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  1. false it was shit. TPBM votes in elections
  2. this looks good. Not so fussed about pretty boxes etc. but the outtakes book. Hoo MAMA 800 never before seen photos by Martha Cooper. MARTHA COOPER SIGNED LIMITED EDITION TWO BOOK BOX SET This limited edition collection includes a special hardbound version of Spray Nation signed by Martha Cooper on vellum. Plus, the exclusive never-to-be-reprinted softbound Outtakes book, only available here. The Box Set weighs over seven pounds and has a magnetic closing flat, ribbon, both books, six postcards and an oversized poster, making this a must for any book collection. BEYOND THE STREETS worked closely with Cooper to assemble over 800 photos - many pulled from dozens of boxes of slides that had not been opened since they were first shot over 40 years ago.
  3. julia gillard looking younger than 10 years back...
  4. False though I might explore the pornverse to see if i cvan. TPBM is concerned about food prices rising..
  5. Just curious do you seppos have capital gains tax? this is the factor that is a big nono for me on cryptocurrencies. if you bought BTC at $1.00 back in whenever and now sold it for $45,000.00 is australia you pay tax on the $44,999. Which you'll end up paying at some point because you'll have top convert back to cash at some point which will be where your transaction gets seen. you get a discount of 50% if you own the appreciating asset for more than 12 months (so in example above you'd only pay 30% tax on $22,498 but that's still $6750.00. Is there similar in the USA? how do you get around it if there is?
  6. mostly timid but if you've got a big male guarding his harem they can be aggressive. they have big claws on their feet so you wouldn't want one to kick you in the guts. I can't work out if this is staged or not but I dont think it's fake
  7. yeah my daughter being painfully reluctant to give up the night diapers. daytime we're golden and have been for years but nights are still going strong. Thank fuck we're past the formula days - pain in the arse. And day care - I spent over 50,000 in last 8 years.
  8. from this morning's dog walk the grass appearing due to recent rains bringing the wildlife out. took off when dog appeared ( dog then shat himself when he saw the size of them) these are grey kangaroos so not real big about 4ft standing up. only went into bushes a little way but after I took the pic they took off completely!
  9. @nicklesndimes was going to ask how long it takes to get around the lake but looking more closely would be two border crossings and a shit load of cycling
  10. Nappies for my daughter. holy shit I can't wait for this to be an expense of the past.
  11. freshening up the linkedin profile before I very slowly start looking for work again! Probably should update the profile picture last one was taken before I had kids and the weight has crept on since then.
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