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  1. That packet of biscuits cost me thirty dollars so there better be something involving tits happening. What I'm actually eating now;
  2. Schnitzel I've come off the bench specifically to hide your business. Thanks LUGR for the eye.
  3. The quiet drop in from myself. Moved house again, got married, have a two week old baby, am now a social worker? Didn't see that coming. Top interests are my retro JDM car pursuits, reforestation of the lawn at the place I've moved into and taking three months off to meet my baby.
  4. Solid thread Australian tourism council approval Makes me want to head east.
  5. Clonazepam is very long acting, I'm talking a half life of over 40 hours - and the chance of accidental overdose when combining with alcohol is very real. Especially if you're throwing those Oxys on top, remember even after two days you have fifty percent of the Clonazepam in your system and this is where most people hit accidental OD. Someone suggested seeing your GP and linking in with a counselling service to handle the detoxification side of things and that's pretty solid advice. They'll probably switch you to diazepam and get you to delete alcohol intake. Alcoholism thread on here saved my life a bit over four years ago I suggest you check it out. RIP Poz.
  6. This dude back around posting wife photos? Playing this tune for years now.
  7. Wait though... Definitely cake late right now. Tossing up on seeing a 4:45.
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