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  1. My grandparents would never have done something so unintelligent. Play stupid games win stupid prizes. Stay your weak ass at home if you're going to get that fucked up from a light shove, you are not fit to be in the middle of a violent protest. I don't see how that's so hard to comprehend.
  2. I think i'm done with you retards.
  3. You know how you guys are always whining about being civil. Nothing I said was attacking anyone, yet your response was that I don't deserve my freedoms? GO FUCK YOURSELF. How about that? That old fuck got what he deserved for charging a police line. Only a fucking idiot would try to do that, and only a moron would defend such an action. Dolt should have had better balance. Don't try to do shit you're not capable of, that's not what his mom meant when she told him he could do anything.... it didn't mean you can get through a line of cops that are advancing.
  4. Man, guys, I'm really torn. He went right for the penis in the hornet's nest move. It sucks but what did he expect was going to happen. The sea of officers was going to part for him like has no other human in all of ever?
  5. You're good man, I know we don't always see eye to eye and you're not taking a shot at me by not agreeing with my view point. I actually am not against the police or authority at all. I just don't want it to be over reaching. I want the police to protect and serve like they're meant to not use the population as an ATM. That is one of the points that the people protesting have made, and that I agree with. I'm just not going to go fight a losing battle. The odds are not for the protestors.... ever really. I'm not being a coward, i'm being smart. I don't want to catch any rubber bullets to the head. I think the police should clean those people off the streets because they're promoting destruction. The ones that are destroying are hiding among those that are not. In gym class if one kid fucks up, everyone gets to run laps. In real life, if you're associated with a group of people that are fucking up then you can get tear gassed and shot w/ rubber bullets. I'm not condoning any of this btw. I think it sucks that I'm spending tax money on police time/resources that are being spent messing w/ these scrubs that are out here protesting because they have nothing better to do. I've been reading, working, cooking, and doing chores while these people have been out protesting. They either don't give a shit about having an organized life at all or they have all their shit together so well that they can go fuck off protesting like that...... "for da cause". I wouldn't be so bothered by anyone here calling you a fluffer. I know your skin is thicker than that. I support our police and I'm not going to hear any of that mess..... I mean whoever can say whatever they want to me here and it would be my choice to let their words negatively affect me in terms of how I feel. I'm not suggesting you're distraught over anyone's thoughts on here.... I'm just saying if you care less then it matters less if someone says you're a fluffer. I say that anyone that would call me a boot licker has a square asshole.
  6. Lol you're maybe a little crazier than I am then. I didn't know they were rubber coated metal bullets in some cases. A "blank" can kill someone at close enough range.
  7. Well guys, I'm bumping this thread because I'm doing something new soon for my profession. I'm entering into the consulting realm. This morning I submitted my resignation notice to my job that is secure and I'm in no danger of losing. Earlier this week I was made an offer I couldn't refuse so now I'm shaking my life up a little bit by switching jobs. I will be 100% remote for a San Francisco based medical technology company as their first Devops Engineer working directly for the CTO. I have never had a job handed to me like this before. The first interview I had was with the CEO (I didn't even know it was the CEO until the end of the call). I was very informally "interviewed" and they basically told me the job was mine if I wanted it. Have any of you done something like this, just up and changed unexpectedly. I've been fired before and had to look for another job unexpectedly, but this is different. This is weird because I feel like I'm leaving something good for something better, not leaving something shitty for something good. It's hard to walk away from something that is "good" already.
  8. I don't dislike anyone for the profession they choose unless it's selling hard dope or prostitution.
  9. NSFW: The headline is sensationalist.... he wasn't "left for dead" by Austin police. He caught a rubber bullet to the head because he was in a place where police were shooting rubber bullets. I wonder how many "peaceful protests" this kid is going to participate in in the future.
  10. I'm a bad person to ask because I block all social media domains. The posts with twitter links in them look very broken on my screen as a result. I can, however click through to them and open them on twitter to see what the post is about. If there is a technical issue, please add a thread about it specifically so that we can address it..... or add it to another thread we have about issues on the site.
  11. Ok, I think we may be having a little misunderstanding. I think the media should cover these events. I think it should be done at a safe distance. There are telephoto lenses.
  12. I am listening to an Austin police scanner stream online. It's kind of entertaining. I am not hearing a lot of stuff about protests on here though.
  13. He's a redneck comedian. I don't think he's that funny for the most part. He's had his short moments but that's all I'd call it.
  14. I agree that this sucks for the media from those countries that were just trying to get a good shot for their story, but what I don't agree with is the fact that if you stick your dick in the hornets nest that you won't get stung on the pp. Ask yourself after being shot with anything you could be shot with during a protest..... if it's worth it? What if you got hit in the eye w/ a rubber bullet and lost your ability to see? Would "spreading awareness" and "getting the message out there" be "worth it" then? My answer is hell no. I don't even want to get sweaty for these nerds. I'm kickin it inside the a/c.... doing work, getting money. Retaining my dignity.
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