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  1. Got covid and lost my taste so haven’t had a beer for a while. Thankfully, it has now returned albeit still a bit off when eating particular foods
  2. Happy new year everyone. Hopefully we’ll be able to have pints in pubs again soon 🍺🍺
  3. Oh yes! Snake eyes all the way
  4. Trying to keep Supporting the locals as much as I can. Session was the go to beer at the pub for everyone on a Friday after work. Fed up with lockdown now
  5. First keg beer in a few months
  6. Pre butchering of the wax. Looks great, but is a pain in the arse to remove
  7. More German treats. The local bottle shop has acquired a few rare Franconian stuff that doesn’t usually leave the country. Might have to pay a visit once the rona is over
  8. Another week, another black iris pick up. Supporting the local brewery since everything’s locked down
  9. @Lorne_Malvo real good stuff, one of the smoothest NEIPAs I’ve had for a while.
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