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  1. Portrait Artist from the top ropes....
  2. I dunno why that seems odd. These guys roll around in their underwear with eachother. Fuck UFC since they got rid of weight classes.
  3. I have two pair that are still running strong from when I was in 9th grade.
  4. A sign of society getting retardeder. Yeah.... retardeder.
  5. If you have a lot of money I don't care where it came from as long as it wasn't human trafficking or selling dope to retards that can't stop doing dope..... and retards that think selling dope is a "good job".
  6. https://peterattiamd.com/martymakary/ is this a good link for the podcast?
  7. I like the "I have tats" part. Like she brought all the assets to the auction.
  8. ^ That's making me feel cross eyed just looking at it.
  9. We could tell you like drinking beer from your profile pic. We also love "bond fires". Lulz.
  10. I vehemently avoid doing anything work related on my personal phone. I don't install the mail apps, I don't chat on Slack, I don't really even answer phone calls if it's anyone from work outside of my normal working hours. Same goes for my personal laptop. I've worked with WAY too many people that just work and work and work like sweaty neckbeards even when they're at home. I realize some are required to have 2 phones. Like you probably have to have 2 phones, same for my boss. I'd carry two phones if they started asking me to do shit outside of my normal hours but I'd also start looking for other employment as soon as they did that too.
  11. Lol is that Billie Eilish.... she needs to ummmm... take a nap or stop doing meth or something.... something needs to stop here I'm just not sure what it is: staying awake, doing dope, squinting like that, etc. edit: maybe Drake skeeted in her eyes.
  12. I think they started grasping at straws and this is a result of making more seasons based upon popularity. It'd be one thing if they had decided from the beginning that they had a complete story to tell. Now they're doing the "oooh look how much money we can make" thing where they have realized the potential of the series so they will continue to squeeze it by writing more until it fizzles out. The Walking Dead had a complete story to tell. The seasons took a long time to tell the story.... but there wasn't much squeezing for "more" going on there that I could tell. Season 2 & 3 of Stranger Things felt "forced" to me and I didn't like that about it. I thought they were good but it also felt like desperation for another big payday. The characters growing up is weird and I think that's something producers should look at before going all in on making a series. I hope they can pull it out of the ditch with this new season. I really do. I think the series has a great potential.
  13. He might own a few tractor-trailers.... they probably take gallons and gallons of that stuff per truck.
  14. wtf, why does anyone need that much antifreeze.... or is that windshield cleaner?
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