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  1. I used to do "fine finishes" with an hvlp gun. Anything you can feel with your hand you will be able to see when it's painted. You would definitely be able to feel the texture difference as you described.
  2. I mean nobody even has used any long guns in any "peaceful protests" yet. It's all been pistols. My point is there is no reason to show off small caliber rifles when there are people with proper sniper semi auto rifles staying far away from the bee nest. For that reason I think the showing off publicly is a really poor decision. Thirty cal will go right through engine blocks and punch through both sides of a vehicle door no problem. Bricks no problem. Anything short of proper armor no problem.
  3. Closing arguments this week. Whose exercising their rights to protect their city? We are all Going to see how many people are Americans in MN.
  4. I denounce Black Panthers and any other organization of people banded together via social media. every last one of them is special olympics while thinking they're part of something big. Sure does sound like little cogs in the machine to me. Quite the opposite of freedom. Pawns and don't even know it. Trying to play chess with those only capable of checkers.
  5. I think open carry is kinda retarded tbh and is gonna get some people that think they're exuding safety capped.
  6. I'll update with legit entries. It's time to stop. Coca Cola Budweiser
  7. https://nypost.com/2021/04/18/andrew-cuomos-energy-legacy-for-new-york-dark-days-ahead/
  8. Vice is so full of crap on political subjects it's not even funny. They posture as the edgy news that "isn't afraid to get dirty to tell the truth." Same network that hosts "weediquitte" or whatever. And fat tattoo face picks his nose and cooks food show. And most expensivest where two chains acts like an uncultured retard around peoples expensive stuff. I'm sure this network just shoots it straight when publishing their news. People are easier to fool than to convince they've been fooled. Maxine Waters should be in jail.
  9. Gonna need you to wear a mask around me.
  10. I'm going to just be eating popcorn and sipping redbull when the news starts reporting that someone went full Lee Harvey on these crooked folks (politicians and "peaceful protestors" alike). It only takes a few getting sniped to send a pretty strong message to the rest.
  11. wd40 is a good cleaner for it's lack of harshness. It can take all types of shit off of automotive paint without messing up the paint.
  12. No training - check No armor - check Gh3y Guevara beret - check Gas station sun glasses - check Emo all black attire providing no daytime cammo - check Cucked by masks - check I bet neither one of those guys are accurate with the rifle or the pistols and the kid probably has to keep his one bullet in his shirt pocket like Gomer. Didn't know larping as a faggot was a thing. Maxine Waters supports this.
  13. You should start a thread about that if you'd like, and post all the examples of Jim Jordan "being retarded." My prediction is that you'll struggle to find material for it.
  14. Dirty_habiT

    Mad Maxine

    Look how squirrely fauci is. If we go by what fauci is saying then we would effectively never "return to normal". Just the other day she was calling for violence depending upon the outcome of the Chauvin case. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9483471/Fury-Maxine-Waters-tells-Minnesota-BLM-protesters-weve-got-confrontational.html I bet she's gonna get her ass impeached.
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