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  1. Schnitzel

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    boring the pants off my fellow oontzers with photos of my vegie patch
  2. couple more pics from the backyard since I had a coffee out there. apple tree is blossoming which is good new fruit and old fruit on the orange tree Pomegranate starting to flower strawberries coming on like a dream since I put the beer traps in place. yesterday we got about 20 good sized ripe berries off . last year we got about 20 period beer traps going gangster on the slugs and this was then little one the big one had two inches of slugs at the bottom Tomatoes starting to come in okay I have 5 plants in different varieties in this year and fingers crossed we get a a lot more than last year. My inlaws got nearly 250 pounds of tomatoes off about 8 plants last summer they had tomatoes coming out the wazoo. broad beans also going mad. these are really satisfying to grow because they yield heaps but since the family all hate them I'm now growing them for the cute vegan receptionist at work Ive got potatoes and brussel sprouts in the next bed but far out brussel sprout they went mad so they'll get removed on weekend I'm a fucking amateur when it comes to growing stuff . just shove it in and try to remember to water it.
  3. had a strange combination of day off and kids at kindy/daycare so decided to go for a crusie to check a freight spot out of town. misread time table so yard was empty. Not great after 100km's but found a painting spot (why the fuck did I not even bring a single tin of paint with me GRRRRR) towards melbourne towards Adelaide feeling pretty gloomy about the empty yard and the lack of paint. wasn't even a place to go buy a couple of tins without a 40k round trip but I'll come back solar farm under construction looked really interesting but didn't want to attract too much attention as I was trespassing at one point while they were off loading a huge battery. pulled into the little town to get a drink and saw this guy mosey'd on home to find this waiting for me one of the UK's best writers. fucking Impressive book. then did the dad thing for rest of day. this morning geared up to drop kids off and go to bench some freights before work. but mistimed it and they went across. shitty photos but there was a cop car a few back so wanted to be discrete. Thanks sun for always rising in the east really added to my pics.
  4. same with that blinkist app "ever read four books in one day?" It's not fucking reading a book it's reading the summary. not the same thing. I read more than 4 books each day they just all happen to be aimed at 2-5 year olds. Just set app limits this week because insta is becoming a huge part of my day roughly 2.5 hours a day for the last week) which is insane. 3 hours of that was spent trading dm's while I scoped a freight spot out one night but still more than half a day last week was spent mindlessly looking at graff on my phone....
  5. Schnitzel

    I wanna see your...........PETS!

    really gotta clean it's tank more but was religious about doing it for a while but my fish kept on dying so now I do it rarely and they are growing. thinking about adopting an ex racing greyhound to give the poor dog a loving end to his/her life. I've heard after several years of racing they become quite serious couch potatoes so that could work for me. just got to wait till my daughter is a little older.
  6. The Fatal Shore by Robert Hughes maybe?
  7. all good man you've opened my eyes to it an now it's all I can see
  8. meh can't please everyone.
  9. Schnitzel

    last thing you ate?

    asian rice crackers Vegemite sao biscuit two Portuguese tarts
  10. Schnitzel

    How can I keep up with dank memes?

    young willem Defoe in his Jheri Curl days
  11. hear you on Muswellbrook. try the paragon cafe in Goulburn next time you're there. Got the whole 1950's vibe going on booths mirrored wall etc. but not done retro actually original. The coffee will be dire but I like it anyway since the menu is also pretty 1950's. that being said it's been 5 or so years since I was last there
  12. @Hua Guofang shit for a second I though tit was the Paragon in Goulburn assume you've been there given it's proximity to CBR and Sydney where was the wedding in the end? Murrurundi? sounds interesting! cool pics mate!
  13. Schnitzel

    Side Hustles

    I tried selling my zine but it didn't work out! I see guys on Insta offering to pay $50.00 a shot for good clean running shots of their panels. ( clean trains) Considering the amount of time I used to spend benching trains I wish they were offering back then would have made a mint.
  14. Schnitzel

    GAME: True or False

    false pretty happily married Tpbm has an ex they wish would disappear but keep running into.
  15. Schnitzel

    How to get rid of bums outside my window

    we call it a nature strip in Australia.