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  1. Staying on the top of the food chain sounds good to me.
  2. Holy shit!!!!! Theres sports being discussed on here.I thought Id never see the day. Well ,Id go with Flutie.He's a proven QB,and and can win . But since were talking sports,who do you guys like when it comes to college ball?
  3. "Im funny? Funny how,what Im a fucky clown ,what Ima I here to fuckin amuse you?-Pecsi Goodfellas " Ok Im reeeloading"-Pacino Carlitos Way
  4. I meet this lady the other day named Treasure Sexton ,I thought that would make a dope porn name.
  5. Damn I messed that Art 21,fuck.
  6. how about runnin some spades?
  7. I dont know Im florida,i barely understand whats going on.But of all the sports its the best to watch in person.Like when I first saw a game live I couldnt believe how much action goes on behind the puck and shit,plus all the checks are unbelivable.Hockey live is a good time.
  8. i feel what ya saying ,I recently kinda broke up with my lady of almost three years.Heres the weird part ,even thoe we have been together that long,we really never connected,we didnt spend like every minute with each other like alot of couples and sometimes would only see each other 1-2 a week mainly for sex.So it was basicly a relationship based on sex.Which for me was great,it was like havin that stedy pussy without the bullshit of relationship.This my sound really pitiful but I see the way I look like George Constanza does. Anyways Im in love with a stripper now.This is a real predictiment.Cause I know this girl would probably never fuck with me unless I was passing out dollar bills lke they were going out of style. But what really made me happy the other night was when I went to the club she works at(which I used to go to every once in awhile,but havent been to in like 5 months,she recognized me, dog.)Even thoe it was probably just a line she threw at me it still made me feel good.I guess im a loser.
  9. I take my mind off my problems,and drink away the pain.
  10. Fuck it,trying to reason with some you is hopeless,I well once again say ,I am in no way a racist,I love white people,Just kidding.That was a joke.But for real I have no problem with no majority of middle easterners,Palastieins,Arab Americans or whoever.I will admit that I made some very igorant remarks on 9-11.The remarks I made were half due to my over the top emotions,and half to get a rise out some of you.Obivisly they werent takin the right way,and really were uncalled for. I still however support my belief that action should be taken, in one from or another. In this thread I just expressed my opinion on the question posted.It kinda has become clear to me,that if you dont share the same views as others on this board you will be radiculed and given a label. Call me what you want,I know who I am and what I believe,and I am not a racist.
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