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  1. We got Fat Albert and Ocho Cinco, go play the lottery because that is insane. Poesia what up mang, getting ready for the 2011 NFL season......
  2. i keep hearing all these service people crying about no tips or low tips, but i dont see them crying about how much or how little they claim on there taxes. i know for a fact that they probably make more than alot of us in more physically demanding job. Remember without a customer to come to your place you will be out of a job, and since you guys are such people oriented,you can do real well pan handling or street performing. New thing to tell yourself before you go to work " treat everyone the same no more no less" then you wouldnt be salty about people who dont tip or tip little. suck it up or get a new job fucking entitlement minded ass bitches
  3. so tell me some colored folks stiffed you on a tip and you got all red in the neck, should have regulated on them or else keep ya mouth shut. everyone knows there are people who dont tip, tip little, or tip big. point is do your job is what ya bossman gonna tell you.
  4. theres only a couple people i tip, my barber and strippers( only in the designated tip zone, anywhere else fuck off hoe). white people fuck it up all the time overseas tipping when it aint necessary and then monkey see monkey do. fuck all these service industry people crying about people that are cheap and dont tip( get a new job or get a gun and rob someone). the worst are the non service people with the tip jars out but once again monkey see monkey do can ya blame them. I am waiting on the day someone comes out and says something to me, i will embarrass the shit out of them and ask to speak to the manager thug life nigga. and all you people here that say blacks and asians dont tip , its CUSTOMARY NOT MANDATORY dumb fucks, and the hispanics why they gonna tip they own family members.
  5. i actually stumbled upon issue 2 in ok condition without a sleeve on it. holla at me via pm if interested, and i will give you specifics about the condition cash or trade
  6. anyone got Invasian 4 they want to sell(not gonna pay anything ridiculous) or trade. holla via pm
  7. Re: RHODE ISLAND PARTY THREAD FUCK YOU heres a link for you cats to check out if you havent already ( actually about graffiti no porn ) http://providence.thephoenix.com/life/117939-etips-and-the-history-of-rhode-island-graffiti/?page=1#TOPCONTENT
  8. RIP ,i remember this dude from Graffiti TV....
  9. Re: RHODE ISLAND PARTY THREAD FUCK YOU what strip club has the best talent and offers the best value. almost went today but something kept telling me no
  10. you trying to sell some of those?
  11. its always good to see a US Graff mag going over 10 issues. keep doing ya thang with the mag always fresh shit
  12. Re: RHODE ISLAND PARTY THREAD FUCK YOU The only art I want to see is 2 hot chicks making out.
  13. Re: RHODE ISLAND PARTY THREAD FUCK YOU Wow, that's mad funny. Is this chick good looking, hell if you got her to break her edge might as well try to pimp the bitch out playa.
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