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  1. Trappist extra is usually only found at the abbey where it’s made; reserved for the monks or visitors. It’s good to have the chance to have it over in the U.K. Covid has allowed my local shop to get some beers in which usually wouldn’t leave the region they’re made in.
  2. The ipas can get a bit too much after a while. The local brewery only had some fruit ipa on the other day so got a litre growler of a saison (cowboys from Hull) instead. Thoroughly enjoyed it as well.
  3. Representing sneinton with the neon raptor @Lorne_Malvo been down there this morning stocking up on some new stuff
  4. @Lorne_Malvo release the pillars is a beauty.
  5. Context for not another one the local brewery tends to brew a lot of hazy ipas
  6. Check out Kev grey on Instagram if you like his stuff.
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