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  1. Weapon X


    Last Monday, at 8am, I rear ended a car. Right by my building. Technically my fault but fuck that bitch and her dtiving. Her car was fine - barely a scratch but she called 911 while screaming and crying. Psycho Asian. My car was wrecked but driveable. Anyway, I got a DUI. When I got released from the station, I walked from bar to bar, drinking until each bar refused to serve me. I went a week without drinking but I had a constant lump in my throat. I drank a 26er of Jameson last night in shots and woke up late for work today. The point was to gather the courage to kill myself but I guess I got too drunk and passed out.
  2. Quite the opposite actually. We turn blind eyes towards what we do and drink. It's a party tonight. I'm not besties with any officers. But I sometimes drink with a couple of them.
  3. It keeps growing after you die anyway. I might as well be dead. I have to go to three weddings this summer so there's that. Btw, i have never once trimmed my beard. That is on some weird shit that is not for me.
  4. I have a bushy beard right now. I haven't had a shave or haircut in nearly six months. I hate bearded hipsters. I've been clean cut all my life. But I'm depressed and having this facial hair is tantamount to self harm. If and when I feel like putting some joy back into my life, I'll get a straight razor shave and a hair cut. So, yeah, I'm a failure. But for reasons other than you listed.
  5. I'm hanging out with a couple of cops tonight.
  6. Glenrothes 18 y/o. Sexcellent.
  7. You hipsters are the ones that told me about A Confederacy of Dunces. A girl ten years my junior reminded me of it again. Gonna do it next.
  8. Bro, I'm reading Of Human Bondage on my mom's ebook she never used. Anyway, fuck steampunks.
  9. Gotcha man, thanks. Been doing that. Considering i've gained 30 lbs since February, it can't all be diet. Now if only I could do something about my love handles. Btw, cartilage, marrow, and animal fat ftw.
  10. Overload as in do the motions really well? Go hard on the negatives and such? I'll believe you on the steroids front. Obviously we all know about the medical uses for it. I just think using drugs for the sake of vanity muscles is strange.
  11. Btw, i'm pretty disappointed at some folks i know. Just one example, my buddy who is a fast runner, good hockey player, and pretty much any sport he picks up. Kinda was inspired by him to get the fuck back into shape Turns out he on the roids.
  12. My building has a pool so I was doing that for a while. I ate a lot but also did a shit load of coke these past two years. Been clean since Valentine's Day but I also fell off the swimming since then. There is a gym here but all it has is machines and dumbells and medicine balls. I figure it's good for now because I'm just getting back into the everyday gym thing, but how useful would you guys say cable machines are? I have gained 20 pounds in the past month but that was from being underweight to what my normal weight should be (185). Refatdless, it's awesome. I walk in, turn the TV to NHL or Blue Jays and go crazy intense for 40 minutes a night. No breaks.
  13. I just beat..er..finished Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six. Started Of Human Bondage by Somerset Maugham. I hope there's bdsm type stuff in there. I read a bunch of his short stories as a kid and The Magician and like how easy of a read he can be.
  14. I just rediscovered Twitter and am now spending an hour a day on it.
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