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  1. My favourite pub has finally reopened. I worked here for a few years after dropping out of uni and it introduced me to a world of tasty beer. Die to it being small there was a chance the place would never open, thankfully it’s returned back to its former glory. The guy who runs it ensures everything is top quality whether it be cask or keg. They even used to do a break even keg which made no profit to ensure people got to taste great rare beer without forking out a load of money
  2. It’s a new interactive way of viewing pictures on the internet. Trust me, it’s going to be the next big thing
  3. Sorry they’re upside down
  4. Flip your phone for an enjoyable experience
  5. Got loads of flicks from my trip last year but they’re uploading upside down ? This doesn’t happen in any other thread
  6. Beautiful sunny day. Take a ride to the local tap room after work for a quick pint. Currently stuck under a rickety gazebo avoiding leaks from the torrential rain. this is England
  7. Also, just realised the last thing I posted on here was my 4th tag zine. They’ve all gone. Still haven’t found motivation for the xerox mag either
  8. I’ve just sent my next zine to the printers. Felt like a real slog to make this one. It’s my fifth zine focussing on tags round my city. I just want to get travelling again for some more inspiration
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