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  1. I been working on a magazine writing articles and interviews with the permission of each brand, musician and artist. 


    I’m also looking for graffiti artist with unique styles and creative minded writers. 





  2. some more hidden/easter egg items done.. i just been lowkey working on the soundtrack mainly.. ..i got various things done that I will be sharing such as a few character riggings/animations..
  3. I have received the character redesigned of Shaun Crawford’s Do Em Dirty Character 

  4. Katsu & OFF-WHITE app game tho.. heavy reference a good start idea.. nearly a reskinned idea pretty coo tho..


    its called OFFKAT, you prolly heard of it recently..

    1. SKAeM


      OFFKAT includes Virgil Abloh 


    2. SKAeM


      Also a new Jet Set type game



  5. here I will update more often in the near future.. https://skaem1.com/schizophrenic-god-the-video-game/
  6. working on the video game based on graffiti again in Feb. hopefully!

  7. Kickstarter planned to increase potential funds to go into the video game.. 

    along with my Patreon, it may take sometime to set up to receive the funds through the choice of transactions, since they don't take PayPal thus far...

    I also plan on making some type of income from music to provide for this project.



    1. SKAeM


      exclusive looks and previews.. along with rare and unreleased clips, music and shows.

  8. ..more concept shots, previews and even animations from the video game. the character is a concept/shaped 3D design only.. that character is actually GOOPMASSTA, a very creative. imaginative and unique character.. the artist/writer is dope no doubt.. and is coo with another artist who will be hopefully making it into the video game with his characters. a lot of these characters set the tone and move the styles into a more brighter direction.. all the characters are concepts right now fr. the characters need to be finalized.. a few items/props are shown in the rigging/animations for testing.. this is a interesting project rn.. as I been mainly developing and getting a variety of artist, designers and writers. ..i'm hoping to share a legendary / pioneer's character design shaped out and concept.. it's still basically a draft until it's finalized.. ..i met more 3D designers that are willing to help out with this video game recently, this is the playlist with some new rigging/animations done by a indie game studio.. im hoping to finalize the characters before I start testing zones tho,
  9. any writers who would want a written article up on my website, lmk..

    i mainly been writing articles myself on upcoming clothing brands and some musicians.

    I been wanting to add a section for artists, writers/street artist and of that nature.. any type of dope artist really. website updating soon.. 



  10. mainly my own music.. mainly soundcloud and spotify link, check out the recent ones.. and beat tapes and EP's https://soundcloud.com/schizophrenic-god https://open.spotify.com/artist/6wOzxSmcYgxsKt6pf6UZwv?si=kutPtYmQQxOxqEpO3g3Dig
  11. i been writing articles for clothing brand for a while, already..

    its mainly for a magazine/website I had in mind, hopefully a whole book..

    ..check it out, ?



  12. this is so far a level 1 stage (concept) designed by GaijinIsntPhysical ..inspired more leaning towards my music vibe.. very chopped and screwed feel with ambient, wave. .. "SPACE AQUARIUM" stage/level ..and I will be working towards to have details playing a big role.. starting to feel less skeptical to show what I got so far, and on here I'm hoping to share the Do Em Dirty* character concept with decent/good feedback although that is still being polished and need the shoes to that in game character. thinking about expanding this level though.. this is mainly for the testing zone, but looks dope on a 3D Viewer, interesting and all. hope to have more people interested such as writers, street and slap artist.. evenly clothing brands and musicians. beatmakers and producers.. ..
  13. first few screenshots of items/props
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