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  1. wording an email politely requesting more hours from work.
  2. how does Qoin rate? a girl I know who is about to marry a mate of mine has sunk all her savings into Qoin which strikes me as monumentally stupid
  3. it was considerably later the next day. I skipped dinner night before ( we'd been driving from las vegas for the last two days so I was in mood to party). we cracked into the beers nice and early then took it from there. I don't recall being super hungry but feeling like i should eat as next day we started driving back to SF don't recall what they got but doubt it was poutine though am pretty sure it was fucking deep fried
  4. In Vancouver after a hard night of drinking and consuming huge amounts of coke. I got mobbed by the gulls on some food court type place. Lost my entire plate of food and had to leave I was so embarrassed at least they didn't shit on me Gulls are cunts
  5. to be fair the kookaburras hang out and take the piss out of you. when they all get to getehr and laugh. Magpies are dope birds the rest of the year. they like to hang out in their squads and sing. one downside to getting my dog is that the magpie gang dont hang around the back any more.
  6. kookaburras are fine they chill magpies on the other hand that being said when I painted in boston about 15 years ago people warned me about the geese in the spot. i got lucky and they didnt notice me or didnt care
  7. mostly old toys or old scifi books or cool comics. or bulk lots of lego for my kids. I've decided to be ruthless and if there's nothing once I have a quick run through I dont go hunting for stuff to buy. I'm a "collector" not a "Hoarder" (though my wife would disagree). The brio's are pretty much the best score I have had in the last few years. The second hand booksellers in my city are demons for going through garage sales before they open so generally garage sales are pretty slim pickings now. Best overall would be "The Collected adventures o
  8. I hunt garage sales regularly just in case some old writer is ditching their graffiti related ephemera. Have never come up on ANYTHING AT ALL in 20 years. But hope springs eternal that one day I'll met the old writer too battered by booze and drugs to list his crap on ebay.
  9. ^^^^ Yeah was a big lapse on my part The first IT scared the shit outta me (talked about it in another thread) and I've always said it was scary and he should never watch it. thing is the second chapter of it was so stupid it kind of cured me.but damn it terrified him.
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