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  1. Dope, my bro in law got the same one, that gun feels very solid. Looks dope covered in paint. Also how is the retention on the clip part of the holster? Does it ever come out with the gat?
  2. Wow that’s pretty quick for the knees to give out unless you’re a French whore (jokes). Have you washed it yet? @mr.yuck what kinda burner you got going in that holster? I wanna get something small for pocket carry.
  3. I had those years ago. That bred/ grey color way was 🔑. Copped ‘em at Ross for like $20.
  4. I have the same pair of boots, I'm talking about the zipper thingy. Unless I'm blind.
  5. @ndvreal tizzy, but I wouldn’t mind a real pair of the converse.
  6. Poor mans Dior (Uniqlo, haha) x sorayama t-shirt.
  7. Copped a pair of cheap Uniqlo jawns. Not bad for $50, let’s see how they hold up.
  8. Are you hodling or did you cash out? If your hodling (from my understanding) you don’t have to report shit. If you sold within a year then you’ll get taxed I think 30% for short term gains. After a year it’s long term I think at 15%. Basically the same formula for capital gains taxes for stocks. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong.
  9. Polo duck camp shirt/ jacket. Don’t know if I’ll keep it.
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