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  1. I think that he means "how many people are going to sit back and watch their cities burn this time?". I'm fearful of that happening because I think that it will be a hung jury due to threats of violence, etc against jurors, and terrible riots will break out across the country. In certain areas like Portland and Seattle it won't be stopped until it gets really, really bad. In places like MN it will be stopped really quickly. Lightning fast. I hope none of you stay quiet if you see people setting fire to and looting neighborhood stores. A lot of those people can't afford to lo
  2. lord_casek

    Mad Maxine

    It's to rile up his constituents, man (run for POTUS probably). Don't take it so personally. We can't have our freedoms back because we never lost them. I'm anti-mask, but respectful (I wear one where I have to and don't where I don't. never outside because that's dumb).
  3. Oi! Are you loicensed to carry that opinion!?!!?!?
  4. lord_casek

    Mad Maxine

    I think letting other people know you're armed in day to day life is a mistake. For protest reasons I'm a bit torn.
  5. lord_casek

    Mad Maxine

    I half support the Black Panthers. I like that they're informing black Americans of their 2A rights. Not a fan of the inflammatory talk, though. Would much rather get along with my fellow Americans.
  6. lord_casek

    Mad Maxine

    Jordan is a showboater, but Maxine is a crazy, old liar..
  7. Anything counts. ONE HARMONY is good, too.
  8. Last I heard it was $1.00/ Stay away from meme coins unless you can monitor and dump at the right time.
  9. Have any of you looked into Theta? A friend has been pushing me to buy since it was $2. I am using the Theta Edge on my editing pc. Only as a cache node. There aren't that many, so I don't see much TFUEL generation, but I do see some.
  10. ANKR my brothers and sisters. #12ozNewMoneyGang
  11. GRT is a good investment. I've got some.
  12. 25% and he can keep his girlfriend. Casek is kind. Don't forget that! DON'T YOU EVER FORGET THAT!!! /slams fist down on the table
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