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  1. Looking at realestate comparing spots I know where oontzers live and places I've always wanted to see
  2. Damn Houston real estate looks pretty fucking good. https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/12734-Hunters-Cyn-Cypress-TX-77429/160999434_zpid/ it's got a fucking pool and mini golf hole??? That's a castle for less than 1.4 million Aussie dollars. fuck I might move there. it's actually a lot further our of Houston than I thought yeesh. This sounds horrible!
  3. facebook is meh for me only if I get a text telling some important thing needing my attention from the school class parents group will I log in. Instagram is graffiti, animals tearing each other apart, girlsgettinghurt, nutshots, comic artwork and the like. But mostly graffiti. mine is made with an old anonymous hotmail account I set up for a graff mag, I have location turned off and no microphone or camera access. If I'm doing stuff I don't like to be tracked on I log out and delete the app from my phone as well as putting phone on flight mode from when I meet the homie
  4. Thanks @Joker will have to check them out!
  5. IT'll be okay and Celfish win the page for me. whoops the previous page!
  6. I didn't appreciate that book at first but I'm glad I didn't part with it!
  7. and if you find cool stuff from the xeroxed era keep your friend schnitty here in mind. These came in the post today.( queens one not pictured) now all I need is the manhattan one
  8. for the record Trash dubious smash Trash Trash Trash
  9. salami and danish fetta sandwich on brown wonderbread 4 doritos from my son's packet little piece of chocolate my wife gave me.
  10. what movie is that? edit don't worry about it I found it.
  11. @where @fat ralphy Get a bee hive they are cool and good for yours and your neighbours' gardens Before I got into graff I was right into keeping bees. I used to have to spend every second weekend at my stepfather's place in the mountains so it was something I did while up there from the age of 11- to about 14. I had 8 two level hives and used to get a quite a bit of honey. Think my mum used to get her friends to buy it and then they'd chuck it out because nobody uses that much honey. Then one day I tried to suck up a swarm of bees in a vacuum
  12. well I'm not gonna brag about it for starters
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