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  1. He was fucking little girls with a bunch of rappers and producers who also fuck little girls. Dude wants to avoid prison time like it was a grown woman.
  2. Go home and fuck your Alexa up. That's how.
  3. Forgive me for not going in to a lot of detail. I'm not a secret squirrel super agent or anything, just private. You remember how much I was in to research? I had the right idea, but wasn't going about it the right way. Christo used to talk to me about geopolitics in Crossfire and I got the bug since I was already on a track for that kind of thing, anyhow. Then I started doing some work on my own, getting a better foundation for intelligence analysis, learning how to "hunt" (people) properly, etc. Wound up making some friends and got some training. OSINT is now a hobby that I'm quite good at and very much enjoy. Some of my work wound up making intl news. - I thought your two choices used to be TYT and a magazine? I can't remember which. Might be mixing you up with someone else? You're in the tech industry? PM me. I'm curious what you work with.
  4. I miss those, too. Yeah, man. I grew up. Alex is a fraudster seed salesman. I got deep into intelligence analysis, was trained by the right people, and have a much better grasp on how to research with the proper head. How have you been? Did you ever score a job with TYT? Lol. If I remember correctly you were headed to work for a major publication.
  5. Whoa! Hey Theo! Hope you're doing well.
  6. lord_casek


    Watch for U.S. mil action in Venezuela.
  7. Maybe she's skipping the pony and wants some cryptocurrency while its cheap?
  8. Have you considered vigilantism? It works for Batman. You could smoke some wet and put on a cape an' shit.
  9. Have you ever really, like, looked at your fingers?
  10. What an adorable little girl How do you say "no" to her when she asks for shit?
  11. Watching Tony Black talk about the old days in NYC on Quite Frankly and waiting on a friend to wake up so I can sell him a drone.
  12. sprinkle sugar all around the tree. not a ton, but enough to attract ants. bums and ants don't mix.
  13. You know that wookie woman smells, right? It's patchouli in a half-assed hippie attempt to cover the rotten fish and oniony smell. Yeah buddy.
  14. Yeah, up here it's different with lockpick sets. I'd love to have one just to tinker with. That's why I had the Mitnick card. I wanted to use it as a template to make my own set. Hacksaw blade and street sweeper "blades". Whatever those things are called. They make perfect picks with a little grinding. I have, thankfully, never had a DUI, although I deserved to many, many, many times. I've been arrested for weed and mushrooms, but never alcohol. I've also driven on mushrooms. Stupidest thing I think I've ever done when it comes to substances and driving. When the road starts splitting off in familiar places where you know there's not split.....man, I could have died or killed someone else. We need to harass @misteravenuntil he gets a Mavic Air. I'd love to see his photographic skill up in the air. Professional photogs always impress me with their aerials when they get into drones.
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