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  1. https://instagram.com/cesism_ny?igshid=8u1plltzc1yc
  2. @Mercer I've delayed my flight 3 times since covid started. Been in AZ since early March and the numbers are spiking here like a mutherfucker. What's depressing is paying for rent for my crib back east and nobody in it.
  3. good looks. taking advantage of a full size kitchen while in AZ instead of my little shit in Brooklyn.
  4. I don't know how to insert IG posts but here's a screenshot of Ces Casio limited to 60 for $60. Pretty cheap IMO.
  5. Helped my wife make these Matcha Strawberry Macarons.


    @glorydaysoh you mean high heel ankle breakers? Yes I do.


    This was my rotation 5 years ago. I still rock most of 'em except for the innevas, I need to find those somewhere in my pile. The birks need resoling and the NB 998's are really fucked up (the soles are so hard to clean) so I'll retire them once I get back to NYC. I got a dope pair of (I think) 993 that's like an olive and black color way. I can't find a pic on the internets. I can't wait to go back to my apt. so I can start rocking the rest of my shoes and gear. Right now my rotation are only black suede foolscape wovens (beaters), wildwood acg (about to be beaters) and undefeated slides.


    @Kultsall this 992 hype got me hyped. the dub taps ones are still my favorite tho but I refuse to buy resell rape prices on anything.
  9. Noah winged foot hat and Noah crewneck.
  10. @glorydaystrue but I hardly ever pay....retail.
  11. Wendy's take out window brooklyn
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