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  1. @Mercer or anyone else... So all my coins are on Coinbase. I know I should've done this a long time ago but I just ordered a ledger. I want to move all my coins out of Coinbase because of the SVB shit. Where can I safely move my coins, while I wait for my ledger. Thanks
  2. damn, I thought this would be the easiest part. Are they in a humidity controlled room or they just chillin in your living room. IHAVENOCLUEONER
  3. send me a sampler pack when they're all purdy
  4. RIP EVADE He went to my HS, class right above mine. Damn.
  5. 12 plants per household in ny. 5 lb possession at home in ny. I LOVE NY Black market 'gon thrive


    nike monarchs for the same situation.
  7. USB AA rechargeable lithium batteries. Not sure if these will hold a charge, they’re definitely from Chiner. Box claims 1000 recharges.
  8. why not? was it the fit or the installation? Looks dope!
  9. Typo? Should the next ATH be 2026/11/01. Just wanted to make sure. Also, should the next ATH on the 5th halving be like 5% gains? Excellent breakdown btw.
  10. @NightmareOnElmStreet@mr.yuck Need yalls advice. So I got a rental unit that needs new paint and my budget is tight. Gonna paint the walls "Blank Canvas". Now the moldings and the doors need some fresh paint as well, can I get away with painting everything the same color (blank canvas)? Currently the walls are painted pale yellow and the moldings, trim and doors are like a kilz white color.
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