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  1. No Guinness for st Patrick this year
  2. A few pints and pubs from today
  3. As many may know, the U.K. is pretty awful at the minute (minute is an understatement) thankfully the local brewery has brewed a pint to fight the cost of living crisis coming in at below £3:50. Brits need pints no matter what…
  4. Bratwurst and a bit of mustard. Classic
  5. Have a great Christmas everyone or whatever else you celebrate!
  6. I’d had a few beers before this and struggled to get through it to be fair. Flavour wise, it wasn’t boozy at all. Just full On chocolate
  7. A few random pubs and pints the head in the northern monk is unnecessary
  8. I’m sure they used to sponsor my local football team. As a kid I had no idea what the word was associated with
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