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  1. I routinely paint with a kid who is yet to turn 18 because I moved cities a few years back and I met him when we both jumped into a spot to paint at same time. He wants to be known in the scene whereas I'm the reverse. He DM's his flicks to aggregator accounts whereas I hope mine appear organically ( which is why mine don't!) Rereading my post makes it seem like I think graff sucks - I definitely don't My point was actually about the commentary on social media. sorry if my terminology is stupid but few people nowadays say "your piece was great I dig the connections or whatever" " Colour scheme was on point" It's always emojis
  2. .......and just as many irish slaves were traded as black slaves or something like that is one I see a lot due to following several english graff morons and graff isn't good any more it's not def, it's not fresh, it's not fly, it's not dope, it's not original, it's not tweaked, spaced out, trippy, unbelievable , impressive, ridiculous, mind blowing, pushing boundaries it's just πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ or maybe πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯ or possibly 🦾🦾🦾
  3. going to check this out. The cover of this book kind of looks like the horror movie equivalent of a dirty south Hip hop cover which I now realise is called penandpixel style. methinks the image not real
  4. fuck there are some awesome projects on the hop here. @Some1that looks and sounds really cool! @Elena Delle Donnewelcome back I reached out to some people for interviews about a project I'm working on but got two rebuttals and a few no answers yet. But on bright side I got one yes!
  5. R.I.P Ron Cobb Died Yesterday
  6. https://www.betootaadvocate.com/uncategorized/teenage-couple-break-apple-steps-world-record-during-movie-date/
  7. since I'm insta-rorting Paris ligne 6 looks good
  8. So since the season has started Go seahawks!!! Nice way to get season underway
  9. Aussie 80's Bank notes trippy to think they stopped printing them nearly 40 years back. There is some family connection to the dude on the hundie but it's pretty loose.
  10. These well wagon type cars are so much fun to paint
  11. had to post this - that Desh Wholecar is fresh as is the CES53
  12. 12oz has a very low threshold for shit cunts.....
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