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  1. Hit me on signal, i'm signing back out of here until someone tells me moderators are doing stupid shit again. xxx-xxx-xxxx
  2. edited to not drag anyone else into personal shit
  3. Yeah fuck this. This is turning gay af really quick and i'm not going to be a part of it. Remove me.
  4. https://beckernews.com/arizona-official-was-just-sent-a-death-threat-to-halt-election-audit-39244/ I rate this four oofs.
  5. Now he can reimagine his prison cell. Lololol.
  6. Whhhoooooppppssssssie daisies your Honor. https://www.frontpagemag.com/point/2021/05/husband-mayor-who-wanted-reimagine-police-busted-daniel-greenfield/
  7. "We visited with him and his team. Tumor on his spine. They think it was agent orange."
  8. My dad filmed this at the hospital in San Antonio this morning. Paralyzed veteran walking again. Almost brings a tear to the eye. IMG_5308.mp4
  9. I can't debate that. Good luck w the coffee I know that struggle orrrrr lack of struggle? @fat ralphy
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