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  1. when i was a kid and foreign graff stuff was hard to find I found this mag in a newsagent in sydney. cant recall if I've added it in here prior. doesn't mstter the cazism panel is worth seeing again.... and again
  2. I knocked a beer over one of these guys in some bar where my mate took me in Heidelberg very early 2009. all things considered he was very nice about it.
  3. wonderign how bad can I fuck things up and still make it through? time will tell I guess
  4. She does keep me on my toes we only had one flat tray for the oven so it went kids wife ol' fat ass himself. I just hate pineapple on pizza. and just gonna say it's completely not worth saving 99 cents on cheaper mozzarella.
  5. not the greatest but I went out to make the pizza I'd eat without sharing any to anyone. side one - olives Ham, anchovies, Olives, chopped tomato side two chicken pesto chopped tomato and olives. a bit much cheese but still okay ratio... toppings kind of went toward the middle because the pizza stone is packed away and I had to use a baking tray that was too small so middle wasn't supported my wife walked past and sneakily added a piece of pineapple (that thankfully I didn't find until the last slice )the sneaky cow.
  6. from 2005 to about 2011 my 12oz time would be roughly equal to my work time i think!
  7. listening to a guy brutally murdering his own podcast idea by trying to be super intellectual.
  8. recently bought on Ebay to replace my copy that's chopped and written on. guy said "minor blemish on cover"....30 year old blobs of ketchup on the front..
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