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  1. but at least I'm not a good tipper.
  2. hope you aint putting wet wipes in the toilet @Mercer causes all manner of issues in the sewers
  3. actually not bad nice and crisp.
  4. got so pissed on this stuff for days in dubrovnik about 15 years back. made an arse of myself on a beer run when I took everybody's cash and accidentally brought back the blue cans that were either 0.0% or like light beer.
  5. that looks like it would be good with some lamb chops off the barbecue and some wedges of lebanese bread and hummus and the rest. Oh and some beer
  6. I can make it up margins wise and we still have 9 days left in the month but it will be a bummer. but yes questions will be raised!
  7. no just no. one of her legs isn't fully inflated yet
  8. long term it'll be okay but it's the symbolic thing. I could hide it but that would be crossing the line between "a reporting error" and out and out theft...
  9. Bingo! I'm chilling working from home and minding my daughter About to really fucking ruin the mood at work. we've been working really hard to reach $400,000 in sales for the month We got there today my boss is super pumped and sales guys are feeling good to the point the boss is sending around the bottles for everyone! I'm about to send an email that confirms we missed the target by $1850.00 due to an error I made. means fuck all long term but will be a mad buzzkill.
  10. tomatoes like volleyballs? Me I'm making shitty seinfeld quotes and waiting for the shit to start flying at work.
  11. did you get to hold the novelty giant scissors?
  12. Would procrasturbate but ,y wife's home and she's way not in the mood
  13. yeah that was in the outback last year luckily up in the tropics not so many flies mad cunts in a boat that small - there are estimated to be 10,000 salties in this river alone. we were on a big cruising type boat crocs they weren't super big but they were big enough talking 9-10 ft long. scray fuckers just appearing with barely a ripple. osprey i think all the ducks hang out on the waterholes with no crocs there were thousands. stopped at a pub for a beer/lunch best news paper in australia back on road to kakadu was only dirt for the next 15 seconds or so but looks outback. cockatoos in kakadu
  14. w atching that KRSone/ Big Daddy Kane thing on verzuz. fuck I've missed a full hip hop gig!
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