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  1. delv

    GAME: True or False

    False. Born and raised in QLD and I hate the beach. Tpbm is unemployed but tells people they are "funemployed".
  2. delv

    Your public transport in pics

    Thus middle pole is weird.
  3. delv

    Best releases of 2018

    I can't believe I slept on the alife vs KATSU drop recently. Would cop a tee in a minute. https://www.highsnobiety.com/p/katsu-alife-capsule/
  4. delv

    Watches (timepieces that go on the wrist)

    Picked up this and paired it with a navy strap:
  5. delv

    Side Hustles

    Currently in the process of setting up a side hustle. Nothing major, just some custom accessories to be sold online. Once up and running I'll share for some feedback.
  6. delv


    I don't even https://www.ssense.com/en-us/men/product/maison-margiela/white-and-black-fusion-sneakers/2866368
  7. delv

    Gallery Show

    Cool. I've done some shows and it always helps to have some kind of theme....even if that theme is about the physical size (eg. all works are A4) or certain style (eg. all works are BLACK in colour) or seasonal (eg. Winter). It gives artists a little bit to go on to try and interpret the theme. There was a recent show I had work in where the theme was Winter. I used a lot of grey colour and so did a bunch of other people. But grey-blue was also popular. Made the show really cohesive. Personally, I feel the tight timeframe is a bonus as it's a strict deadline and gets people motivated knowing their work will be on display really soon. Good luck!
  8. delv

    Gallery Show

    What is "Multi media"? Is it that the style or materials used can be anything? Like, could you mix a video installation with a framed abstract work?
  9. https://www.drjasonfox.com/blog/post-social-one
  10. http://visualidiot.com/ - Interesting read from someone that is pretty well known in the design/web industry.
  11. delv


    https://yeezysupply.com/collections/yeezy-powerphase These are fresh.
  12. delv


    Feeling this Adidas + Pharrell collab!
  13. delv


    Would you consider book stores? A couple of great books stores in Melbourne here that might stock books as they do a lot of street art, design etc books.
  14. delv

    Your Art Thread

    Stained glass is a lost at as the older guys are dying off. You do this for a job, as I reckon that will would be in demand as nobody does it anymore.
  15. delv


    Without reading any review and purely looking at it visually, I'd say that is weak af. What about it, to you, makes it worth locking your baby to?