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  1. if your dog is dehydrated and you want him to drink steam up some chicken for him retain the water chill it quickly skim off the fat wahey chicken water that they'll love. learned this today. Yeah I steam chicken for my dog sometimes.
  2. @Mercer look at them brussel sprouts #salivating Nobody in my family likes them apart from me. you guys all look like you're having a good one
  3. right combination of money and idiocy when it comes to graff books. I am such a sucker for the paypal/self published book on big cartel combination got this on preorder.
  4. bought this - not a whole load of text but damn there are some zany pieces in there! always thought Sabe was a bit of a gun at bombing
  5. Cant even think of anything that rhymes with false TPBM ready for a long weekend!
  6. really bad selection of cheap loop tins told the guy "fuck it up Man make it hard colours - Love the earthy tones etc" dude rose to the challenge But I think the photo may not do it justice!
  7. true dad of 2 TPBM is a demon at making pumpkin pie... Happy thanksgiving for tomorrow by the way
  8. true whihc is why I dont drink much anymore TPBM has been to europe so they say "Cwosson" instead of croissant to show how cultured they are
  9. trudat TPBM would not have a clue when Australia day is.
  10. hahaha fuck I had no idea it had sound. it's always been on messenger and I only just found out I could download it today
  11. Jesus christ I hate that song When I lived in London if you were at the Aussie pubs it was like you had to act like a dickhead and bellow alongwhen it came on... was fuckin' embarassing
  12. waiting for a huge photoshop file to download from a client.
  13. 90's rave shit with so much graff influence. wish I could find the front the first rave I went to the first time I took acid fuck it blew my mind
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