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  1. This guy tho - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Israel_Keyes How many more like him that haven't been caught?
  2. My issue with all of this is, even if climate change ISN'T real, shouldn't we be proactively (and happily) doing things to ensure it doesn't become a "thing"? Just feels like a no brainer to sort out shut out.
  3. Fak....no...it should be I CANT throw from 3rd to 1st. Seems it's technique. Gonna work with trainer to sort it out. Shut this thread down....
  4. I've decided to pick up baseball for the first time in my life as I hit my late 30s and it turns out whilst I can throw a ball, I can not throw a ball far enough to be effective in a baseball game. Seriously, I can throw from 3rd to 1st without it falling short and bouncing. So, do you throw balls far distances and if so, what's ya technique?
  5. Almost done with this book also. It's a good read and a good reminder about community. Loved Bobby's blog back in the day, never much into their prints tho/ also hard AF to cop downunder back in the day. Anyone else been noticing a bunch of music coming out calling out social media and the internet? I know that Post Malone just did one with Kanye, Tom McDonald is rapping about people being buttholes online and A Perfect Circle had a recent single that touches on it too. I don't know what it all means but it's definitely being talked about imho. Perhaps I'm overthinking these tho.
  6. Incorrect. Death row meal right there.
  7. So, I got some t-shirts that are getting beyond wearable outside the house (some unwearable inside the house tbh) and instead of just binning them or using them for rags, I'm wondering if anyone has come up with good uses for them? Most of them are screen printed graphic tees ..... So how can I give them a second life?
  8. I've become such a Seiko fanboy. Every watch I've had of theirs has been solid and as I age and select more classical watches to wear I'm impressed I can score a nice piece anywhere from a couple hundred dollarydoos.
  9. Looks fresh man. I recently got back into it and I'm fucking digging it all over again. Being old af sucks tho.
  10. False. Tpbm can't ride a bicycle.
  11. Such a simple idea. ?‍♂️
  12. @SchnitzelHow was the doco? I was keen as to catch it but had clashes both screenings. Also, mad pics, I haven't driven Adelaide and back in at least 10 years.
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