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    Found these deep in my closet. Some beat dunks from 15+ years ago.
  2. Yeah I already got the VPN. good looks with uniswap. Man, I wanna get rich already, fuck work. all this waiting is annoying.
  3. Good looks. Do I have to VPN into uniswap?


    Awake NY new era fitted
  5. @Merceror anybody else… ny is being a lil bitch when it comes to buying crypto other than btc, eth and a handful of alts. How can I go around this. I have ideas but want to do it in a tried and true manner.
  6. Oh man that’s sad news. RIP @yinz n'at
  7. LFG! I fomo’d in extra hardt (ll) during the last pump. Was bleeding for a lil bit. thank the gawds my period is over. As always will prevail.
  8. what does he need? hand styles? pieces? fill-ins? what medium?
  9. You would think that it would be Chris giving advice to jerry since Union been around forever.
  10. Wow they extra, extra. My t shirt is made in USA, maybe imported fabric from Japan and cut and sewn in the states?
  11. @glorydaysyo, do you know who makes the blanks for Union? I think those are my new favorite tshirts. The Shaka tshirts that @KILZ FILLZmentioned seem to fit the description of the union shirts cuz of the snug neck.
  12. The 300 miles on the the 150 is with a max payload (I think). I think your looking at 400-450 miles with minimal cargo. Also, write off the truck on taxes and get some potential $$ from the state for having an e-vehicle.
  13. you can hold 5 PLATES in NY!!! Smell from the car (burnt or unburnt) and visual is not enough to be searched. black market gon' thrive...
  14. There's a spot in NYC where I used to go weekly before the BANDemic. Best chicken sandwiches hands down- Bobwhite Counter. drooling thinking about it. somebody mentioned cane's. they got great chicken fingers but the sandwich bun is bootleg. they should've used the Texas toast as the bun.
  15. You could use the Blockfolio app to check your portfolio balances/ gains losses. No login needed.
  16. Fear, uncertainty, doubt. I ain’t een skurred tho
  17. yo, no cap, I saw a bunch Kapital raw selvedge denim (not the one posted above, more like 501's) at an army navy store 7 years ago for like $30 a pair. shoulda scooped. fuck.
  18. all true! also why would you buy a depreciating asset with an appreciating asset? another theory out there is that maybe he'll try his hand in mining bitcoin with renewal energy and this was a pre-emptive strike.
  19. Heard the same thing. do you know which model flashlight it was? @Qawee
  20. SAMEBOATONER My ETH position just surpassed my BTC position today.
  21. Wanted to run some exit strategy scenarios for ETH. get out when it reaches 10k or 15k? Just don’t want to FOMO later. Will it hit 10k by August? Maybe 20k by EOY? fuck!
  22. just copped more ETH in this little dip. LFG!
  23. Oof, that’s why I’ll stick to text with like minded friends.
  24. there's something about bitboy crypto I can't stand. maybe the smugness or the clothes he wears, I dunno.
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