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  1. People believe all kinds of shit that no name people say on the internet. You can assign value in any of it but i wouldn't expect anyone else to value it the same way. Most of this "news" and text on social media is just hot trash.
  2. Yeah, that's kinda what I was pointing to. Not sure why the media "made an example" out of them. This would be "normal" in TX if a mob was rolling through a neighborhood I think, in fact, the mob wouldn't roll through because it wouldn't be a very safe proposition for their small numbers.
  3. We denounce that mess here.... and anyone else looking for trouble in our neighborhoods. It doesn't matter if you wear a flag cape and have a duck dynasty beard either.
  4. Also, no need to worry about those people from some other state that did that. They'd be welcomed w/ their guns into Texas because we like people that like to defend their freedom. We had like.... ummm no angry mobs destroying anything in Texas. Cucktifa got a little bit of b-hole action w/ their bros here in Austin but i think that's about it. They didn't want to get wetted up you know. Tons of people packin here and I'm pretty sure the tards know that. TONS. And not your little bitch ass illegal 5th hand stolen used for some robberies POS Taurus or w/e other cheap shit the
  5. "asserting their white privilege" - I see this term used. What exactly did they do again, by this news source's definitions, to "assert their white privilege"? I'm just calling question into the credibility of this "journalist". Not saying it's not true, but how many other things in this same article have this silk thread of personal attack weaved throughout? It's distracting to the reader, and..... if you're gullible enough to believe what some "nobody" says then I would say it's also dishonest to the reader. These journalists are jokes. Bunc
  6. "So on the way into work today my bag got flagged going through the x ray machine for having a gun in it... but there was no gun. The security is actually randomly superimposing weapons into peoples bags and searching them." I can't say where the person that said this works, but..... it's a place that everyone reading is familiar with and they're associated with technology that is heavily used by everyone.
  7. @Elena Delle Donne- those people got a bad wrap by the media and the politically driven/funded mob IMO. They're just successful people with guns, who cares. Probably go destroy someone else's property down the street if you're a criminal with half a brain IMO.
  8. I'd say it's largely up to you to figure out. There are many home owners that will rent to anyone willing to pay that have property in flood planes. There is a LOT of Houston that gets fucked up when the seas swell. You can do what people that have lived next to the ocean have done.... well forever..... you just wind proof your living abode, don't keep shit on the ground that you care about losing , and build a home on stilts. That way, you can evacuate, and when everything is done and everyone is done looting the vacant houses.... you can go back, to your looted house. Mostly
  9. I was thinking about this last night, the 2nd impeachment attempt. If you consider that China has a grip on politicians, they could MORE easily get rid of a "problem" like Trump if he did not have the presidential protection of the SS. If they impeach again, doesn't he lose that protection? is the time for 2nd impeachment over? I'm unsure because I haven't been following too closely.
  10. Dirty_habiT


    I think it's DirtyHabit. @Kults
  11. Texas is full of all kinds of thinks that will poke stab and kill you too. It's not for pussies. I wouldn't want to ranch next to the border tbh. I'd end up pissing off the cartel fucking up their trespassing pieces of shit.
  12. Dirty_habiT


    so i bought this fagatron COD game... cold war or w/e
  13. Fat Ralphy said exactly what I was going to say basically. Yes, you can traverse the border but if you don't pass for Mexican and poor, you are potentially making yourself a target. It's not a game, it's not some bullshit to be racist or keep people from living a better life. If you life in El Paso, you WILL know and appreciate EXACTLY why there should be a giant fucking wall all the way across that border of the USA. Don't even need to get into the politics, just go live in a border town if you don't believe. You could live fat there if you were smart/quiet about yo
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