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  1. I’m actually sitting in a Lyons club luncheon right now. Haha. My parents are members and this is definitely not what I want to do when I’m in my golden years.
  2. I only picked up 1 sol because i thought I was buying it at the high. It has more than 2x’ed since. should’ve picked up a racks worth then.
  3. That’s a good play. Currently I’m 45% btc, 45%eth and 10% altcoins/ gambling. But I was talking about taking profits on the way up so I can have some cash on decky to buy the dip.
  4. Careful, you might get wrecked. I will always have BTC at least 50% of my portfolio.
  5. Different strategies for profit taking. I’m struggling with this myself, if anybody has any ideas please feel free to drop some knowledge. I’m thinking of taking 10% off the top every time whatever coin hits an ath.
  6. For all the bag hodlers, we rich again!
  7. my tolerance sky rocketed after so much distillate. I would suggest switching it up once in a while to flower or edibles.


    Found these deep in my closet. Some beat dunks from 15+ years ago.
  9. Yeah I already got the VPN. good looks with uniswap. Man, I wanna get rich already, fuck work. all this waiting is annoying.
  10. Good looks. Do I have to VPN into uniswap?


    Awake NY new era fitted
  12. @Merceror anybody else… ny is being a lil bitch when it comes to buying crypto other than btc, eth and a handful of alts. How can I go around this. I have ideas but want to do it in a tried and true manner.
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