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  1. Have you got a photo of the opposite wall? I remember driving past this, one being beer themed and the other champagne themed Or something
  2. Currently sampling some Croatian beers, pints are super cheap. There are a few craft bars, but I’ve yet to find them. 90% of beers drank here are from domestic breweries, tomislav is the strongest apparently. Pan is basically carlsberg and ozujsko is everywhere.
  3. Yeah I’m not a fan of reading loads of text on a screen but it’s a good way to skim and scan and get the basic gist of the text
  4. I should hopefully have this saved for me when I’ve got a bit of disposable income. Part 1 of a 3 pet series. Can’t wait for the rest
  5. Have you tried using google translate, taking a photo of the text? It’s a bit of a pain in the arse and the translation isn’t always exact but it’s allowed me to read a few books that have otherwise sat unread with me just enjoying my the photos
  6. When I’ve had non alcoholic beers before they taste like a strange soda water. These guys have got the recipe sorted so it actually tastes like decent wheat beer
  7. A taste of Germany in an English suburb
  8. It was covered in cinnamon sugar. I don’t like cinnamon but it went down well with the beer @metronome
  9. New post pandemic pub opened with some decent offerings. Offers sufficient people watching facilities as well and only a minute from some other decent boozers
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