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  1. that Puker AST is great glad to see him making a comeback good to see Sevn back at st peters.
  2. did a rapper really rap "let a nigga get shit on his dick for one cigarette"?
  3. that looks like paradise. I hope there was a bag of tins as well. those flat panel lowbeds look great checking out the Murray river floods ( murray darling river system is Australia's longest and a lot of this flood water has been coming from flood in other states for months the peak is due to hit the sea tomorrow. floods tree line marks bank on either channel roof og the jetty sticking out of water town of Bolto underwater. usually would several hundred house boats here at this time. idiots levee banks to save centre of Mannum (sucks to be on wrong side not many drinks no drinks at all but a cool sign
  4. @NightmareOnElmStreet Not weird!The beastiality was probably some fucked up shit somebody sent him as a joke and he stupidly saved. Not phased by that bit at all. I don't know exactly what was found - I only know of it from the paper so I can't confirm exactly but it sounds pretty iffy. I know it involves children. Was not given bail Friendship level is low in IRL terms but we definitely chatted a lot beyond basic graff small talk and fire emojis.
  5. Now this is some food for thought.^^^ I am going to look into this a little bit because the rental vacancy rate in my city is 0.4% and people are showing up 50 at a time to view any property on market. for cheap rentals the vacancy rate is effectively Nil Need to gather a bunch of mates and rustle up a couple million somehow. Get a building built and jam it full of rent payers who each week pay off that debt.
  6. fucking gold! gonna use that for sure!
  7. hey @SMdoubleXL thought you might find this interesting Titan Arum (aka the Corpse flower) flowers for 24-48 hours every 7-10 years. Flower opened up on sunday afternoon so i took kids to see it today. it was pretty much shrivelled by this time but still pretty cool. think it's the biggest flower on earth. lots of people went to see it but I believe the smell had dissipated by the time we got there. the really pungent dead flesh smell is the first day apparently. trying to explain to the kids "yes we did spend 45 minutes in line to see this" you can see it's closing up bigtime
  8. not sure it's just a term they use in Australia particularly in prison
  9. Been chatting to a writer on instagram for years he'd send graff pics - I'd send graff pics he'd call them euro shit usual shit. but after a few years was a bit more personal ask how christmas was etc. how his mum was going. Never met the dude in person but traded a load of messages, put him up on pieces and he put me up etc. He got busted two weeks ago for graffiti offences. The police raided his house and confiscated his computer and hard drives. He was telling me about the bust and I assumed it was standard graff stuff. Then I start seeing people all over instagram screenshotting newspaper articles about him getting busted and calling him a rockspider/ paedo. Turns out while he was at station the coppers found child abuse and bestiality images on his hard drives. Not sure if his own or what - just getting the info from the newspaper. Devastating shit because it was such a surprise. You can't be friends with fucking filth!! End of fucking story But I miss who I thought was my "friend".
  10. trinidad gonna be pissed off
  11. Schnitzel


    sometimes the hosts annoy the fuck out of me but they still do some good stuff on patreon like the DESA episode. the questioning Jurne about science stuff was just excruciating to listen to. bored as hell of graff podcasts all knuckling down on mental health and treating yourself right etc. just talk about the drugs etc...
  12. is that why the wife took me shopping for a nice chair? oh boy
  13. fuck yeah call me Brazil -I love me some amazon. little torn on Granny but I'd say why not she looks keen S Goth - why not S
  14. do it man. I dropped 14k on mine upfront and while I am still a few years from breaking even my power bills have plummeted. I think in about 5 years (2 years deep already) the savings will have equalised the cost. though we have huge amounts of sun for much more of the year
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