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  1. https://mobile.twitter.com/KLobstar/status/1345086013232869382
  2. delv


    My understanding is the maker is trying to sort that out now.
  3. Good luck @Schnitzelfrom Melbourne! You guys can do this easy!
  4. delv


    I've skirted around this thread for a long time, but never chimed in (that I recall). Mostly as I don't want to admit to having any issues. I don't want to appear weak. I've drunk fairly consistently since I was 16 and am now 39. Like many in here, I can take time off (weeks or months) when needed, but often get drawn back in. Stress is a trigger, as is exhaustion. I was meant to take the rest of the year off booze just to give myself some headspace and I've caved more weeks than I haven't. I've been in heavy lockdown the past 8 months and that has not helped things at all. I've go
  5. I automated my garage door to work remotely via. phone. The old remote controls kept breaking and I got the shits. Good $50 and time spent in a while. Joined with my neighbour to install a largish raised garden bed. Currently growing a few variety of lettuce, spinach, celery and a whole bunch of herbs. Will consider expanding as it's a relaxing pursuit for an inner-city dweller.
  6. delv


    @glorydaysif you want info on all things shoes check out Shoe Surgeon or my boi @air32 on Instagram. Both super helpful resources. https://instagram.com/airthirtytwo?igshid=lk8h3g8c89f2
  7. delv


    Dash Snow / SACE documentary has just dropped. https://www.docnyc.net/film/moments-like-this-never-last/
  8. delv


    @Decyferoni went in on the ATMOS. If I don't get in I'll consider after market. Thoughts on what flip price will be?
  9. I reckon the forum could do with an audit to see what really needs to stay, what can go and what new sections could be added. Digital graffiti for one is getting big ATM and I don't see much off it on here.
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