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  1. For the skol heads out there
  2. A few random pubs and pints the head in the northern monk is unnecessary
  3. I’m sure they used to sponsor my local football team. As a kid I had no idea what the word was associated with
  4. Up north for a few days
  5. I have no idea why everything is always upside down I’m sorry
  6. More train related beers. This place used to be the shed that the British transport police hung out in. I say shed as it is a small wooden building attached to the main station. It’s now been turned into a decent little micro pub, but it gets super cold and damp when it’s raining. They usually have a heater on but with current British issues they’ve probably got rid of that.
  7. Only place in the place I used to live that’s decent. Bonus that the whole place is train themed too
  8. This really grinds my gears
  9. Sorry, I provided misinformation. Did a search and it turns out it’s a claim to be the oldest boozer in nottingham. Not England. There’s another one which also claims to be the oldest but no one really knows who was first. here’s some pints from Derbyshire.
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