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  1. As the title states, I'm seeking empty mop markers for a project. Retail prices in where I am are anywhere from $6-10 each, and I'm curious if I can get them cheaper online. Shipping to Australia. Are they called something else? Searching for 'empty mops/markers/pens' isn't really giving me any results. Please move if this is the wrong forum for this type of question.
  2. https://mobile.twitter.com/KLobstar/status/1345086013232869382
  3. delv


    My understanding is the maker is trying to sort that out now.
  4. delv


    I've skirted around this thread for a long time, but never chimed in (that I recall). Mostly as I don't want to admit to having any issues. I don't want to appear weak. I've drunk fairly consistently since I was 16 and am now 39. Like many in here, I can take time off (weeks or months) when needed, but often get drawn back in. Stress is a trigger, as is exhaustion. I was meant to take the rest of the year off booze just to give myself some headspace and I've caved more weeks than I haven't. I've been in heavy lockdown the past 8 months and that has not helped things at all. I've go
  5. I automated my garage door to work remotely via. phone. The old remote controls kept breaking and I got the shits. Good $50 and time spent in a while. Joined with my neighbour to install a largish raised garden bed. Currently growing a few variety of lettuce, spinach, celery and a whole bunch of herbs. Will consider expanding as it's a relaxing pursuit for an inner-city dweller.
  6. delv


    @glorydaysif you want info on all things shoes check out Shoe Surgeon or my boi @air32 on Instagram. Both super helpful resources. https://instagram.com/airthirtytwo?igshid=lk8h3g8c89f2
  7. delv


    Dash Snow / SACE documentary has just dropped. https://www.docnyc.net/film/moments-like-this-never-last/
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