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  1. how come i hear you this one is an ear worm for me
  2. waiting to speak to a mate who has cancer who's been putting up a brave face and has finally hit the point he can't do it any more. I reckon he's lost 50 pounds in the last few months. he's 1000 miles away almost so it's on zoom. absolutely terrified. I drank my first legal beers with him at the Public Enemy / Ice-T concert in 1992.
  3. mods if this is too offensive take it down. this is pretty fucking borderline
  4. would be used I'd say but it worked out cheaper to spend 160 getting the car fully detailed inside.
  5. how did I get this far? I am a moron.
  6. Tradie: a tradesman. Most of the tradies have nicknames too, including brickie (bricklayer), truckie (truckdriver), sparky (electrician), garbo (garbage collector) and chippie (carpenter).
  7. think it's pretty good as far as an eagle goes... but yeah the cry is a touch underwhelming
  8. hey @misteraven got anything new in the works? With the change of seasons I need a couple of long sleeve tee's and since pretty much the only non plain things I wear say 12ozprophet on them you're the first port of call. realise in your neck of the woods it's more short sleeve tee season .
  9. to be arrested in this way https://www.news.com.au/national/nsw-act/crime/alleged-bondi-drug-dealer-was-busted-by-police/news-story/9d547cd6778a0b1364663405c4959b4c
  10. son's first footy match - mad Karen cut people waiting desperately for liquor store to open took dogs and kids for a walk city views steep track pumpkin patch next day skimboarding frenchie
  11. friday night saturday morning on way to bug show bug show was pretty shit we booked it before Covid hit and my kids are now just that bit too old throw in a dinosaur why not dismal dungball took train home since my son was being a little cunt to his mum. nice zippy new trains our train 1up in town steep hills fright on way home from station bit later trying to work out the orig
  12. dammit you're killing me - once again Come on, shake your body, baby, do the conga I know you can't control yourself any longer Feel the rhythm of the music getting stronger Don't you fight it 'til you tried it, do that conga beat but before the miami sound machine crashed the party yesterday it was
  13. can't believe cannabis users are now a full buyable segment for online advertisers. discovered this today with work - More than ever, brands are seeking differentiated sources of data in order to keep their audience insights fresh and moving forward. This commissioned study, conducted by Forrester Consulting among Marketing leaders in the US, examines the pivotal role second-party data plays in strategic planning and exposes a foundational new audience for growth—cannabis and CBD consumers. As five new states pass legalization measures, it’s clear
  14. strange to hear this. I heard about this the other day - my neighbour is a sparky and he mentioned they were locking up their spare wood on site over night in secure parts of the site or making the carpenters take it home and store it in their garages. Not being a DIY-er or working in the trade i had no idea.
  15. hope this works. skimboarding french bulldog making most of last few warm days dont think it worked. IMG_5258.MOV
  16. @ndv oyster cages for commercial oyster farms look like some mad suspended underwater railway huh?
  17. ^^ Filmed in my state and in the western part of my city.
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