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  1. Possibly could be either! It’s been a while since I’ve traded with folks on 12oz mind you
  2. Went to a taproom of theirs in Munich and they refused to serve us because we sat outside which was annoying.
  3. https://turboisland.info The missus and I popped to Bristol around the covid lockdown when things were starting to open again. Despite restrictions, the fire was still going and the local crackheads urged us to keep it going despite us just wanting to enjoy our kebabs. One of the crackheads had a really nice looking mojito and it still bugs me to this day where he could have got it from
  4. This guy was unlocked but I didn’t realise who it was until I’d come home. Last place flooded so it’s good for it to be back
  5. Living the dream. I keep seeing things and I’m like that’s definitely him but there’s a voice in the back of my mind saying it can’t be 😂
  6. XG was one of the best. Felt like dirty handz in paper form
  7. I like New England ipa and I like brown ales, but what about those two styles combined?
  8. Yes. Mostly just magazines. I’ll post them up at some point
  9. Nice selection on show in munich
  10. Went for a pub crawl in Sheffield today in a place called Kelham island. Never been to this part of the city before but plenty of boozers within a 5 minute walk.
  11. I haven’t t had it for so long but it was pretty good to be fair. Exactly how I remembered it.
  12. They used to sell Laine at a pub near me and it was always great. Enjoy!
  13. Forgot I had these. From when I visited the Munich graffiti library last year and had a little look through the vast selection.
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