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    looks like Burberry
  2. I remember thumbing through this book in Virgin Megastore but was always too scared to boost. It's worth a pretty penny now. I think it even had a sticker page.
  3. I remember the blog and I also remember his beef with somebody called "Marlboro Red"
  4. McFarlane/ Image Comics/ Jim Lee - was the mark that started the decline of me collecting comics.
  5. One of my faves as a kid. I think it had a glossary of terms that would be banned if it this comic came out today. Art was on point.
  6. @mr.yuckthe only time I see those archaic saws is in Home Depot when you have to cut your own molding.
  7. acg's for today. somebody ID these, I forgot.
  8. @Mercer or anyone else... So all my coins are on Coinbase. I know I should've done this a long time ago but I just ordered a ledger. I want to move all my coins out of Coinbase because of the SVB shit. Where can I safely move my coins, while I wait for my ledger. Thanks
  9. damn, I thought this would be the easiest part. Are they in a humidity controlled room or they just chillin in your living room. IHAVENOCLUEONER
  10. send me a sampler pack when they're all purdy
  11. RIP EVADE He went to my HS, class right above mine. Damn.
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