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  1. Other things that came to mind: Check the appliances for age/wear, and find out if they're taking any with them. Maybe not an issue since you said this is a flipped house but if it has old appliances check them. If the house has a septic system have that checked, you don't want to have to dig that up for repairs a year after you move in. Run the hot water and see how long it takes to get hot, and also your water pressure. Run the shower and give the toilet a flush at the same time. If the house has a basement check it for signs of a homo dungeon.
  2. Forgot to add, google the current owners and see if you can get a sense of what they do, how much they make and such. It's a major sale and worth it for both sides to consider every penny of it but nothing like seeing a rich fuck try to argue not fixing something and leaving it for you when it needs fixing and they can clearly afford to do so.
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