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  1. These are fresh. Are they tts? I wear 10.5 airmax1.
  2. I feel you with the lazy part. I don’t eat blue crab unless my wife does the work for me. also I would rather have beef than goat. You think birria in the restaurants, streets spots in the states serve exclusively beef? Or is it standard with goat.
  3. Next time y’all go to a Filipino spot order kare-kare (kah-reh Kay-reh) with bagoong (bah-goh-ong) on the side. it’s oxtail in a peanut sauce/ stew. So fucking good. Only use a lil of the bagoong with each bite with hot white rice.
  4. @MercerBirria be poppin on my timeline since covid hit. Never had it but looks so good.
  5. You right. But there’s a very, very, very, very light blue cheese type funk. I tasted it more on the burger than the steak.
  6. Yo I was wondering where to post this but this nigga is selling some archival heat (imho)... https://instagram.com/thenonplace?igshid=10p8pf0ki4pjg check his stories. 🔥
  7. I felt the same way when bapestas was poppin
  8. This is my third time eating dry aged beef. 1. Emily (the restaurant)- had a pat lafrieda 45 day dry-aged burger. Interestingly, the sauce on the burger had a hint of Vietnamese fish sauce. Best burger I’ve ever had. 2. Some steakhouse in an Indian casino in AZ. Ribeye, It was bomb too! 3. My crib Xmas day with wifey. Shocked to find dry aged ribeye at my local butcher at $25 a lb. (very reasonable) threw it in the oven on 250 until internal was 115. Pan seared with Avocado oil and butter on cast iron for 1 min on each side. Perfection medium rare. Oh I’m still dreamin
  9. 45 day dry aged rib-eye reverse seared on cast iron
  10. Beater air max 90 boots for the first snow of the season.


    @glorydaysg looks bro.


    @glorydayswould eBay be the best route? edit: got these on sale for $32.50 each. Haha!
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