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    Found these deep in my closet. Some beat dunks from 15+ years ago.
  2. Yeah I already got the VPN. good looks with uniswap. Man, I wanna get rich already, fuck work. all this waiting is annoying.
  3. Good looks. Do I have to VPN into uniswap?


    Awake NY new era fitted
  5. @Merceror anybody else… ny is being a lil bitch when it comes to buying crypto other than btc, eth and a handful of alts. How can I go around this. I have ideas but want to do it in a tried and true manner.
  6. Oh man that’s sad news. RIP @yinz n'at
  7. LFG! I fomo’d in extra hardt (ll) during the last pump. Was bleeding for a lil bit. thank the gawds my period is over. As always will prevail.
  8. what does he need? hand styles? pieces? fill-ins? what medium?
  9. You would think that it would be Chris giving advice to jerry since Union been around forever.
  10. Wow they extra, extra. My t shirt is made in USA, maybe imported fabric from Japan and cut and sewn in the states?
  11. @glorydaysyo, do you know who makes the blanks for Union? I think those are my new favorite tshirts. The Shaka tshirts that @KILZ FILLZmentioned seem to fit the description of the union shirts cuz of the snug neck.
  12. The 300 miles on the the 150 is with a max payload (I think). I think your looking at 400-450 miles with minimal cargo. Also, write off the truck on taxes and get some potential $$ from the state for having an e-vehicle.
  13. you can hold 5 PLATES in NY!!! Smell from the car (burnt or unburnt) and visual is not enough to be searched. black market gon' thrive...
  14. There's a spot in NYC where I used to go weekly before the BANDemic. Best chicken sandwiches hands down- Bobwhite Counter. drooling thinking about it. somebody mentioned cane's. they got great chicken fingers but the sandwich bun is bootleg. they should've used the Texas toast as the bun.
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