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  1. Working down south and managed to get a few pints in the Samuel smiths pub. We were the last boy ones in there, they gave us some nuts that some local had smoked themselves. Tasted like charcoal to be fair
  2. The schneider weisse alcohol free beer was a highlight of the beers this month, not gonna lie.
  3. A pint of mild in a glass with the class “crown” symbol. Brexit folk have tried to say that by leaving the EU we can have this on our glasses again. It never went away. Apparently, that makes up for all the lost trade.
  4. @metronomereally good, like red velvet cake in liquid form. I think they brewed this before shit kicked off over there as well.
  5. Up in Edinburgh for a few days
  6. Friday beers. Plastic glasses are the worse
  7. Obviously, craft beer has some pretty nice labels but German beer labels will always come out on top for me.
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