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  1. Don't forget those horses need stunt doubles
  2. Not fancy, I imagine it's cheaper than glass, especially now. Don't know about outside U.S. but here these aluminum cans are pretty flimsy, unlike cans of the past. It kind of allows for more consumption and perhaps more sales too as I mostly see pint cans now vs the old 12oz. From a consumer standpoint a can is convenient to throw in your bag if you're going on a mission and want a victory beer for after, no worries about breaking glass or clinking sounds. Same if you want to take a few hiking. I do like glass for at home but it's kind of less 'special' now. I like bottles of old when t
  3. on the other hand, nobody cares about your stickers either also, this car had other stickers on it, including dog grandma
  4. Had to grab slices off this place while nearby. Great when I get a slice at the shop, horrible every time I try to take a pie home. Peep the slice overlap. Technically acceptable I guess because they folded the paper over to protect the slices but IMHO a pizza foul.
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