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  1. Schnitzel


    and apparently licking Alexis Texas's ass wasn't the best bit... tried to find that thread yesterday
  2. bits of last few days including a serious attempt at a day in pies but man where are the days filled with graff, drugs,booze and scantily clad women? geezer asleep in his car outside Bunnings ( Australian version of Home Depot/Lowes) vegie garden looking a bit wild and wooly these tomatoes are suffereing because we aren't getting good weather hot dry days and then followed by strange cold snaps with lots of rain. three types of tomatoes there solnato ( front left looks half dead), Legef (front right) and some genetically modified freak plant that is going nuts in the back random tomato plant that popped up after my son chucked a tomato in the garden last year so I have big hopes for this motherfucker Bit of basil sneaking in as well. corn all growing up in the order they sprouted strawberries doing well when it's hot except I never get any and you can see one of the reason here sorted out my recyclables to take back for more paint money emptied this thing kids were being hardcore so need to get some booze to get us to bedtime industry rule #4080 old Ironlak pigments be fade-y then took the little one to the car wash and put her in front seat while we went through.
  3. Schnitzel


    RIP. was he the guy posting pics of himself doing trackside while on parole with an ankle bracelet?
  4. Roti Kaya not Roti canai!
  5. Roti kaya for breakfast is just amazing with those strong coffees they have in malaysian restaurants.
  6. Schnitzel

    GAME: True or False

    false but I do use those pikster brush things between my teeth whenever I remeber whihc is about 6 times a week. TPBM knows who blippi is
  7. Schnitzel

    What's The Last Movie You Saw: The Sequel

    got really engrossed in this on a plane but kissed the last 15 or so minutes due to landing. I used to watch the show as kid in Samoa on odd occaisions
  8. Schnitzel

    What book are you reading? Part 20

    currently listening to this while I wait for a hard copy to arrive. really makes small town Americans sound like such a nice bunch regardless of political leanings. also reading this for a counterbalance
  9. Schnitzel

    How can I keep up with dank memes?

    farewell drinks at my last job I was the guy in green
  10. Schnitzel

    GAME: True or False

    False. TPBM cannot understand how people can happily say 'erb when referring to parsley or whatever then pronounce other words like "Hero" - shouldn;t it be "'ero"
  11. Schnitzel


    Portugese tarts Bucket of coffee
  12. Schnitzel

    GAME: True or False

    False, I'm all about the ease of itunes and Spotify etc. But I think I should buy more misic directly from shops. The person below me is listening to a podcast at work today.
  13. Schnitzel


    My goodness she'd have some shit music playing on her spotify playlist. but I'm half deaf so smash - this isn't really the dubiousness we've come to expect in this thread. as for the fatty in the pinks she has that flab and tiny tits combo that is a trash.
  14. Schnitzel


    can of Aerosol Whipped cream glazed donut can of Diet coke ( go figure) postage on 40 pounds of pamphlets interstate
  15. Schnitzel

    Graffiti videos

    if nothing else watch this https://www.arte.tv/en/videos/RC-016967/the-rise-of-graffiti-writing-from-new-york-to-europe/RC-015348/the-rise-of-graffiti-writing/