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  1. @mr.yucksame boat breh. But I identify as a skinny person lol. As soon as I hit 30 that slow metabolism hit different.
  2. @glorydaysyeah I got it hemmed there. I don’t taper my jeans anymore. But the denim bro at the shop suggested an old school alterations dude down the block for tapers.
  3. I got it from self edge. I think they had a show room in the LES but I don’t think they have a retail shop. I could be wrong as I haven’t been shopping for denim in a few years. I did go to a 3sixteen sample sale last year.
  4. my jeans have a pretty wide leg opening a la "NT Denim" lol and I usually cuff so no staxxx on my 3sixteen's and 2 pairs of my RRL's. I hemmed and tapered the RRL's pictured above but I went the n00b/ cheap route and got the taper done through my local dry cleaner/ alteration AZN spot. I told her specifically I wanted the taper on the inseam and the bitch did it on the outside thus no more selvedge line. I almost shed a tear. fuck I'm still pissed to this day. For the hem job, I had it done at the RRL store on W Broadway and they fucked that shit up as well, the chainstitch was all over the place, prolly cuz the denim was still raw without first soak. My other pair of RRL's that I hemmed and tapered, I went though a shop called Loren in Greenpoint Brooklyn. Top notch job and I get all my alterations and repairs through them. a bit pricey for the taper ($75) but the piece of mind of having it done the right way was worth it. Does anybody have any experience with black denim? My 3sixteens are black but I gained some weight and they've been sitting on ice after only a couple of wears. gives me motivation to lose this covid weight. I wonder if it will fade gray or brown.... need answers.
  5. @swif1they do look baller and if I had the bread I would cop. My main gripe is that they don’t expand.
  6. super future was a pretty good resource but I don't even know if they still around
  7. @swif1haha guilty! That side panel has a blue tint.
  8. I’m on this when I’m back East with all my gear.
  9. Levi’s 501 STF is unsanforized and you can get them for cheap, around $50 I think. They are just not selvedge.
  10. @ndvyeah, I just know the basics...not really into it but love double rl stuff. maybe a decade ago I was geeking out on it a little heavier but even then I wouldn't consider myself a "denim head"
  11. @glorydaysget some APC. they look dope faded and they fade fairly quickly.
  12. I want to say they were 14oz not sure tho
  13. Here’s a pic of my 10 year old raw low straight RRL’s. It fits like 501stf. It took this long to have it fade this much and countless repairs. I could sleep in these in total comfort.
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