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  1. This is why I think journalists are shit bags. They are literally incapable of reporting in an unbiased manner.... and they will report ANYTHING for views. We think that getting a lot of views is something that youtube ushered in but the television industry has been working off of how many views they can get forever. Now the TV has to compete with the much more extreme internet "news"..... and to do so they've begun adding "shock value" to the news. I don't think outlets like TMZ should even exist. It's literally akin to sticking your head in the trash can to watch that show. Televising school shootings, suicide, cheating, depression, drug addiction..... all it does is annoy people that don't want to see that kind of subject matter, and give ideas to people that hadn't though of such horrible things on their own. "Ignorance is bliss" applies here very well.
  2. I love this thread already. I think I can probably contribute here too since Austin seems to be a destination for people that live out of vans and/or on the streets. I've watched a ton of videos on overlanding on youtube. I wanted to get a sprinter van but I'm now thinking I'm going to put a cummins 6BT into my 99 Suburban.
  3. I literally got certified to do AWS work by studying a $14 course on udemy.com. AWS cert holders start in the ~$120k salary range. I'm afraid to research American history online because of all the skewing people are doing to it. We literally have people saying that our constitution should be altered. I'm not spreading gasoline around here, I'm just saying that because of that kind of thing going on, I can't trust anything that comes from the FAANG companies or anything that they potentially could have their hands in. Yes, it's a tin foil sombrero, but it is keeping me safe.
  4. ^^ @Ko SprueOneI love it. I'm always inspired by others that fix things. This is definitely "rigged" but it will likely work forever like this and was WAY cheaper than buying a new Magic Mouse.
  5. I made some progress on the tractor today. The front left tire still is leaking air out of the bead. It already had to get welded 3 times to fix rust pin holes. Whoever owned this tractor before me really used the crap out of it lol. You can't tell, and I don't know if I already said it, but whoever owned it before me took the front bumper/weights off of it and replaced it w/ a section of railroad track. It's a heavily used piece of track too, it's got some nice mushrooming (no homo) on the surface the train wheels rode on. There are several maintenance items that will still need to be fixed.... mainly to do with replacing worn out grease fittings that have cracked on various levers/rods on the tractor. We're also "rebuilding" the 3-post hitch in the back because it was missing some parts. Things left to do are: * make charge pipe to go between compressor outlet and engine air inlet. * wire headlights after finding replacement headlight parts. * fab some sort of exhaust pipe to point the smoke away from the driver..... right now it will exit the turbo directly rearword, so roll coal on yourself. * fix the leak on the front tire bead. * figure out some sort of durable/elegant mounting solution for the 2x 52mm gauges that we are going to install (EGT and Boost pressure) * drill the oil pan to add a fitting so the turbo can drain oil into the pan. Future plans: * small LED light bar mounted on the hood. * ROPS (roll over protection system) * small intercooler w/ aux fan on it because tractor doesn't go fast enough to scrub heat from intake charge. Anyway, here's the turbo mounted and the oil feed plumbed.
  6. That has got a lot of accuracy to it. I know from being a habitual job hopper for the purpose of personal gain.
  7. Lol nope I never memorized raid levels. You just proved you know it better than I do. Also if anyone wants to really nerd out on data look into zfs. That’s a whole other subject on it’s own.
  8. I recently moved both sides of my family's group chats over to Signal after convincing everyone that we shouldn't be communicating openly on iMessage or GChat all the time. If you own an Android phone then your guess is as good as mine as to who's stealing your data. If you want to secure your own data, unfortunately, the only good solution is to build a robust multi disk array to house your data..... and then hope that the hardware that runs it never fucks up. For instance, with a proper RAID array you can have a hard disk fail, you hot swap it. That means the computer stays on, your data stays available but the performance of the array is degraded until the busted disk gets replaced with a good one. This allows for hardware failure in the disks without wrecking your data. The downside is, this is not "consumer grade". Most people aren't going to be capable of building something like this even with instructions. It also costs a bit of money to make properly. With that said, I've been extremely happy for years using the spideroak.com backup service. I use it on my servers, and I used it on my pc's. I have way more space than I'll ever use. This brings me to an important point. I was discussing with my coworker the other day, that hard drives allow people to be data pack rats. Yes, you.... you're probably one of the people I'm talking about. I'm one of the people I'm talking about. You have more shit than you need in your data storage, it's good to go clean it out every now and then. I made the comparison that they make tv shows about people that do to their houses what most people do to their hard drives. That document you saved from 5 years ago that you haven't read yet.... skim it and then nuke that shit. You didn't need it. I need to go clean out my spideroak account because i guarantee I have shit in there that I will never care about again in the future and I don't need to save it for any reason. Obviously, there is data you want to save, but a good tip to saving/managing your data is also to keep it clean/pruned.
  9. One of the people that mentored the overly overlapping letter problem out of me told me that my letters needed to be able to stand on their own. And what that meant was that I was hiding a big part of the letter that gives it character. In some cases, the part that you're overlapping and "getting rid of" could be used to add a really cool detail or flourish to the letter. I'm not an expert, that's just my 2 cents.
  10. I just want to say that I think it's awesome that @Jokeris in here helping people. I wonder if some of the people getting help realize they're getting lessons from a modern renaissance man.
  11. I never was into the series or knew what it was, but this game definitely looks cool. I've been following it since it's initial announcement hype.
  12. Here's my newest build. The handlebars for BMX by Renthal are pretty hard to find. I had to order these ones from a European vendor because there were none available in the USA. In the box behind the candle are the rest of the parts for the DX v-brakes. I am not sure why BMX racing still uses v-brakes. I can only guess it's because they're light and stop really well? I dunno. All of my other bikes have 990s on them.
  13. Dirty_habiT


    I sent you a request.
  14. Dirty_habiT


    Maybe when I get home around 330PM CST I can fire up the PS4 and play some games w/ you.
  15. Dirty_habiT


    Oh noeeeessss ..... I have one but haven't bought a game for it in years.... or turned it on. 😕
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