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  1. That missing brick on this little wall annoys me. biut nice to see some allambie heights up in here!
  2. cool link. I'm curious about a few things so this will be handy
  3. Dont know what reminded me of this but last night I Watched this for the first time since the 90's. used to be my saturday night coming down from friday night/ gearing up for saturday night show.
  4. how come i hear you this one is an ear worm for me
  5. waiting to speak to a mate who has cancer who's been putting up a brave face and has finally hit the point he can't do it any more. I reckon he's lost 50 pounds in the last few months. he's 1000 miles away almost so it's on zoom. absolutely terrified. I drank my first legal beers with him at the Public Enemy / Ice-T concert in 1992.
  6. mods if this is too offensive take it down. this is pretty fucking borderline
  7. would be used I'd say but it worked out cheaper to spend 160 getting the car fully detailed inside.
  8. how did I get this far? I am a moron.
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