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  1. That's right, you can get all these songs and more on 2 cassettes or 1 CD when you order "Songz About Nutz"
  2. Is it important to who? Deez nutz are healthy sized, guess I'm proud of 'em. They're mad loyal, we've been hanging together since day 1.
  3. @johnny ballbags
  4. They trying to feed me to the wolves without the understanding that I eat wolves
  5. Aliens probing a man's anus Cap'n Crunch on the Titanic Colonel Sanders as a military colonel George Bush Jr in a tub of feces Joe Biden swinging from nuts Ronald Reagan spreading cocaine on a globe John Cougar Mellencamp sucking on a chili dog outside the Tastee Freez
  6. making booty calls on these trains
  7. But back to what I was saying before...
  8. As true as this statement is, why look to a food blogger for a recipe to begin with? It's unfortunate that many of these nitwits have managed to position themselves at the top of internet search lists but there's really no reason to listen to them as an authority on food. Matter of fact, reminds me of an article I read the other day... some food blogger who got themselves known and yet they appear to have ignorant knowledge of food and food history and even mispronounce the names of some of their dishes.
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