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  1. 5amshift


    Played Apex when it came out and loved it. I fucking hate Battle Royale, but something with Apex really made it stick. It has the best controls and movement in any FPS that it's not even funny. I play it off and on now but maybe Season 8 will suck me back in. Picked up a PS5 and COD on launch so friends and I have been on that. Prestige 5 currently and now it's smooth sailing until a new Zombies map in February.
  2. His elusiveness and privacy of identity really stuck with me and will forever be legendary. “ALL CAPS WHEN YOU SPELL THE MAN NAME”
  3. I CTRL + F'd Champion clothes because that's somehow been the trend for the last few years. I was made fun of when I was younger in the 90's for wearing Champion because it was just known for being poor people's clothes, but now it just seems hype to wear it.
  4. Code received a few minutes ago. Shirt bought immediately! Let's gooooooo!
  5. Movie ticket for Wasted Land 2 down in Providence last night.
  6. https://www.neogaf.com/ Gaming forum launched in 1999.
  7. I'm sure it was like candy or something. Ended up stealing fishing lures for a season because that shit got expensive..
  8. An update because shit is now noticeably getting expensive and it doesn't look like it's going to lower any time soon. $2.65, $2.77, $2.80 for regular is what I've been seeing.
  9. Best friend of mine has been dealing with depression for as long as I've known him. Hanging out weekly at his place, late night game nights and going out for food was where we always bonded, not only to grow our friendship, but to keep his mind active and off other things. Doesn't help that his girlfriend fucking sucks, almost to the point of abusing him, and the list goes on. I believe she plays a key role in his depression, which I've said many times before but he really cannot' find the balls to get rid of her. Regardless. I feel for you guys and hope it becomes something that you conquer. I'm always available to chat.
  10. Finished Ozark last night! Decent for a Netflix show with characters making some very weird decisions throughout the season..
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