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  1. symbols, link to article with that info? i can only find articles that are still being vague.
  2. suca

    Dear ________,

    dear bank account since december i have done miami once, sf 3 times, idaho twice, denver/boulder, a road trip from sacramento to sf la sd and tijuana, and am going back to sac in a month. 7 plane trips and 3 road trips in 9 months... no wonder im broke as a joke. stayputforonce edogggggggggggggy
  3. suca

    Dear ________,

    dear felix long live the king marinersfanforlife edogggggggggggggggy
  4. suca

    Dear ________,

    REA Sorry for your loss :( RIP momma'sgirloner edogggggggggggy
  5. finally. so far- its great.
  6. suca

    Dear ________,

    dear painting you just cost $145 to ship- you better fucking sell. backtobrokeoner edoggggggggggggggy
  7. dope! makes me want to hit denmark. i had painted a piece here back in... 09? i checked up on it last summer but they had buffed the whole wall :(
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