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  1. 5amshift


    Lowell, MA, baby!
  2. 5amshift

    the paint roller thread

  3. 5amshift


    Bars, bars, and more bars!
  4. 5amshift


    Movie ticket for Wasted Land 2 down in Providence last night.
  5. 5amshift

    Forums that are still kicking ?

    https://www.neogaf.com/ Gaming forum launched in 1999.
  6. 5amshift

    First Thing You Ever Stole

    I'm sure it was like candy or something. Ended up stealing fishing lures for a season because that shit got expensive..
  7. 5amshift


    An update because shit is now noticeably getting expensive and it doesn't look like it's going to lower any time soon. $2.65, $2.77, $2.80 for regular is what I've been seeing.
  8. 5amshift

    What's your city's nickname??..

    Bean Town
  9. 5amshift


    Best friend of mine has been dealing with depression for as long as I've known him. Hanging out weekly at his place, late night game nights and going out for food was where we always bonded, not only to grow our friendship, but to keep his mind active and off other things. Doesn't help that his girlfriend fucking sucks, almost to the point of abusing him, and the list goes on. I believe she plays a key role in his depression, which I've said many times before but he really cannot' find the balls to get rid of her. Regardless. I feel for you guys and hope it becomes something that you conquer. I'm always available to chat.
  10. 5amshift

    ***Netflix "Instant" Watch***

    Finished Ozark last night! Decent for a Netflix show with characters making some very weird decisions throughout the season..
  11. Looking to hit up RI soon - is the century old train station in Pawtucket/Central Falls and the Harris ave mill in Providence still there?
  12. 5amshift

    What's The Last Movie You Saw: The Sequel

    Watched the small documentary on the hacking of Ashley Madison on Netflix last night. It was alright and pretty short.
  13. 5amshift

    The Beer Thread

  14. "A Texas man is battling a court order that mandates he must pay tens of thousands in child support for a child that he did not biologically father and who he met only once. In 2003, a child support court in Texas ruled that Gabriel Cornejo, 45, had to pay child support to his ex-girlfriend who had recently given birth because she vowed that there was no way he wasn’t the rightful dad. Cornejo, who is currently raising three children of his own and two nephews, claimed that he was not made aware of this and only found out about the child support payments last year when a deputy served him court papers claiming that the state of Texas lists him as having another child. He soon met the minor for the first and only time – describing her as a “wonderful girl” – but after taking a DNA test, learned she was not his after all. Only Cornejo’s ex-girlfriend and the state still want the $65,000 in back payments. “I never thought in my whole life I would have to defend myself of something that I am innocent of,” he said. Texas’ family code, chapter 161, states that even if one is not the biological father, they still owe support payments that accrued before the paternity test proves otherwise. In Cornejo’s case, that amounts to some $65,000. His ex-girlfriend’s attorney, Carel Stith, claimed that money was taken out of Cornejo’s paycheck several years ago and he didn’t contest it, and that in itself can satisfy a court argument that he should have handled the matter long ago. “There can be consequences, even if you don’t do anything,” Stith told local news. Cornejo and his attorney, Cheryl Coleman, must now persuade a judge to re-open the case – as the original court order cannot be amended. If that doesn’t happen, he must pay up or face time behind bars. The case is due back in court next month." Via: Fox News ----- Trust in the system my ass.
  15. 5amshift


    Damn. Easy money right here. More flicks of my dudes Septic FL and LAZY FL always welcome.