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  1. Had to get a walk by on the Meka IMG_8161.mov
  2. That first one ^ is fire. W all the faces. So cool.
  3. I recently acquired an oculus through trading. Sought out simply for kingspray. Great tool to utilize when you can’t go out. Works been slow so can’t afford paint. originally searched for a thread like this I’m hoping to find some to paint with on the oculus. So I’ll just bump for now and if anyone wanna get it in hmu.
  4. Had it sittin’ my phone for months. Even scrolled back to avoid reposting it but I did not see it, still great though.
  5. must be a members only club
  6. Yeah. Where I’m from the stickers aren’t everywhere. But I know cali is on it. Yeah like I said pretty impossible to stay away from it. Unless you grow your own food.
  7. I would check out the warnings on the airfry. A lot of them have stickers claiming that the machine can cause cancer. Check the bottom or back. One of those “the state of California etc..” statements. These days it’s impossible to stay away from carcinogenic things though.
  8. Never snooze your alarm. If you wake up before you’re supposed to, and it’s close to the time to wake up; just get up. Once you hit snooze and doze for a few more minutes your body enters its sleep cycle again, resulting in grogginess which can sometimes take up to 4 hours for your body to shake off. In addition to that tip, cold showers in the morning will have you right as rain. Start off warm to get that feel good in and before you get out either slowly bump it to cold or just go all in. Take 30 breaths during this time. Enjoy the dopamine. Don’t wear your socks outside you’ll get holes in em.
  9. Zilch. Worked my ass off all last year was pretty hype for this tax season but the state took it
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