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  1. think these could go here think these guys have an Event in melbourne at the moment
  2. Infinitely preferred the French version of this but it made for an enjoyable friday night's streaming.
  3. @Joker if you do come across one please let me know for what I want to Blurb is looking freakin' pricey. previously I have gotten things printed in China always with mildly to majorly disappointing results.
  4. trying to get motivated for a rubbish week at work. failing miserably
  5. anybody else remember these? popped into my head recently because my son mad on Monster jam toys Used to copy drawings from here before I ever knew about graff
  6. We had one of these in a share house I moved into when I left home. bongwater stains on the top, crap tags on the sides, god knows how the people got it up 6 flights of stairs from the street to our apartment.
  7. this is what inspired me slightly to buy a bunch of tins etc. I like how everybody thinks they'd be sweet but I KNOW FULL WELL I'm part of that 90% dead populace. Luckily my father in law has a bunch of vehicles that would survive an EMP but he's 40 miles away so how is he going to get to me if the system goes tits up at any time other than 3am?
  8. Dear Israel, Thanks for the inspiration for the kebabby wrap thing I ate today it was fucking delicious. Not sure about some other bits to do with Israel and it's policies on Palenstinians but the kebabby wrap thing was on point!
  9. badger and skinny pete go to white castle
  10. This actually applies to me - just got my first pair of reading glasses to celebrate my45th birthday so I'd always assumed it was me but maybe it's not.
  11. @MEzeRKer it doesn't have to be zines I think it was more a way to get mail in the mailbox that isn't bills etc. if you'd be down to trade a few hardcopies I'd be down.
  12. Yo @Ko SprueOne thanks for the pack brother! that's great! anybody else up for this?
  13. found in the burners thread from hawaii @DISKOgreat post! those old tags from the 80's are mad!
  14. I thought it was good. everyone keeps talking about how Todd has put on so much weight but I didn't notice it. kind of got me psyched for another season of Better Call Saul
  15. coffee and banana bread plus earlybird parking for the day!
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