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  1. That fish Tales one looks cool. Want to find some to take my son to play. how much does a game on the pinnies cost in san diego? @KILZ FILLZ
  2. surfboard for daughter's barbie but I did try launch it in the pool with her. TV blue accidental but a happy accident! Just googled it - our possums are smaller than yours generally. And ours don't play possum.
  3. making Barbie a surfboard ( seems to be on some swinging 60's scale) Harvesting like mad because it's getting tough New TV shopping not much left of ol' Ratty possum annoying the dog in the backyard also trying to turn Scnitzel into Shitsmell
  4. Schnitzel


    thread keeps on delivering! too many goodies to name!
  5. senor Koala dont give a fuck he just chills in the dog park Lets his piss run down the tree and his shit fall at the bottom. right on the tree the dogs all sniff at.
  6. my son played this yesterday and I've been singning
  7. do i trust that fart?
  8. Panic as Kosovo pulls the plug on its energy-guzzling bitcoin miners. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2022/jan/16/panic-as-kosovo-pulls-the-plug-on-its-energy-guzzling-bitcoin-miners don't know if it's of interest to the thread.
  9. Schnitzel


    haha that's my city I live on opposite side of goodwood road to edwardstown (Phew) Can't quite get the scale but I live between the baby's right knee and the bottom of the picture. god that would be shit doing the long diagonals for the arms out to fulham gardens.
  10. second attempt wife pointed out they are multi colored kernels because of the variety of seeds I used so I picked one more cob. what a difference a week and a bit more sunlight makes was pretty awesome. picked another 4 for my neighbours
  11. attempt number 2 begins tonight read 2 pages on holiday like three years ago and then the book has been in the trunk of the car ever since..
  12. Rustos cost 12.99 in australia for the 2x cans Cheaper to buy Montana, MTN or Loop. fucking bizarro world last thing I bought was coffee
  13. change of government in Australia Current mob is so emboldened by the apathy they don't even hide their corruption or who they work for anymore.
  14. Look mate wot I'm trying to say is that the guvvermint are 'usslers so dont fade ta grey
  15. fuck yeah! @Tenixdid you take those pics? How much more of the wall does he have to go? I know it's long as hell!
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