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  1. I'm officially off FB and it's been fine. I actually miss the marketplace the most for second hand cars and shit. But even that was a waste of time and money. I canned Reddit and also removed myself from all marketing emails that I was keeping in case of sales etc. Again all a waste of my time and money. My phone is super boring now, though my Instagram use has probably increased. I still find that a positive app for my purposes. As for Messenger....fuck. I told my family I was looking to remove it but my sister indicated the family chat makes her really happy and it would be a lot to ask the older family to jump to a new app for my sake.....so it remains for now and I'm ok with that. I realised there are other distractions in the way of Slack and Discord groups I follow. I remove all but two Slack groups (1 work + 1 design network - all muted) and muted all discord groups. It's a tough time to be entirely removing myself from interactions so I'll keep these around for when I need to jump in and chat to peeps. Lockdown is isolating enough. Anyhow....I feel much better about myself and life generally having done this. And I have more time for me and my family. Next up is booze.....gonna be a tough one but I know it will be worth it.
  2. Bring this style back already! https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/26310/lot/10/?category=list&length=12&page=1
  3. Anyone else been seeing REVS post popping up on Instagram of late? I still find myself interested in REVS all these years later.
  4. I'm wondering if they are purposefully trying to lose....
  5. delv


    Picked up some Kalis' on sale for spring/summer skating -
  6. But isn't Facebook spy software also?
  7. So, perhaps the wrong thread but today I heard about "prison tiktok" which is where people sneak phones in to prison and tiktok that shit. What even is tiktok?!?
  8. Actually, the LOWY stuff is very digestible. Good stuff. Thanks again.
  9. Thanks mate. Much appreciated. I've been getting involved hyper locally with my council the last year but keen to expand my understanding and horizons of politics and democracy generally. And yeah, I'm not an FB person. My struggle is that I recognise FB bullshit but I'm not educated enough to digest research docs etc. Was hoping for a dumbed down version to help me explore. I'll see what is out there.
  10. Yeah, I was thinking more along these lines, but I was curious to explore more given your initial post. Note: your attachment didn't attach. And yeah, I've heard of google I guess I was more referring to what one might be searching for etc. ie. point a guy in the right direction type thing. 🙂 Thanks though.
  11. Hey @hua_guofang I'd love to read more about this. Can you post links or PM me some? Super interesting as someone from down under that is politically curious and involved in exploring democracy locally. Thanks for sharing btw.
  12. Rare to see a young BMX dude with a brake. Good to see. Brakeless is mad dumb imho. But, each their own.
  13. delv


    A mate is dropping some custom kicks for charity. I do not understand the custom sneaker culture but talk is these are blowing up.
  14. delv

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    Getting the kid covid tested at the children's hospital. I'm showing symptoms so sticking to the carpark. I'm fucking done with 2020.
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