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  1. we don't promote self promoting...
  2. ADD... really... then you don't know shit about dc graff...
  3. stolen from pittsburgh add boys doing it big in the burgh
  4. niiiiicccceeeeeee......natty light N@
  5. Re: Dear ________, - no homo Dear Pittsburgh, What the Fuck.... how can it be 89 degrees at night in a city that spends 8 monthes out of the year under snow Sincerely, downsouthjnkin
  6. niiiiiiiiicccceeeee.... bump
  7. damn hope you guys figure it out
  8. some Nice Flicks going up in here
  9. bump that shaken... from the last page
  10. nice.... how about some fucking patron and moet...in the vip section son BOTTLE SERVICE
  11. dear Drunk Girl At the bar, Thank you for being so drunk and lonley that you took your top off and asked my friends and i if you had nice boobs.... and then proceeded to make out with one of your sorority sisters. Sincerely My Boner
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