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  1. Typo? Should the next ATH be 2026/11/01. Just wanted to make sure. Also, should the next ATH on the 5th halving be like 5% gains? Excellent breakdown btw.
  2. @NightmareOnElmStreet@mr.yuck Need yalls advice. So I got a rental unit that needs new paint and my budget is tight. Gonna paint the walls "Blank Canvas". Now the moldings and the doors need some fresh paint as well, can I get away with painting everything the same color (blank canvas)? Currently the walls are painted pale yellow and the moldings, trim and doors are like a kilz white color.
  3. First of, fuck GERD and the clique you claim. Had to settle for hard kombucha a lil wine instead of the brown liks. Took the weed walk with bro in law and my wife. Family is cool, everybody actually got along this thanksgiving.
  4. @ndvnot sure if you're asking what the "switch" does but it makes the glizzy full auto.
  5. I won $4 from my two tix. I don't think that can even buy me gum nowadays.
  6. Remember, you're only getting taxed on your gains, not the principal. If I'm not mistaken, you're self-employed and bought a truck....deductions like a muhfucka. Cashout on all your crypto losses before the end of the year then buy them back on 01/01/2023. @NightmareOnElmStreet
  7. @ndv @mr.yuck Watch the movie Barbarian on HBO Max. They got that same type trap house as an airbnb, with a twist obvi. Also just looked up Suffolk, damn that's a big ass city. Northern VA had a neighborhood called Hollywood, we called it Compton back in the days because of how hood it was. It's prolly all gentrified now.
  8. you know it's old when there's no area code.
  9. Rocking some RRL jaens I’ve forgotten about.
  10. Yeah, I only knew of CS on Wisconsin. Smash on M. Before Puma and Nike, it was nothing but docs and nana creepers. those were the days. Commander Salamander still exists but whoever the buyer is now is very questionable. Sidenote: Commander Salamander made an appearance in the Wonder Woman 1984 movie.
  11. @Jokeri copped your tribal t-shirt at commander salamander in DC like in ‘92-3. The one with the profile of an Afro kid with. Loved that tshirt and era.
  12. I think our very own oontzer designed some thangs for timebomb @Joker might be mistaken tho
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