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  1. I screenshot mine on phone then crop and load them. or I use this imazing heic converter to save them into folders but lately it's not working so more research might be needed!
  2. I do it with tea because it pounds the flavour out of the tea bag. oh and yes I look a bad ass doing it. My inlaws always joke about it. Side note: I hate the idea of bartenders touching my ice etc. When I was a bartender we were always told we only owned the bottom 1/3 of the glass but that seems to be less common now. any bartenders on here ever get told that?
  3. Trying to do school homework with a pissed off 8 year old. no aussie notes so had to substitute Gatorade saxophone wonder if it's true
  4. similar looking to LA gear^^ buying a pair of these as my first ever "cool" shoes and being super stoked on them wearing them until the soles were gone Man Nikes were expensive back in 1990 in Australia.
  5. "I'm still waiting for my pizza by the way" dont know why but that annoyed me. "dude can't you see they are busy?" Fimally!!!
  6. That's some great advice dude - thanks for that going to use that when i buy my next place.
  7. Do you guys have offset loans in america? They are loans that are connected to your bank account and you gte you pay put into them. Every dollar you put in above your required repayment comes off your principle so your interest payable drops accordingly which can make a big difference over the loan lifetime But you can take money from the "offset" part as required just means your interest due would creep up a bit. Works pretty nicely if you can put a bit extra in there. 500 invested early will work out to savings of way more than 500 on a 30 year loan.
  8. go west life is peaceful there.
  9. actually they DEMOLISHED it past tense. stupid predictive text.
  10. they demolishing jeffrey dahmer's apartment block due to the notoriety I believe.
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