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  1. The dog loves getting on top of the bench just recently. Reckon it’s some dominance over the pints type of thing.
  2. I’ve never drank mead, hence the tiny bottle. I have bought a larger bottle since
  3. There’s a brewery in Newcastle called anarchy brewing (never encountered them before) and these are the branded glasses
  4. Today’s pint with surf and turf
  5. @KILZ FILLZone day I may get to taste this over here, but for now I just have to imagine.
  6. Tasted like they’d chucked a random whiskey where the ice had melted into a crap stout. I’ve had whiskey barrel aged stouts before which were great but this felt half arsed
  7. This was a pleasant surprise after work though. And because it was before 7, pints were only £3 My landscape pictures never come out right
  8. Someone at work gave me this as they said it was horrendous and couldn’t drink another bottle. I had 2 sips and it went down the drain. Not good
  9. Making the most of a break in the wind and ice to have a drink outside. I couldn’t find a seat inside either
  10. Yeah I don’t really get the name either. Same with reckless dweeb
  11. I might have already posted some of these
  12. Curious as to what the beavertown beers cost in the USA? Usually about £3 a can here
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