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  1. Schnitzel

    The Babble

    Some cartoons by Ron Cobb an American cartoonist who moved to Australia in the 70’s Change the pic to the guy holding a smart phone not a television and it’s pretty accurate.
  2. no gonna lie I love the drag and drop functionality once I worked out I could just drag and drag to the place in my post. Unreal updates!
  3. Schnitzel

    Dear ________,

    Dear Friday, please provide work inspiration before the end of day rush! Schnittleybizzels
  4. rainy Morning and freezing cold friday found a metal gig flyer in my pocket - would never go to metal gigs so why I kept I don't know Uncle Moogy Down hill freight coming mentally disabled guy crossing the tracks. I was yelling " dickhead get off the tracks" but if he heard me he made no change to his demeanour. I don't even think he knew the train was there. there's a living pace for disabled/cerebal palsy/mentally challenged people near my station and he is a resident I would wager. excellent podcast dealing with a few London writers - this was great episode. panels rolling by. the train was stopped near the CBd so I thought I'd jump off and take some flicks. the rain was freezing my hands were shaking by the end of it. The SCT train came through unannounced - I love these trains because sometimes there are some amazing panels on them from as far away as Brisbane. hands were shaking and it was flying so the pics came out blurry:( really sucks because I see these trains so rarely and they go a yard miles out of town that is secure and impossible to be unnoticed going into( you'd have no reason to be there. Nice carriages hey? Since the other train was stopped I wandered along to get better pics. hello fuck consec these security guys line out and destroy whole lines of pieces. guys painting the grain trains have almost zero chance of seeing them move uncapped. fucking Dogs!! But they wont dog carriages from out of state since they dont control them so I see lots from other cities then nothing for a few hors at work got home and my son had decorated a carriage of his wooden train set "like the trains with pictures you like daddy"
  5. Nice post mo'p been trying to take a Days in pies day each day for much of last week and only getting partway through so here's a combo. Wednesday last week. Took the kids to a Play centre so I could check out the freight yards behind it Special carriages for the train crews to sleep in during shift changes on the rails to Perth nearly 1,600 miles away. Crews also sleep in the during trackworks since there is NOTHING in between the few scattered settlements. I reckon these would be a chill night - love sleeper trains The India mart got a facelift but the smell of spices is still there. Adelaide is very multicultural boosted by it counting as a regional city. So it's easier to get a visa if you move as opposed to Sydney or Melbourne. go out on the main party street and inbetween the drunk chicks there are shisha cafes full of familes etc. kind of cool wandered round to other sie of yard but no boxcars there today 😞 back on the road NOK UTAH ETHER throwies from their trip ( although I think Ether was locked up at this point). stupid parking permit sticker blocked the good throws. these guys are a long way from home. Kids were wrecked Unpacked a box of books. my grandmother wrote this in the 40's
  6. Thread is poppin' off for the first time in along time! Those zines look good! Will get on the case I'd be down for a trade if anybody woudl be keen will di gout some issues! cover of my big Sydney project finishing it up after 6 years
  7. Schnitzel

    What you write...with? Pens.

    https://www.officenational.com.au/wcsstore/ONCatalogAssetStore/images/BA801867.jpg These plus the no name japanese version of them.
  8. Schnitzel

    IT was pretty damn good

    man when I was a kid I read the book creeped me right out saw the original movie creeped me right out saw this creeped me right out which was surprise because the plot was fucking spastic. reread the book and still got a mild peakiness about it. fucking hate that damn book/movie but will be going to see the next one for fucking sure! go figure
  9. Schnitzel

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    listening to magpie singing to the moon. it's nearly midnight here. Trafficking html5 creative that I've had to bribe a friend to fix. I lied to a client last campaign ( told them it worked and just ran the back up file) and I now have to live with the lie. But they want to see it in situ and they will in next few days cursing my self for still getting into these situations at my age (44 on sunday)
  10. got my copies of my zine for my new city. figured it would get me out of the funk that moving cities put me into and hey I might even make a friend or two truly struggled for a name for it so literally named it from the file name! only 8 A4 pages because there's not enough graff to go too big here.
  11. Schnitzel

    Your public transport in pics

    double decker buses rule (novelty factor) In Hong Kong they had double decker trams which was rad!
  12. Schnitzel

    hey 12oz...I got somethin' for ya

    Depends on the girl and how the dust got there?😉
  13. Dump truckin’ Run ups at the station old 200ad comic and burrito for lunch strange livery on the train where the old one not completely removed vegetarian tagine - tastier than expected. Was expecting mush but nicely spiced and not over cooked dessert
  14. Next morning. Freights these guys get around. Not as far as they go in America but these can travel across the country Co-worker’s puppy where this dog goes panties hit the deck