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  1. Fucking win. Fuck those blm losers that took the pavement temperature challenge.
  2. Don't click or share this bitch boy. Keep your head in the sand. https://rumble.com/voalls-dr.-richard-fleming-pfizer-vaccine-causes-blood-clots-under-microscope.html
  3. Politics limited to crossfire is gay. Here you guys go.
  4. It was a dumpster fire on post one. Nobody would seriously ask a question so stupid.
  5. I don't know if you got into the mouth wash early today or if you ran out of heroine but you clearly never shat on me. Your question is answered. Yes you're just a paint huffing simpleton that doesn't know his dad. Now you're just trying to get attention.
  6. no one man could have produced that much semen.
  7. I don't argue with morons. Say whatever you want. You're still an idiot with a stupid question that is easily answered by anyone with any wrinkles on their brain.
  8. When "CNN hosts real journalists" was said..... that should have been the sign to look inward and start asking..... "Is it me that is the idiot?" Some of you guys here are great people that I enjoy a lot..... but you're the minority. Many of you think you're way smarter than you are. The vax was an IQ test that a ton of you guys failed and now we have vax'd up retards asking if other retards are retarded. It is also hilarious to see all the die hard lefties flop over like a limp wiener into the "fuck all government" group. Predictable and you guys that cannot stay loyal really are harmless prohomo faggots.
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