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  1. Only if balls touch.
  2. I hope this guy's friends are on 12oz and see us roasting him.
  3. You're doing this wrong. Go ask for nudes of DAO's wife as punishment.
  4. It'll all be in vein.
  5. I don't know, but he was heard saying "this sucks" as he entered the courtroom.
  6. If the sentence is too harsh PENIS MAN might have a stroke right there in the courtroom.
  7. The judge could slap him with a stiff fine.
  8. I'm sure he'll cum to his senses.
  9. If PENIS MAN is acquitted there will be a statue of him erected
  10. They're both nuts.
  11. I heard that he's a little cocky so that might not matter.
  12. They judge has decided to measure time served in inches instead of days.
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