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  1. thats a nice drawing. did you do that?
  2. i liked when people were posting images rather then chasing the proverbial tail.
  3. sorry did some flickr editing.
  4. http://www.artbbq.nl/ron/menu-eng.htm i cant even begin on how into this guys stuff i am.
  5. tabloid who is that those are great.
  6. Al Green


    i bought mine off ebay. dead stock for under 300 bucks with shipping from a few states away. theres alot of shops or people who refurbish or find pretty much dead stock bikes and sell them close to or near mint condition. thats where id start. I dont know everything about bikes technically but ive been riding them for a good amount of time. its definitely important to know what type of stance you prefer. if youre unfamiliar with road bikes Id suggest going to a shop and trying out a few different types and see what does and doesnt work for you. that way you can ask some questions when you talk to a seller.
  7. Al Green


    beep boop bop man.. i dont know.. i avoid any kind of coding..
  8. Al Green


    its like < img src="hyperlink" /img > as opposed to the bracket img close bracket hyperlink bracket slash img close bracket. nahmsaying?
  9. Al Green


    yeah..its embarassing but... ive gotten used to the myspace coding.
  10. Al Green


    ive had a few accidents and blow outs recently so not really impressive parts...orange handles.
  11. oh shit! its good to see you back out! word up!
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