me if it works so I can spread word of this. I pay for it with my tax dollars and I would be glad to share it internationally. Health care and information should be free throughout the world.
  7. I probably watch about 30 minutes of TV per week and it's sad how much mainstream media still effects me. I thought this thread was about Paris Hilton.
  8. "Necrophelia - Lay back and crack open a cold one." - Strange new guy at work quoting a tshirt he read.
  9. You're honestly about 8-10+ years too late to get a strong hold on the market. God bless my parents for getting me a computer/internet in grade 7.
  10. Not 416 here but I trust the Ontario Traffic Regulations book over a Vespa dealer. In order for it to be a moped (which is exclusively classed as a vehicle not requiring a specific license.) PEDALS ARE REQUIRED. UNDER 50CC'S. NO 400 SERIES HIGHWAYS. NO SECOND PASSENGER. NO GEAR SHIFTING. That's all I can remember from my studies.
  11. Here in Ontario you need a M if it doesn't have pedals. Scooters don't have pedals.
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