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  1. Thank God I pulled out when I did. Had about 90% of my crypto in Celsius. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-06-13/crypto-lender-celsius-freezes-withdrawals-fueling-market-rout
  2. Good looks. it was way less then I thought, under $2.
  3. about to transfer eth from a defi account to another wallet. will get I get hit with crazy gas fees? how can I avoid this or is there a way to minimize gas fees. I have only deposited eth and hodled. @Mercer @KILZ FILLZ
  4. gotta hurt. I wonder how much he spent.
  5. @LUGR that story makes me want to go to Japan so bad. How do the locals feel about (Filipino) American gaijin?
  6. Oof that’s tough. My childhood friends got so into it that they would do the public karaoke, get this……sober. Fucking crazy. @KILZ FILLZ
  7. Smithsonian is dope. Hirshhorn museum is dope. Nightlife: adam’s morgan, they gentrified the water front but it’s nice and U street poppin’. If you sm0ke da d00bz, the gray market there is kinda wild. haven’t lived there in 20 some years.
  8. Yeah back in the late 90’s early 2k’s. Good time with a squad of 6-10 heads. Can get wasted for relatively cheap. Order beers but sneak in a bottle.
  9. $100 a week but it hurts. especially when it's coming from my wife's bank account. Just gotta keep reminding myself that it will pay off....eventually. Are you?
  10. Yes, we have short term gains and long term gains, similar to wherever your from. Short term is less than one year you'll get taxed on realized gains. Long term is if you withdraw after a year you'll get taxed (less than short term taxes). I'm not sure what the percentages are. The way to get around this is if you move to an island called Puerto Rico (hoooooo). BTW... just googled Seppo, you dirty bogan.
  11. @KILZ FILLZI’m surprisingly still green with btc and eth…..barely. The rest are bloody tampons.
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