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  1. When you see it flaunted out in the open by people who are so sure that they won't get caught it turns your stomach. I'm pretty sure that those people are having trouble sleeping these days. Things that were promised in the past are no longer valid.
  2. This is a really odd one. Knowing that you can rent a woman from Victoria's Secret (almost all supermodels are prostitutes) this wouldn't surprise me.
  3. I missed the Australian story. Thought you were still talking about the Dutch one. My mistake. I apologize. My mind goes straight to the other stuff that I've seen.
  4. Don't be so sure about the shipping container being fake. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-netherlands-crime-torture/dutch-police-say-they-discover-criminal-gangs-torture-chamber-idUSKBN24912P Don't misunderstand me here. I wish it was all fake and we could laugh it off. ------- When I started researching Epstein years ago I got deep into his connections and their friends. I'm not ashamed to admit that some things I ran across made me burst into tears. You guys know I was a channer years ago. I've seen things that hardened me (fart cake, 2 girls 1 cup, etc) but I wasn't ever prepared for the abuse that I saw that is flaunted right out in the open as "art" and/or modeling (from well-known companies like MC2 and Midland Agency) and their respective photographer friends. Every once in a while I'll wake up in a cold sweat because the memories won't go away.
  5. Picture number 5. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3688656/A-fully-equipped-dentist-s-chair-close-photos-young-girls-backsides-eerie-images-videotaped-walk-billionaire-pedophile-Jeffrey-Epstein-s-Florida-mansion.html
  6. All of you are way too innocent. You've never heard of "Cyberbunker"? Epstein's island "Little St. James" had a "bunker", too. It was a Titan Missile silo, though. Don't dig too far into this shit. Too dangerous legally and for your own mental health.
  7. I can read this like a book. Unhappily married. Wife not fucking him anymore. She hates porn because she's not putting out and she doesn't want him busting a nut if she's no longer into sex (with him). Let's be honest. She left him, took the kids, and the house over him jerking off. I know people too well.
  8. My pronouns are: Bastard, sonofabitch, and asshole.
  9. This is as punk rock as Defy fucking that chick in a Slayer shirt.
  10. This sounds like an opportunity to keep my old shoes and leave one in random spots.......
  11. My toenail clippings with a fucking backstory > your toenail clippings from some janky bitch
  12. That's right! Mine came a chick named Lori who grew up in Yonkers but later moved to Manhattan to pursue a career in modeling. She works as a barista and has an onlyfans page.
  13. where is handing out fake toenail clippings. If you want that real real you come to me. I'll hook you up.
  14. I'm glad to see he's ^ prepared to go off-road if necessary. Or maybe he zips down mountain bike trails? I hope so. <moments later> Oh shit!
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