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  1. Schizophrenic God Chopped & $crewed By Dj Purpberry Exclusive Youtube Private Link: This is music i've made and was featured in.. chopped and screwed by DJ Purpberry
  2. SKAeM

    The innovative style thread

    ULTRA-WIDE crew Tag with Outline.
  3. SKAeM

    The innovative style thread

    Symbolic Wall 2 Wall Muti-Burner.. (With Flares At The Top) Yes, It does say MSK, a crew started out when I was in middle school.. I left this crew when I found out MSK was already a crew.. KOD is another crew that was formed... SKAeM is what I write now.. I use to write SKAM back in middle school. I'm also practicing my handstyle on paper.. I was never a big aerosol paint fan (only done outlines and 2 letter throwies). I enjoy mop tags the most..
  4. SKAeM

    Watches (timepieces that go on the wrist)

    Sleek Supply Co. has dope watches with sleek design check em out.. less than $100 [MEDIA=vimeo]208390190[/MEDIA] Use coupon code: Aquarium for %20 discount
  5. SKAeM

    the NEW sketch thread

    SKAeM Onez 1st Piece In Pen.. Also In Pen.. The Rest In Lead
  6. SKAeM

    the NEW sketch thread

    SKAeM Onez