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  1. Good luck with it. I wish I'd known what to do or how to recognise the signs.
  2. question. In your football does the ball have to touch the ground in the end zone? over here in rugby it does but it doesn't look like it from the 18 seconds of american football I've watched.
  3. @Grm I share a name with a guy who is currently kinging New York many times over and is (rightly) being lauded all over instagram. And about 18 years ago I was in Stockholm photographing pieces by a person who'd come up with the same name as me and done some tracksides with it. While I was taking some photos a Swedish kid came up and asked me why I was taking pics. I then told him what I wrote and he wigged out because it was him. We made vague plans to meet up but I could not get his phone number to work from my phone. Would have made a great battle. I've been writing the name 21 years and I'm not going to change. If somebody in your country gets the name up on trains maybe switch it up but who cares when theyr're 9000 miles away.
  4. this is going round in my head but ina demented megamix version with that Blu Cantrell Sean paul soung
  5. Renato Casaro born 26 October 1935 in Treviso, Italy) is an Italian artist known for his movie posters, which include films like My Name Is Nobody, Quadrophenia, Conan the Barbarian, Tenebrae, Octopussy, Never Say Never Again, Rambo: First Blood Part II (Int'l Version), Red Sonja and Flesh and Blood. He is considered one of the most important, influential and innovative Italian film poster artists. He has made hundreds of works dedicated to the cinema, becoming very popular abroad.[1] He has also painted calendars, collectibles, book covers and album covers.
  6. Daks Gigs Mber, Hindue, Oasis and that Aztec one nice flicks keep them coming
  7. hardest fuckin struggle I've ever dealt with. seems like my mates' kids have all grown up and I'm still dealing with little kids ( obviously I realise the difference in years of birth). They are going to 18th birthdays and high school graduation and my youngest only started school this year. It just seems like decades since they were born. I hate being a parent sometimes. And every cunt has to pipe up about what you're wrong in their eyes. Bonus points if they've got a small dog they think is like is like a kid. Bonus points if they start with "I'm not telling you how to......
  8. thought this was funny given recent release in New York.
  9. fuck yeah Auto reverse was the shit. there was a guy I knew stealing these from the warehouse in sydney so I had multiple of walkmans like these in mid to late 90's
  10. buddy from melbourne has a sketch in his blackbook by dream from the about november/december 1999 so not that long before he passed away.
  11. Schnitzel


    has to be said 10 news is better but that guy is pure 100% unadulterated Gold Coast. I have friends that live there but seriously fuck that place.
  12. realise the thread might have moved on but just thought I'd back up ralphy's comment about the Bojangles book.
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